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POS with ERPNext : The Complete Solution

If you are a business owner running a store or a restaurant with multiple Products or Dishes and you need to keep track of the stock of these products/dishes along with other features like Reporting, Accounting, and a complete end-to-end Staff Management System while having a centralized system for Orders & Payments then this article is for you!


Problems solved by using ERPNext EPOS

While working with a normal POS (Point Of Sale is an important stage of a purchase wherein a customer executes the payment for goods or services), features like Stock Management and Order Management are covered.
However, to control not just your inventory and stock but the entire operations of your business right from Business Reports to Employee Management you need to opt for ERPNext EPOS.



ERPNext with POS VS POS:


Features POS ERPNext POS
Inventory Management Yes Yes
Order Management Yes Yes
Offline Syncing No Yes
Accounting No Yes
Vendor/Supplier Management No Yes
HRM No Yes
Recipe Management No Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Custom Reports No Yes
Buying / Selling No Yes



Components of ERPNext EPOS (Point of Sale):


Inventory Management

  • Being updated on your inventory management is an important business aspect.
  • Use ERPNext to gain complete control over your inventory and never worry about stock shortage or mismanagement.
  • Set Threshold values to send Auto Requests to suppliers when in order to replenish stock
  • Create multiple Products items using a master template for the product type

Human Resource Management

  • The main core of any business is its Employees.
  • Utilize your team’s full potential, by managing them effectively. With the help of the HRM Module, you can simplify various workflows that are associated with your Employees.
  • Streamline important processes like Recruitment and Training to Payroll and Leave Management, on one platform using ERPNext

Customer Relationship Management

  • Store all important customer information in a centralized location.
  • Happy customers are vital for any business
  • Modern and efficient backend business processes enhance customer experience
  • Reach out to your customers with personalized emails about your offerings
  • Ticketing system to always be present for your customers and elevate customer satisfaction


  • By automating your Accounting module, you have more time to focus on your vital business processes.
  • Automated accounting always provides you with accurate information since there is no scope for manual errors
  • Operations covering accounts and cash management are simplified
  • Reports can be easily generated using the Accounting data

Reporting ​

  • Have complete details of your business all stored in one place using ERPNext
  • Say goodbye to manually crunching numbers to generate reports
  • Save time by automating Reports on your Dashboard
  • Option to create Custom reports tailored for your business
  • No dedicated IT Staff needed to access reports. Any permitted staff in your organization can easily access and use the reports.

The above-mentioned components are achievable when we integrate ERPNext with EPOS (Point of sale)



Added Advantage of working with NestorBird

To make the whole process easier for you, we at NestorBird have created our own Mobile POS for ERPNext. This would benefit your entire organization!

  • Custom Mobile POS (Point of Sale) App for your Business
  • Offline Syncing available
  • No need to login to Desktop, handle operations from anywhere on the go!
  • Tablet and Mobile App provided


Why work with NestorBird?

  • Consultation to define the best way forward for your project
  • Team of experts with rich domain knowledge working on your projects
  • Dedicated team deployed for projects
  • Transparent interaction right from Consultation to Delivery of project
  • Always go the extra mile even after Deployment assisting you with all Post Deployment related queries and issues

IIKO with ERPNext | The Dream Team


Are you someone who has been using IIKO Software for your restaurant operations?

Are you looking to have complete control of not just your restaurant but your company as a whole? If yes, then you’re reading the right article!

You can now streamline your whole company operations on a centralized platform by integrating IIKO with ERPNext


Let’s face it,  running a successful restaurant is not an easy task. It is certainly not possible to manually manage the end-to-end operations of your restaurant. In order to tackle this problem, you need a strong 

Restaurant ERP Software to help you reach the maximum potential of your restaurant. 

With ever-evolving customer needs, it is important for a restaurant owner not just to manage all operations effortlessly but also ensure a great customer experience and satisfaction. That is possible through Restaurant ERP Software since ERPNext gives the control to manage the restaurant.

The top features restaurateurs are looking for in Restaurant Management Systems are ease of use, depth of reporting, and inventory reporting.


Interesting Restaurant Automation Stats

  • 50% of U.S. restaurateurs plan to deploy Restaurant Automation in the next two to three years (Source)
  • 95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves business efficiency (Source)
  • Nine in 10 restaurant operators, owners or managers believe technology adoption has been critical for survival throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (Source)


Why integrate IIKO with ERP?

Talking about IIKO Software, it is solely developed for the restaurant industry. IIKO software enables F&B ( Food and beverage) businesses to increase their overall efficiency by automating the whole end-to-end operation.


Unlike ERP, which provides you with a complete end-to-end solution,  IIKO provides you with all the necessary modules to effectively manage your restaurant operations.

However, the problem arises when you need to manage the operations of your restaurant as well as the overall operations of your business.

We can help you achieve the best of both worlds – the best Restaurant Management Software  by integrating your existing IIKO with ERP


IIKO software Vs IIKO + ERP

Let’s see added advantages, while using IIKO as a standalone solution OR integrating IIKO with ERPNext


Features IIKO Software IIKO Software + ERP
Reporting Yes Yes
Customer Loyalty Yes Yes
Ticketing System No Yes
Custom Reports No Yes
Dashboards No Yes
Accounting No Yes


Know how Integrating IIKO with ERPNext can add value to your Business??



  • Real-time integration on ERP
  • Ability to generate reports to keep you updated on progress
  • Single destination of orders for multiple sources
  • Elevate your customer experience using a ticketing system
  • Centralized Marketing control / Customer Loyalty


Why work with NestorBird?

We at NestorBird, have been working closely with Restaurant Businesses for the last 4 years and have created a robust Restaurant Management System for our clients by several integrations of POS & ERPNext all within a short span of 1-2 weeks.

Right from creating the UI/UX design to building the entire back-end system, our team has the expertise in integrating the perfect Restaurant Management Software for your business.

Our tech experts work hard to deliver the best technology solutions customized specially for your business.
Feel free to reach out to us, in case you are interested in integrating IIKO with ERP.

Building a LMS App for Educational Sectors Has Become So Much Easier than Before!

Billions of students around the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the result of school closures. Because of this, many educational institutions are trying to keep up by offering online learning opportunities to give students the option to continue their studies at home. The delivery of online classes using digital platforms might sound easy, but managing remote learning is actually extremely challenging. Learning management system software and other related tools are necessary for effective execution!


eLearning made more convenient with the right software

Teaching online can be easier for coaching centres with the right software or app solution that supports live streaming, assessment, and schedule management. The software should also make it easier to handle subscriptions and provide timely invoices and notifications. Administrative duties can be easier with learning management system software with a customized admin panel for tracking and maintaining the records of every transaction, and ensuring free-flowing communication between students and educators.

Consider investing in learning management software that has a dedicated institute panel to make it easier to plan and execute courses, and evaluate student performance on a regular basis. It will cover areas like course and student management, assignment and assessments, reports, earnings and payments, reports, and live and offline classes.


Students also have access to their own student panel where they can register for a course with just a few clicks or taps. The learning management system software must be intuitive and easy to use, and it should come with functionalities like a live classroom, offline courses, audio and video courses, and online assignments. The software should make it easy to share assignments and notes. Certificates can also be provided to students for completing a course or a learning program.


Build an app for your educational institute

Building a learning management system software solution is easy, since you can leave it to professionals who specialize in it. Find an IT consulting and custom software application development company that has a proven track record of building solutions for eLearning. If you are not sure which features should be in your app and you want to learn more, get in touch with the developer for a consultation and a demo!

Food Industry after COVID-19 – How Will it Survive?

COVID-19 did a lot of damage not just to human health but also to businesses. The food industry is one of the sectors that was severely affected by the pandemic because of closures and lockdowns that forced food and beverage businesses to shut down or at least eliminate dine-in services if they want to continue functioning. These measures changed the way business is done, with a marked shift towards take-out and delivery services. Food delivery app development became more popular with businesses that wanted to continue surviving and even thriving during the pandemic!


How COVID-19 changed things

The pandemic is changing the way the food and beverage industry behaves. To keep functioning, businesses had to adapt and implement known safety and working measures. Those that still offer dine-in made sure that social distancing is implemented. Some businesses functioned with a skeleton workforce to minimize over-crowding.

COVID-19 also changed consumer preferences. People who want to stay safe and prefer to buy from businesses that are safe. Many would prefer to order take-out, curbside pickup, or have their food delivered to their home. Food delivery app development can be helpful to businesses that want to continue serving their customers through a challenging time.


Why do you need a food delivery app even after the pandemic?

You might think that food delivery apps are only highly relevant during COVID-19, but they may even be more beneficial down the line. In fact, having your own food delivery app may even help your business survive after the pandemic. Through the app, you can offer more discounts to customers as well as exclusive deals or promos, such as buy-one-get-one.

Some customers may even continue to prefer ordering food for delivery to save time and fuel. Food delivery apps allow them to browse a variety of restaurants anywhere and anytime, and explore menus at their pace without being pressured to order anything if they change their mind.


Give it a shot

No matter your food business, food delivery app development may be able to help it thrive now and after COVID-19 especially if you work with the right specialists. NestorBird’s Reputable custom app developers and consultants will work closely with you to create an intuitive and reliable app your customers will love. Contact us now!

Alcohol Delivery App Development – Benefits, Features, Challenges, Cost, and Process

Not everyone has the time or the desire to visit a liquor store during this time of social distancing. If your shop doesn’t have an app yet, now is a good time to invest in alcohol delivery app development to keep up with the times. An app will let customers order directly from you while making it so much easier for them to find what they are looking for! 


Benefits of having your own delivery app

With your own alcohol delivery app, you can help people save time, avoid lines and traffic, and make it easier for them to purchase their favourite liquor anytime. Alcohol delivery app development will produce an intuitive custom application that will enable customers to browse multiple items, apply filters, and order products over web or mobile apps. Real-time notifications are provided to you and your customers throughout the purchasing journey and the delivery process. 

Some alcohol delivery apps will automatically assign an order to a specific agent for the product delivery. Customers can rate the service and the products they ordered after receiving their orders.



The app will come with features that will ensure a seamless shopping experience. These include notification and order tracking, order scheduling, special promos and offers, flexible payment options, delivery tracking, and analytics.



Alcohol delivery app development can come with a few challenges, such as the possibility of having an unstable customer base, unstable market prices, and demand for the app. You also have to consider your direct competition, especially if they already have their own apps.

That said; working with the right app development team will help you overcome any of the possible challenges you might encounter in this project.



The process of alcohol delivery app development may differ from one project to another, but it will be customized to suit your exact requirements and optimized to ensure the best results. Be sure to work with the right custom software application development company that also offers IT consulting, so you can learn how they can create your app.

Enterprise Resource Management ERP software system for business resources plan

Why do you need ERPNext for IT Services

ERPNext Software is extremely instrumental, especially in today’s time where no one has time to do things manually. Having an ERPNext software streamlines tasks, boosts productivity, and leverages data in real-time. The IT sector is huge and the number of tasks they have to handle is enormous, so why shouldn’t they leverage it? 

ERPNext Software is a business management system for small and medium sized businesses (SMB). It is an open source ERP and is great for companies who want a base to build a unified tech stack for their business.



“Enterprise resource planning, ERP System is basically a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, finance, services, and human resources.”

ERPNext software typically integrates everything of an operation which includes product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, human resource, and marketing. All this is present in a single database, application, and user interface.  When it comes to ease of use and data security, nothing beats ERPNext



Now coming to the main focus here, why exactly do we need to integrate open source ERP when we have thousands of other project management tools? Managing an IT project is not an easy job and is quite slippery because of the constantly changing business environment. Generally all projects are constrained by time, cost, and scope, and for any project to be successful, these three constraints must be in sync. If any constraint is out of equilibrium, the project has a higher chance of heading towards disaster!!

“IT projects are really sensitive because while introducing and implementing any new technology for the first time in the organization is very risky as it can bring down the whole system so it is really necessary that ERP system implementation should be done in such a way if any complication occurs there should be a back-up to resolve the issue on an immediate basis. “

ERPNext Software overcomes these problems and manages processes efficiently. Not only this, implementing the ERPNext system has helped IT companies execute multi-billion dollar projects for global companies with operations in multiple locations.




Each Open source ERP system module is tailor-made for a specific business function. The modules of ERPNext software helps companies manage their accounting, billing, sales, support, purchasing, payroll, asset management, inventory management, manufacturing, retail POS all in one integrated solution. Below listed are some of the other ERP software features that will compel you to use it right away for your organization:

Project Management

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Client Portal
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Portfolio Management
  • Time and Expense Tracking

Business Intelligence

  • Track performance of every Business functions
  • Resource Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Mining


  • Lead/ Opportunity Tracking
  • Mail Gateways
  • Direct Marketing
  • Phone Calls
  • Calendars

Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Lead Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Client’s inquiries
  • Sales forecasting

Human Resource Management

  • Employee records and information
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee salaries
  • Recruitment Processes
  • HR Analytics

Inventory management

  • Asset tracking- Hardware and software
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Reports/ Analytics
  • Product Identification
  • Maintenance and Disposition

Accounting and Financial Applications

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Financial Management
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Customer statements
  • Tax Management

Quality Management

  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Quality Goals
  • Quality Review
  • Quality Action
  • Quality Assurance

Contract Management

  • Data flow
  • Operational Modules
  • Status Indicators
  • Contract Dispatching
  • Contract Invoice



  • Better client relationships

Build stronger relationships with clients and improve their satisfaction rate by sharing comprehensive project reports.


  • Boost project profitability

ERP system implementation helps review timelines, resource needs and profitability to develop more accurate quotes and identify areas for margin in real time


  • Raise resource utilization

Match the right skills to the right project with a simple search. Identify and assign the best resources.


  • Faster turnaround time

Real-time insights are readily available enabling in making well-informed decisions based on stats, data, and metrics.


  • Unified Data flow

ERPNext Software acts as a centralized system, this leads to better coordination and collaboration amongst different teams, ultimately resulting in increased revenue and productivity.


  • Better Data visualization

Turning a vast trove of information into charts and graphs that clearly illustrate trends and help model possible results is an ERPNext system capability executives find invaluable.


  • Reporting

ERP Software compiles information about business operations into reports that empower stakeholders to make more informed decisions, enhance business processes and identify problem areas before the business suffers.  


  • Better Data & Cloud Security:

With ERPNext you have dedicated security resources, hence better data protection since everything is stored on cloud



  • Timing delays and mismanagement
  • Communication bottlenecks
  • Unrealistic Approach 
  • Estimation mismatch
  • Indefinite goals
  • No real-time monitoring of  progress
  • Underutilized resources
  • Longer time to resolve an issue
  • Cost overruns


If you are spending too much time on implementing ERP systems or integrating various softwares, struggling to meet client’s expectations, unable to organize and produce comprehensive reports to clients, it is high time you switch to ERPNext. It will definitely help you scale appropriately and account for any trend change.

You can feel free to contact us anytime to get hands on the top ERP system to ease your business. Nestorbird has intelligently tailored and incorporated unique requirements of technology projects and organization’s processes, environment and culture. We have helped clients spread worldwide build up their customized ERPNext software and build a sustainable and scalable enterprise.

The right ERPNext Software can put you on the right track. Ready to make the investment?


ERPNext Healthcare is designed to cover a large section of healthcare institutes from a full-service facility that includes pharmacy, in-patient, and out-patient services, laboratory, rehab, and physiotherapy services with a number of healthcare workers, to a small clinic providing consultation or physiotherapy services.

Healthcare providers across the globe are hard-pressed to achieve twin objectives: quality patient care and significant cost reduction. A system like open source ERP helps healthcare institutions to improve the accessibility and quality of patient care. It also helps minimize clinical errors and increase healthcare providers’ productivity. 


ERPNext Modules for Healthcare

  • Appointment scheduling : This module enables reception to fix an appointment for patients with the doctors they want as per specialization required by checking doctor’s availability. Effective scheduling technique makes proper utilization of Doctor’s time and reduces waiting time of patients. This module includes:-

 – Provision to set doctor’s available timings.

 – Easy doctor’s search as per the specialization required.

 – Patients can request for online appointments.

 – Doctor’s occupancy report can be seen in detail.

  •  EMR – Electronic Medical Record : An EMR system integrated as a core module in a medical ERP represents patients’ data that can be used to provide better care and diagnosis. It contains all encounters of patients with various departments in a hospital ranging from pathology, radiology and clinical information systems that have been combined and structured in a digital form.The system is designed to capture and represent data that accurately captures the state of the patient at all times. It allows for an entire patient history to be viewed without the need to track down the patient’s previous medical record volume thereby helping in better and faster diagnosis from physicians and speedy clinical decision.

 – Improving care quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health inconsistencies

 – Quality and safety measurement

 – Clinical decision support (automated advice) for providers

 – Patient registries development (e.g., a directory of patients with specific illness or disease)

 – Patient search with various parameters

 – Billing details of the patients

 – Improved coordination at the point of care

 – Engaging patients and families in their care

 – Ensure adequate privacy, security protections and federal compliance

  • Financial Accounting System : Whether we talk about the clinic or some hospital, finance is the important department for all. The Healthcare industry needs to take special care of this department that includes charities, payments, fees, and a lot of other things. It is responsible for all revenues and expenses. Healthcare open source ERP software efficiently handles the complete account department and all financial information. This department is also associated with insurance and shares information with the third party.
  • Inventory Management and Purchase : This module deals with the purchase of items required in hospital, issue of those items into various departments, maintenance of stock and setting up the minimum stock / reorder level for each stock. This ERPNext module includes:-

 – Provision to raise purchase requests for any item.

 – Assigned authority approves or declines the purchase

 – Purchase order generation and processing.

 – Allocation of purchased items to the requested departments.

 – Provision to transfer stock from one department to another.

 – Vendor management and payments.

 – Stock requisition from departments.

 – Stock expiry.

 – Stock management.

 – Reorder level setting.

  • Staff, HR & Payroll Management : Easy retrieval of Staff Members with the help of various search strings like Staff Name, phone number, email ID, staff code etc. This module includes:-

 – Provision to manage and view Departments and Staff Designations

 – Provision to add Staff Type and Specializations.

 – Provision to set staff timings includes Doctors.

 – Easy and instant search utility to search staff members.

 – Creation of Salary structure, pay calculation, printing of salary slips, salary certificates, PF statements and so on.

 – Other activities like appointing staff, maintaining their database including their bio-data, fixing allowances and deductions, appraisal letters, Loan and advances, termination process etc.

 – Employee documents like Photograph, ID card, Address proof, Passport, municipality documents, agreements etc can be scanned and attached in the software.

  • MIS Reports : Management information system reports are available for every module for the analysis & monitoring by top management of the hospital. Various kinds of MIS reports are:-

 – Patient registration report

 – OPD/ IPD Collection report

 – Inpatient admission and discharge report

 – Bill report

 – IPD / OPD revenue report

 – Investigations report

 – List of tests carried out daily 

 – List of emergency cases treated

 – Stock purchase requisitions



Benefits of ERPNext in Healthcare Organizations

Benefits of ERPNext in healthcare institutes are multifaceted. The platform acts as a centralized system that integrates information from multiple departments. This improves data visibility and allows all applicable personnel to access the info they need, at any single instance. With the help of ERPNext systems:

  • Patient information and data archives can be managed and utilized better.
  • Process automation eliminates the chance for data duplication and reduces errors.
  • Superior customer relationship management (CRM) results in better patient service, cost savings, and generates more opportunities.
  • Replacing manual charting with Electronic Health Records (EHR) increases the efficiency of accessing and sharing information.
  • With all the information available on a single system, cloud ERP in healthcare units prompt better care and treatment plans for patients.
  • Considerably better financial controls because the information is centralized, integrated and more accessible to everyone concerned.


Healthcare providers we serve

Multi-speciality Hospital

End-to-end HIS for Hospitals of any size with multiple departmental integrations – with extensive modules for EMR, ERP (billing, accounting & stock), patient portal, HR module and much more.

  • Patient Administration Management
  • Patient Care Management
  • Specialist Services Management
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Support Services Management
  • Digital Image Capturing


Digital automation of clinical operations to provide superior patient care. Supports online appointments, patient portal, website, billing, pharmacy billing etc.

  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Reception Management
  • EMR
  • E-Prescription
  • Billing Management
  • Insurance
  • Administration
  • Reports
  • Professional Fees

Labs & Radiology

Improves lab operations, while ensuring superior customer experience. Supports multi store setup & integrating with HIMS

  • Sample or specimen details entry
  • Test report entry and delivery
  • Specimen association details
  • Investigation request
  • Samples dispatch/receivables handling
  • Investigation and treatment history
  • Integration with third party systems


Multi store pharmacy system with light weight ERP with easy to use POS

  • Enquiry and quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Pharmacy drug and store information
  • Issue of drugs to patients
  • Automated billing system
  • Pharmacy procurement
  • Alerts to manage drugs that have neared expiry
  • Handle receipts of drugs
  • Drug inventory management system
  • Mobile devices integration

It has become essential for today’s healthcare to adopt technological innovations for the best experience. Medical ERP software is actually a long-term business investment. It saves time as well as cost at different phases. Adoption of latest trends enables the industry in serving the individuals with an enhanced approach. Boost patient care through effective ERPNext software solutions.

For more than  4 years, NestorBird team have been developing ultimate and highly valued ERPNext solutions for the healthcare industry. We have helped Software solutions in improving operations with enhancements to profitability, productivity, expansion, and all possible processes. Contact us today! 

ERP Enterprise resource planning landing page illustration


The online food business is gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. With increasing popularity comes new trends and underlying challenges such as shifting consumer demands, globalization, need for constant innovation, seasonal demands, margin squeeze, fierce competition, etc.  One of the best ways to handle the growing complexity of this industry is to invest in efficient technologies such as an open-source ERP system.

For any kind of online food business the biggest challenge is to manage the order entry, recipe costing, tracking & documentation of perishable inventory. The client was a growing business in the food delivery domain and faced certain challenges as the business expanded its operations.

The client wanted to have clear visibility of day-to-day operations, supply chain, food production, optimize inventory, increase the accuracy of sales forecasting, automate complex sales and financial operations, and improve reporting with real-time analytics. The best solution for them was to implement ERPNext solution  that would ultimately transform the way they managed the business operations with proven, modern technology. 



Our team of experts helped them discover their business pain areas and leverage our domain knowledge to transform their business. The client faced the following problems:

  • Manual, paper-based checklists and audit processes resulted in business complexity.
  • Restaurant chains are kicking the tires on automation and achieving value at scale. Our client, however, was yet to realize its true transformative power. Since employees filled in checklists for facility, inventory, and shift management manually, the chances of missing out or erring on daily routines were high. The speed and reliability of outcomes were not up to the mark either. 
  • Task validation activities were hand-operated across all the verticals. As managers created, viewed, and validated the tasks manually, measuring the real state of operations was cumbersome and error-prone. 
  •  Traditional, paper-based audit processes were a roadblock to ensuring quality, accuracy, and compliance at the speed of the market. 

Analysing these challenges,  helped the  team focus on key functionality and gain a clear sense of which ERPNext features and functions would be needed to overcome these challenges and scale with business as it grows. 


Modules :

ERPNext was integrated with the following modules:


  • User defined catalog access via back-end or through self registration.
  • Tax compliance
  • Supply chain
  • Accounting

Inventory management

  • Manage inventory levels
  • Waiter wise reports
  • Date wise reports
  • Color coordinated table status
  • Reorder points to replenish stock

Billing and Purchase

  • Pre-define billing components
  • Generate invoices
  • Billing policies
  • Inquiries and reports

Supply Chain

  • Synchronized purchase orders
  • Simplified order entry
  • Delivery Administration
  • Product Administration
  • Sales Management

Procurement Management

  • Product Administration
  • Price Control
  • Sales Management
  • Transportation Management


  • Lead Management
  • Prospect Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Customer Feedback
  • SMS and email communication

Finance Management

  • Financial reports, Balance sheets,P & L statements
  • Proper cash management, asset management
  • Cost effective human resource management.
  • Set product prices, MRP based on inventory

Order Processing

  • Stock availability check
  • Sales Bill/ Accounts Receivable
  • Reserved stock for sale order
  • Bill creation



  • Compliance and Traceability

 – Record of all the ingredients used in the preparation of the product

 – Accurately measure the amount utilized

 – Give warning, in case of gluten/lactose or other allergens present.

  • Kitchen Order Tickets

 – Details of order and specification

 – Items orders and quantities

 – Order status

  • Production

 – Combining multiple production orders 

 – Future projection of procurement needs.

 – Sub-contracting, routing and lot management.

 – Dynamic order creation, Sales order, work order, purchase order etc.

 – Order tracking system, order amendment and cancellation.

 – Cost-efficient capacity planning, inventory keeping, warehousing, etc.

  • B2B

 – Integrated dashboard for all suppliers

 – B2B grouping for customers

 – User defined catalog access 

 – Reducing lead times, ordering costs, inventory-keeping costs, opportunity costs.


NB has solved the problem faced by the client  by giving an ERPNext software solution which ensures easy maintenance of different menus with different price lists at different times of the day. The software has made billing easier by providing different modes of payments (cash & credit cards). The client was able to  set operator wise boundations which helped in proper maintenance of finance & budget as well as resist any type of errors. 


Why should businesses choose ERPnext to manage Restaurant business?

  • GST Compliant

Auto-generated GST compliant invoices,  generate financial reports for insights , do tax calculations and much more without any hassle.


  • Sales Tracking

Whether sales are from store visits or phone orders, the software documents each transaction and gives the flexibility to monitor every aspect and stage of the sales cycle.


  • Tailor fit solutions

Build layers of functionality to support a unique business model. The <a href=”” style=”text-decoration: underline;” rel=”noopener”>ERPNext restaurant</a> software is equipped with fully customizable dashboards that can be set up with user-specific attributes.


  • Integrated solution

Collaborate with your suppliers, vendors. Distributors-all at one place. Send orders, get invoices and maintain the easy flow of information, finance, and data


  • Quick Deployment

Hosted on the cloud, the ERPNext platform is implemented in your existing IT infrastructure. It lowers hardware investments and reduces deployment costs.


  • Business Booster

Reward your business in endless ways and give your business an advantage to stay on top; above the competition in the market. 


Why choose Nestorbird?

Now that you know how we handled the minutest to significant challenges, should you be waiting to implement an open-source ERP software at your restaurants? No! But, before you start your search for the best-fit ERPNext software for your food business, here is a comprehensive list of why you should choose Nestorbird:

  • Configure ERPNext Setup
  • Entrust hosting support and backup services
  • Implementation & Configuration
  • Full Customization
  • Post implementation handhold
  • Custom-built reports 

Our custom restaurant ERPNext software solutions are designed to help restaurants transform their system-wide operations to reduce costs, increase revenue, and delight their diners, get free consultation here.


Here’s how a typical e-commerce journey looks like – you visit the site, add items to the cart and make the payment.

A SALE happens, right? It sounds that simple


But it’s not all that simple! – behind the scenes – It’s a lot more than that and you have multiple applications integrated, which leads to the fulfillment of the order. Right from order received to customer experience.



It is recommended that your ERP software can connect with multiple external services to ease out the business process otherwise you will end-up up integrating too many systems to manage the complete journey.

e-commerce integration is the stage between a company’s e-Commerce site and the back-end operations. The integration enables the flow of information bidirectionally between the two systems i.e. information to be captured into the system in one place.


Why should you Integrate your Business?

  • Real-time Inventory visibility to customers and staff in real-time.
  • Integrated supplier system, to manage suppliers’ inventory and their payout from the system itself and when needed, able to initiate a request for quotes to all your suppliers from the system itself.
  • Integrating your e-Commerce sales channels with your ERP system allows you to operate more efficiently as a business in several key ways.
  • The key information – order, inventory, item, customer, and shipping/tracking – are exchanged in real-time.
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Centralized control of operations and ability to have various roles assigned to different users for better execution. Hence optimal use of the data i.e. Sales, customer & other stats


What if you continue with Manual Processes…

  • Human negligence can cause common mistakes.
  • Processing the order with incorrect shipping addresses
  • Inconsistent inventory across various channels.
  • Product information could be incomplete, incorrect, or even missing
  • The customer experience is at stake due to missing components during the entire sales journey

Are you willing to take the risk?


Understanding ERP and eCommerce Data Flows

It’s important to understand how records or data will be exchanged between these two systems once your ERP e-Commerce integration is complete.

As you map out your data flows and their sources, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will the interchange take place once the integration is complete?
  • What about new customers?
  • If one goal of e-Commerce is to drive new business, how will new customers be handled once they arrive?
  • What about offline customers that place online orders?
  • How will offline and online accounts be linked?


Understanding Source and Target

Source and target vary based on the information to be exchanged. E.g. once the order is placed:

  • The shipping and invoice information flow from e-Commerce (Source) to the eCommerce ERP (Target) for order fulfillment.
  • Later, once the order is processed or delivered the information will travel back from ERP (Source) to the e-Commerce system (Target) enabling the customer to view the order history on the e-Commerce portal.


What to expect with ERPNext Integration

NestorBird helps you to allow ERPNext integration, which gives you the flexibility to be able to account for new orders and fulfill them, regardless of when or where the sale is made, e.g.

Online order/POS Ordering/Manual sale.

Functional modules – which we get directly benefitted immediately after ERPNext Integration

Inventory Management

From a feature/function standpoint, order management and inventory management are the most important areas of ERPNext for eCommerce. As soon as a customer places an order on your website, you need to have the ability to fulfill that order in a timely fashion. This means that inventory levels need to be accurate. In this sort of environment, speed and accuracy are key, so having the real-time information that an ERP system offers is of utmost importance

Customer Relationship Management

CRM modules help you cultivate leads that visit your website. An online help desk, tailored advertisements, and efficient shipping notifications are some of the features that keep your customers engaged and help in customer retention. Getting instantly connected to a Customer representative at a click of a button immediately becomes far easier than going through a phone chain in search of an actual employee to talk to.

Finance Management

Financial data is key to centralizing processes and developing efficient forecasting models so that you can plan for material reorders and anticipate delivery lead times. You can use this data to make key business decisions for your company


By automating shipping workflows, it becomes easier to track shipments and shipping status in real-time through the portal. Customer response time is reduced significantly by accessing real-time shipping information and your time is saved since the need for manual documentation of packing slips, customer-invoice, etc. is eliminated.

ERPNext Integrations

Built-in third party services effortlessly to help you boost your business 

  • Authentication Integration : prebuilt authentication method as: LDAP Integration, fairlogin Integration
  • Backup Integration : Dropbox Backup, Google Drive backup
  • Financial reports analysis : An E-commerce application can quickly generate financial reports on sales. Via integrates E-commerce with an ERP. The top user can move a step ahead, as an ERP software provides record, P/L Statement, balance, Cash Flow, etc. ensuring transparency about online transactions and financial information across the organization.
  • Social Logins : ERPNext, you can enable social logins for Facebook, Google, GitHub, and Frappe!
  • Bank Integration : Offers the possibility to synchronize your bank accounts through Plaid. Plaid Integration
  • E-commerce Integration : Shopify Integration, Woo-commerce Integration, Amazon Integration, Zenoti Integration
  • SMS Centre : ERPNext also integrates with SMS gateway providers. Once configured, go to the SMS center and send your messages right away. You can also send an SMS alert from an individual transaction such as invoices, orders, material requests, etc.
  • Shipping Integration : It helps you compare shipping rates being offered by multiple service providers, generate labels, and track your shipments’ status – Packlink, LetMeShip, SendCloud
  • Payment Integration : Paypal Integration – Razorpay Integration, GoCardless Integration, Stripe Integration, Braintree Integration, Paytm Integration
  • Emails : Gmail / Yahoo / Yandex Email Setup in ERPNext – You can also configure custom domains in the same way. Simply configure the SMTP/IMAP ports as detailed in the manual.
  • Google Integration : Google Settings, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive (Only Backup), Google Maps
  • Telephony Integration : This integration allows you to integrate Exotel into your ERPNext account. Leads and their phone numbers captured via Exotel can be saved directly to your ERPNext


Why should you enhance E-commerce with ERPNext Benefits :

  • Are you spending too much time on daily admin work?
  • Are you struggling to keep on top of your growing business?
  • Is your important business data spread in bits and pieces over various modules which creates difficulty in report generation?
  • Are you missing out on business while trying to streamline your company processes?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, it’s time to integrate your data into a single ERPNext solution. Our team of experts at NestorBird has rich domain and technical knowledge and has helped serve several clients from across the world. We strictly adhere to clients’ data security, data confidentiality, and compliance requirements. For more information, contact us now!!!


The education domain plays a critical role in cognitive and academic development.The increasing need of automated management in academic institutions has led to availability of robust open source ERP. Although online education is already on rise, the time now is to bring agility into the education enterprise and perform better with each passing day. The ERPNext solution mitigates the ongoing complexities of the education business in a better way. It empowers all educational schools, colleges, and universities to manage the end-to-end requirements and helps them achieve a single version of the truth, thereby enabling informed decision-making.


The need of ERPNext in Educational Institutes

Gartner’s very recent report reveals that the ERP school management software, a SaaS-based solution, is estimated to grow at a rate of 28% CAGR.

The cloud-based ERP software systems are fast replacing the conventional methods of managing data and processes because of the following advantages:

  • Access to enhanced capacities of storing, securing and analysing massive data.
  • Real-time access to data under one platform
  • With cloud technology, enhancing and integrating the products is quite a painless process
  • Customizations and integrations can be automatically updated


ERPNext School Management Software

The last few decades have seen a major transformation from conventional teaching methods to self-paced engaged learning. The schools are not just classroom-homework-based learning. To meet the ever-changing technology needs, today’s school management demands an open-source ERPNext software for maintaining their school-related operations which can make their work seamless and productive. 


ERPNext  Higher Education Software

Higher education management requires the allocation of resources,  extensive interdepartmental collaboration, and swift processes. ERPNext automates and integrates all the essential activities consisting of finances, student management, academics management, examination, and so on.


Although the modules are customized depending on whether it is a school, university or college. Some of the basic modules are: 

Admission Management

  • Pre admission process
  • Allotment of roll no, registration no, course etc
  • Departmentwise/ Subject wise Faculty allotment
  • Issue certificates
  • Scholarship and Fee concession

Integrated E-Learning Systems

  • Managed Services to onboard Content
  • Integrated Web Conferencing tool to conduct online classes
  • Assessments and automated evaluation
  • Online course content to track student Progress

Fee Management

  • Online fee payment
  • Fee structure per course
  • Secured online gateway to deposit fees
  • Manage dues and refund

Examination Management

  • Pre examination management activities
  • Conducting exam
  • Post examination management activities
  • Updating grades
  • Re-evaluation, re-exam facilities

Student Management

  • Pre-Admission & Admission Management
  • Detailed Student File with Custom Remarks
  • Assignment & Grading Management
  • Report Card & Certificate Generation
  • Alumni Management

Fee Management

  • Online fee payment
  • Fee structure per course
  • Secured online gateway to deposit fees
  • Manage dues and refund

The Future of E-Learning and ERP Software

Excited to know what’s coming next as the future of ERPNext

  • Personalised learning :  E-Learning leaves a lot of scope for a more personalised learning approach by adopting engaging and fun methodology. Integrating an ERPNext solution ensures that.


  • Improved teaching methods : Through analytics reporting, insights such as how much time students spend on a particular subject, what are the weaker areas, strong assets help design the course in a more engaged, innovative and impactful way. 


  • Adaptive Learning :  Since Gen Z relies more on learning in small bits as opposed to conventional methods, ERPNext paves the way for adaptive methods like gamification and live projects in an alluring way.


  • Feedback based on Data ERPNext software shows insights and reports that can better help what is working and what is not. The teachers get a comprehensive idea of what needs to be done through the virtual progress history of the students.


  • Automated evaluation : Evaluation becomes automated hence reducing the chances of mistakes and other biases. The time saved can be utilized for more productive work like self-knowledge development, preparing for the session and fruitful interactions with the students.

If all this information sounds promising and exciting to you as an education business owner or someone on the receiving side of the services. In that case, you will surely encourage the adoption of  ERPNext software solutions.

With an increase in technological enhancements entering the education market, the education system has undergone a paradigm shift. Most of the practices adopted are to optimize the available resources, ERPNext management software being the frontrunner. If you would like to take your education management to the next level, be sure to contact us at Nestorbird and launch it and multiply your efforts.