Benefits of Self Ordering Kiosks for Restaurants

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To keep pace with customers’ ever changing needs, restaurant businesses are incorporating various technological and market trends. After the pandemic wave hit, a new way of operating restaurant businesses is already becoming evident.

“Businesses have embraced so many technological adoptions like curbside pickup, third party delivery, QR code based menu, self-ordering kiosk etc to prepare for the new “normal”. Amidst all these digital transformations, self-ordering food kiosks are a surefire hit!”

They are attracting customers at the same time prioritizing safety. They are completely flexible, convenient and give a highly engaging experience for customers. For restaurant business owners kiosks offer them a substantial hold on their day-to-day operations.Before diving into the advantages of having self-ordering kiosks for restaurants, let us explain what they actually are.

Unfolding Self-ordering Kiosk

A self-order kiosk is basically a touchscreen tablet, ipads or computer that enables customers to place their orders all by themselves without having any assistance. They act as a self-ordering POS (point of sale) system. Customers can quickly scroll through appealing images of drinks, food and add-on items and place their order in practically no time.

These kiosks with easy to use digital interfaces, usually assists customers through their entire process from browsing food items, add them to cart to payment and pick up options. Kiosks are specifically designed to save customer’s time, elevate personalized ordering experience and expand in-store efficiency. Check out our kiosk solutions for food and restaurant businesses.

Benefits of Self-ordering Kiosks

Self-ordering food kiosks are the future of dining experience. The entire benefits of self-ordering kiosks can be described in two words: automation and convenience. Let us get deep into them:

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • As customer behavior is shifting towards greater personalization, convenience, faster ordering and more payment options, self-ordering kiosks proves to be the best solution.

  • Easy data collection
  • The number one benefit of leveraging on technology is surely the data. With kiosks, keeping track of customer’s behaviors, most loved food items, least preferred food items, etc becomes a piece of cake.

  • Saves time
  • Needless to say, customers do not like spending their time on long queues and kiosks are their saviour. Customers build their own order which then automatically is updated on the kitchen system. This means customers can quickly move in and out of your restaurant, saving time.

  • Improved operations
  • Restaurateurs can better utilize their manpower and financial resources where they are most needed and can multiply their productivity.

  • Convenience
  • Convenience is the guaranteed benefit of self-ordering kiosks. When all your processes are at one platform, the operation process becomes smooth. If it isn’t for convenience, customers won’t risk their safety to come out and eat.

  • Increased accuracy
  • With kiosks, chances of miscommunication and order mistakes becomes close to zero. All kinds of human errors are eliminated. This improves customer’s satisfaction.

  • Multiply ROI
  • More orders are completed in reduced time, eventually generating more revenue. With kiosks, there is a good chance to upsell. Ordering process becomes efficient allowing you to complete more orders in the same time.

    Must have features for a self-ordering food kiosks

    Setting up a kiosk can be a tricky affair. As an owner, offer an engaging yet simple ordering experience to your customers. Don’t go overboard and make the whole experience complex. These are the features you should always look out for:

  • Captivating menu
  • Build a visually-attractive menu with photos of food items. The menu should appear tempting to customers, they should also have the option to see the description and ingredients used in making that item.

  • Food Customization
  • Give liberty to your customers to easily add or delete the ingredients as per their taste preferences. You can also attract more revenue by adding modifiers or add-ons to your available food lists.

  • Promotional offers
  • Don’t forget to give promotional or other discount offers to allure your customers. Offer loyalty programs and gift cards to improve brand engagement.

  • Push Notifications
  • By using text message or email, enhance the effectiveness of your system by notifying customers when their order is ready.

  • Integration with payment options
  • Incorporating various payment options is always the smart way. Ensure the system has various payment methods to cater to all kinds of customers.

  • Managed dashboards
  • It is imperative to have a centralized platform to verify, control and manage all the data to help smooth working of operations.

    The need for a self-order kiosk is now more than ever. Especially in a global pandemic, your restaurant surely needs a new way to run business that’s both safe and structured. We customise self-ordering kiosks for your restaurant business with rich built-in features.

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