Beacon Technology- The Future Of Smart Devices

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As smartphones are becoming a constant shopping mate, integrating Beacons with the system is transforming the in-store experience for customers as well as a boon for marketers. By using this technology, instant promotional offers and other useful information can be made readily available at customer’s fingertips in practically no time.

Beacon technology is becoming prevalent gradually in day to day life and following the footsteps to become the next big trend for a comprehensive digital strategy. Although the true potential of its abundant benefits is yet to be realized by businesses, beacon technology is definitely here to stay!


Beacons are compact wireless devices that transmit signals continuously to other nearby devices by making use of low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. Fundamentally, they make use of proximity technology to discover the nearby human presence and offer personalized, insightful, location, informatory and contextual information.

Beacons are physical devices that can be placed anywhere and use a battery for operation. One-way signals are transmitted in a limited time zone to communicate with other devices that have receivers on it. They are most popularly utilized in proximity marketing, product identification, indoor navigation, and payment systems. The scope of Beacon-based devices is wide and can be applied in businesses involving retail, food and beverage, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, museum, and art galleries.

How Do They Work?

The mechanism behind Beacon devices is incredibly effortless. These devices are indoor location technology which are able to link with the server to send and receive data. Emitted signals are picked up and received by the app installed on your device. After establishing a connection, the beacon carries out the programmed function.

To put it simply, Beacon-enabled devices to work exactly like any other Bluetooth-enabled device such as fitness trackers, digital watches, etc,. connected with your mobile device to store data and perform various functions.

How Beacon Technology Can Accelerate Your Business?

Regardless, Beacon technology has increased customer engagement by many folds and every kind of business is capitalizing on it. Personalized marketing is just the tip of iceberg, here are few other benefits businesses can leverage on:

  • Enriched customer experience
  • Businesses are able to offer personalized and individualized shopping experiences to customers and present a more fulfilling experience. They can also reap benefits from the abundant data as their beneficial asset. The data can be analyzed for deriving customer’s buying patterns, customer’s anticipation, and behavioral insights creating an enriching experience.

  • Exciting In-store Experiences
  • Customers can miss finding the right products or simply get exhausted by the abundant range of products, long aisles and multiple floors. Beacon technology can eradicate all these challenges and help find the right and personalized products easily.

  • Boosting Out-of-store Marketing
  • The beacons help capitalize on any potential footfall by detecting the customer’s geo location. It is an added benefit to your digital strategy. More and more people will be attracted to the businesses as the level of personalization and unique way of approaching through Beacons strengthens.

  • Engaged Customers
  • Customers are more likely to shop if they receive personalized and convenient services, ultimately leading to engaged customer behavior.

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Beacons can revamp your work space and offices by offering smarter solutions such as task completion, auto trigger and self activated initiation. This can reduce turnaround time, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Asset Tracking
  • Sectors like museums, hospitals, warehouses etc who have valuable equipment and products can attach the beacon device to their equipment and track their location on a real-time basis. They also ensure the safety and security of exorbitant equipment.

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