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The Ultimate Guide to create a Classified C2C e-commerce platform

Consumer-to-consumer eCommerce is one consumer selling goods to another consumer online. It is a class of ecommerce relation where both the sellers and buyers are consumers and at the same time traders. Cut out the middleman, or avoid burning a huge hole in your pocket and simply facilitate consumers to buy and sell directly with other consumers. 

This is an extra ordinary business model, although in India it has a huge potential it is still at its nascent stage  in India. After all, a few of the best-known marketplaces include Olx, Etsy and Amazon.Why invest a great deal of money in a brand new product when you can find pre-loved items  that are in good condition on a resale platform at half the price? If you are thinking of starting your own C2C marketplace, you are in the right place. Let us discuss why there is a huge demand for such platforms:

  • Best way to declutter

Make some money out of the things people no longer use.

  • It is the Sustainable option!!

Every item sold will have multiple buyers. This reduces the number of new goods that need to be produced and reduces waste

  • Minimal costs  

With the lack of retailers and wholesalers,  margins are higher for sellers and prices lower for buyers. 

  • Convenience factor

Consumers can simply list their products online and wait for buyers to come to them.

  • Flexibility

Buyers don’t need to drive around and search through stores for an item they want – they just search for it on a C2C site.

  • Choice

Sellers and buyers both can tap into a new stream of platforms 

  • Buy what you look at

Enables consumers to better understand the dimension and esthetics of a product.

  • Time

Steps to make a successful C2C ecommerce marketplace

For your platform to stand we will help you stand out from the competition.

  • Lay out your objectives

Plan what exactly is your business objective and how going online will boost it. Keep in mind your target audience and buying behaviour.

  • Choose the right platform 

A high and professional solution to give the best user experience.


We’ll help you build a C2C marketplace putting your objectives in the focus and meeting user expectations to boost conversions, click here

  • Select feature set

Apart from basic features, check whether the platform is integrated with advanced ones like intelligent filters for better search results, multiple payment options, easy communication between both the parties for easy bidding,social media integration etc.

  • Personalize

Don’t be a part of the crowd, personalize the user’s experience

  • Ensure sale of authentic products only

Invent a full proof plan to keep a check on the products sold you want to sell on your platform

  • Know how your business is performing

It is important to keep a check on how your progress has been, how a particular segment is performing, what is working and what can be improved.

Read all features of our online Flea marketplace, here and set up a platform in a couple of days


Where NestorBird comes into picture?

Once you are done with your planning, leave the rest to us; here is how we help:

  • Understanding and commercials
  • Payment plan selection
  • Sign the agreement on terms and condition


  • Timeline of each customization 
  • Infrastructure setup
  • UI/ UX design
  • Branding
  • Frontend and Backend setup
  • Analytics setup
  • Admins dashboard


  • Testing
  • Client feedbacks
  • Launch
  • Monitoring of the app and other maintenance
  • Other technical support

Whether you’re thinking of launching a new ecommerce platform or have been selling online for years, an online C2C platform should be the centerpiece to ace up your business. Once you start to experience the profit potential of selling on online marketplaces, you’ll never look back.

Take advantage of us and we will help you build your own platform in no time . Quickly launch and have a better reach of audiences.

Why is a Food Delivery App perfect for your Business?

There is no surprise that the online food delivery business is a growing billion dollar industry.  The online food delivery and takeout sector has a powerful growth curve and expected to grow by at least 20% CAGR. This alone can be the strong reason for you to release an app for your food business or restaurant.

Sure, customers are eager to experience the vibe of a restaurant, hot and perfectly presented food, socializing, clickable ambience but at the same time they also want to satisfy their food cravings with just one tap at the comfort of their home.Such a change in consumer behaviour demands  an innovative way in which food  businesses operate.  Having your food business on an online platform is the hottest trend. So if you want to multiply your business by manifolds, a food delivery app is the prime requisite. 

Step by step guide to build a food ordering application?

  • Well planned Business strategy

Plan a goal that you want to achieve, understand what USP you want your customers to have by using your app and why they should be attracted to it.

  • Find the right people

To build a scalable solution, you need a competent set of developers. You have the option of forming an in-house team or outsourcing your development needs.

  • Great UI/UX experience

The user experience is everything. It should be easy to use, appealing and intuitive. 

  •  Design an MVP

Build the MVP of the application, Keeping in mind the basic  needs of users and get feedback.

  • Test the App

Before releasing an application in the market, it is imperative to test the app for identification and elimination of bugs.

It goes without saying but having an app for your food business will automatically give a far better online presence. The collaboration of offline with online store will be wholesome and build overall brand awareness 



With great benefits of getting an online presence, there are attached challenges too. Here are few of these discussed with their solutions.

  • Cut throat competition

There are some of the big brands who have grabbed a major chunk of the market over the years. Although, it can get tough for you to set up a foot in this ground but with interesting features, unique services and innovative solutions it gets easy 

  • Hire the best people

The most common challenge is to hire the right set of people for your success. Check what their clients have to say, how adaptive are they to current market trends and study their market value. 

  • Choosing the Right Set of Features

Choosing the right feature set is not as easy as it sounds, especially when the competition is so stiff. Analyse who your target audience is and what actually they need.

  •  Eye catching UI/UX

UI/UX designs are the dealmakers/breakers. The main aim of developing such an app should be end-user experience. Building a simple yet appealing app will make all the difference in the app’s success.

  • Collaboration with  Restaurants 

Good restaurants often have ties with many other such platforms. Collaborating with them can be tricky, ensure to partner with them and give quality services to user customers.

  • Decide the Right Business Model

It is imperative to plan your business goals and incorporate them into your revenue generating model. An expert team who have deep industry knowledge can help you guide for the same.


What benefits can Nestorbird guarantee you?

Handling technical parts of the app can be a very tricky deal, especially when you want to give full personalisation to customers. Our deep expertise over the years can help you understand the latest trend and updates. With NestorBird you don’t have to worry about anything, below are the few features which we can guarantee you for the success of your app: 

  •  A comprehensive and interactive dashboard for business insights
  • Fast and secure payment gateways
  • Easy in-app chat options
  • All user data in one place
  • Give an amazing user experience
  • Customization
  • Aligning your vision with end product
  • Simplify your restaurant ordering process
  • Tracking and easy navigation.
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Least time required for creating and releasing the app.

You can read the detailed feature set that we give in NestorHawk.

Whether you are looking for a delivery app, restaurant POS system, self ordering system, meal services, table booking we have solutions for every problem. Read our solutions, here.  

If you’re confused from where to start or need consultation, just write to us or give us a call. Our expert team unites creativity with innovation and are always happy to help!

Why do you need to have a Digital Footprint for Grocery Business?

The grocery industry is revamping the way it operates and having an online face is assuredly the way forward. The number of online shoppers are not just growing but exploding.  AMong the many changes, businesses are embracing the power of apps and various other multi channel approaches for expedited delivery and pickup services.

The usage and popularity of On-demand grocery delivery apps are increasing by leaps and bounds.You can scale your business faster with an online grocery delivery app.There needs to be a perfect connection among various segments: shoppers, delivery agents,  stores or admin and you will have the ideal recipe of a thriving online grocery app.


Elements of an online ordering grocery store

  • App
  • Website
  • Order online platform
  • Delivery personnel
  • Order tracking and Analytics

Grocery Delivery App Classification

On the basis of on who hosts and provides these services, let’s discuss  the various categorization  of delivery apps


Single stores

The single grocery store that manages everything from updating, maintaining to delivering. 


Aggregators Platform

This is the most preferred type of online platform. A group of different vendors and shops collaborate on a common platform and give a unified shopping experience. The competition is quite stiff here. Users can order groceries from the available stores.  The aggregators have a separate team of delivery agents, however, the availability of items and their fulfillment depend upon the particular store.



These kinds of apps just focus on delivery services.  Users can order from any grocery store and they offer logistic services only. Customers can pick a time for delivery.



This kind of app is perfect for stores who do not have any brick and mortar store. Companies can place order directly from producers and manufacturers and then stock it into their warehouse.


Curbside Pick up

Uses can place an order for groceries and drive to the particular store to pick up their order.


Pay attention to these factors

Before launching an app or a website, pay close attention to the following listed factors. For in-depth analysis, you can also reach out directly to the team of NestorBird. 

  • Consumer Behaviour

It is imperative to keep in mind the current trend of users behaviour before going for any customized grocery delivery app development and cater to their needs and challenges faced by them.

  • Market Trend

There is no denying that adding an online presence via an app, website to your old school way of doing business can benefit your revenue.

  • Smart Integrations

Know which integration will be beneficial for you, whether you want to have a third party integration or  in-built feature. 

  • Rich feature set

There exists a couple of rich features set to give an enhanced user experience. You can apply as many custom features as you want, but don’t forget to make it easy yet catchy experience for your users.

  • Quality of service offered

Don’t  compromise on quality of service offered to users. Ensure timely upgrades and required testing to fine-tune the solution.

  • Know your Competitors

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and what are the latest updates and trends happening. Without understanding your competitors strategies, you can never succeed in offering better services. Turn this into an opportunity.


Must-have Tech stack  for Grocery Delivery App

MAke certain that you choose a business model that is in-line with your business goals and fits your business requirements.The technologies that are involved and have to be implemented in an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App development include the following:

  • Coding
  • Top Programming languages
  • Payment gateways
  • Delivery Choice 
  • Navigational support system

For detailed app features visit our grocery delivery page.


NestorBird App Development Team Structure

To give you the perfect solution to accelerate your business NestorBird has curated experts that can help you achieve your objectives:

  • Project Manager: A proficient and experienced expert for timely delivery.
  • Developers for App: IOS App Developer, Android App Developer, Back-end App Developers, etc.
  • Designers: UX/UI designers, graphic designers competent in the field of grocery delivery app designing, etc
  • Testers: Quality Assurance experts with relevant skills 

Online grocery delivery business is quite lucrative. Still struggling how to initiate with  grocery app development or with queries related to  cost estimation and which features to include? Don’t get in a flap, hire the best and experienced app developers with NestorBird. Write to us and we will get in touch with you or simply fill out this form.

Set of modern workers repairing house

How to build an On-Demand Home Service app?

With the emergence of digitalization, there is an app for everything. Quick-and-easy solutions for just about anything you need. So why can’t there be an app to search professionals for routine household tasks?

Sure! There are apps like Urban Company, HouseJoy that have facilitated easy searching of trusted professionals to perform household tasks. But the concept is relatively new and the potential of growth is enormous. If you are thinking of launching your own local services business app, NOW IS THE TIME, use our customized home services app development solution.

Not only will we help you create an app solution, we will also help you stand a step ahead from your competitors.


Why should you go for it?

Abridge the gap between customers looking for home services and service providers. 

Leading companies are a huge hit because they have tapped this giant market opportunity and have disrupted on-demand home services platforms at a much faster pace.It is just the right time to launch your own high quality home service app because:

  • Huge demand

It becomes hard to find professionals who can do odd jobs. Frankly nobody has the time and patience for that. With a well built and user friendly home services app, let your users ditch the tedious task of searching for the right person for a household job.

  • Digitalization

A large group of people who pick the internet to meet their daily needs prefer to have home services apps on their smartphones.

  • On the go

With easy accessibility of the internet, we have a world that runs on mobile applications. Every service you need is just a click away in your phone.

If you want to go a long way, have an in-depth insight of your target audience’s needs and give them a  great customer experience. Carry out an extensive market research and thoroughly analyze your competitors and understand what they are doing. Know how the industry is trending and derive more insights for your business. Most importantly engage your customers in the best possible way, this will strengthen your brand and guarantee long term success. 


Must-have Features that Users Love!

Wanna know the secret to create a perfect on-demand home service app?


The most critical part is the features. In addition to basic features, advanced features  have the power to elevate user experience by manifold and take your local home services  globally! 

Stand out in the market with these essential features:

  •  Service scheduling

 Facilitate users to quickly book appointments in easy steps and no time.They should have the flexibility to  select the desired service at a  slot of their convenience.

  • Instant Notifications 

Push notifications  with details for when the customer book a service professional or when a job is done. Similarly the service provider gets notified when he/ she is booked. Such a user experience is quite necessary for customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless communication

Easy communication  between customers and service providers for effortless communication. They can discuss matters like rate negotiations and share other important details of the job.

  • Social media Integration

The power of social media cannot be overlooked. Integration with different platforms will help you boost your audience reach.  

  • Payment Flexibility

 Users can avail multiple payment options through available choices of online  platforms.

  • Interactive Dashboard

 It is crucial to have a well-built dashboard because it tracks everything and accelerates productivity, gives in-depth insight to user data,ultimately  adding up to greater revenue for your business.  

  • Rating and Reviews 

Enabling your customers to review and rate service providers gives a direct reflection of customer satisfaction.

  • Great user experience

It all boils down to user experience. Don’t make it complicated, using such an on demand app should be child’s play. 


What NestorBird will do for you

  • Organizing and interpretation

Our team of experts will streamline your objectives with technicality to give you the perfect solution, just like the way you imagined it to be.

  • Payment options

We’ll incorporate multiple payment  providers to help you reduce fees and increase revenue.

  • Create and launch the product

After pe-development stage, leave the rest to us. We cover all aspects from development, testing to support.

  • Continuous upgradation

There you have it. Now you know how to take your Home services idea and turn it into a real business!

Came up with a homeservice idea? Already have one? Great, you can move on to the next part with us. Know what all we provide, here or contact us.

Leverage on Learning Management System for effective learning solutions

In this digital learner’s world, online e-learning platforms is a no-alien concept, it has disrupted the way we learn. Covid-19  crisis, alternating learning behaviour and powerful new digital technologies have added in shaping and transforming e-learning completely. 

A Learning Management System is the ultimate centralized platform to create and manage online learning, design a virtual classroom, administer online course structure and content, alot assignments to learners, give personalised user experience and evaluate learner’s progress.

As the trend goes, there is a surge in user’s engagement by adopting these online platforms. Learners rely heavily on such platforms for their upgrade, ultimately increasing the demand for LMS platforms. 



The Learning Management system powers e-learning and is an indispensable tool for educators as well as for business firms. These platforms are extensively widely used by corporates, training institutions,  educational and staff institutions to facilitate better learning. Here is where LMS acts as a fruitful platform:

  • Educational Institutes

Online learning platforms for educational institutes have gained far more credibility than elsewhere. Online platforms help to design, manage, adopt, administer all the activities related to e-learning. 

In addition to stand alone learning methodology, they can also be used to complement traditional classroom learning, making the user experience much more influential.

  • Upskilling and Reskilling Employees

In every kind of business, there is a constant need to train employees or acquire new skills by existing employees. For professional development, role-based training and performance improvement, companies are shifting towards online e-learning platforms instead of traditional learning.

Employees can study as per their comfort level, convenience and pace. They can also rewatch learning content for better absorption and get their queries answered.

Organisations are availing various trending online learning approaches such as Blended learning, Virtual Instructor-Led Training,  Soft Skills Training, micro-learning and social learning. They are able to better utilize the amount spent on having a feature rich platform rather than paying for course materials, rented classroom halls, specialized instructor travel fees and other related expenses.

  • Employee Orientation

A proper orientation sets the ground for any employee. The advantages of having a proper orientation process can never be overlooked and an online platform helps effortlessly achieve it.


An online platform which contains information about their role, team, managers, organization, payrolls, policies, career advancement etc helps the employee adapt faster to the company, all these details can be stored on LMS to then utilize training.

  • Staff Training

Learners are able to acquire skills and explicit knowledge to upgrade themselves.



It goes without saying that LMS popularity buildout is increasing exponentially, striving to become an efficient and beneficial means for learning.

  • Better ROI

The training resources created can be reused by users. They can also be revised and upgraded by educators/trainers. They can be accessed as and when it’s convenient for users.

  • Course Management

Reimagine a creative way of portraying the concept to your learners. Administrators can quickly manage courses and design a learning path- all in one place.

  • Centralised platform

Manage the entire course/ training on a single platform. These course materials and other multi media can be assessed by users anytime and anywhere.

  • Quick evaluation

The evaluation process is quite fast. Instructors don’t have to spend a lot of time on grading tests, instead the online platform can automatically do it for them in no time.

  • Enhanced learner’s experience

With the use of multimedia devices added with traditional methods, grasping of concepts becomes easier.

  • Quality content

With LMS, several trivial tasks are automated, helping educators to focus on designing a rich learning curriculum.

  • Productivity

With the standard of education given, the productivity is directly increased. Routine tasks can be avoided making room for creativity and innovation.

  • Ease of use

The e-learning platforms are so built to quickly adapt to them. All the things are under one platform, no need to refer to other sources.



Some of the key features of LMS are:

  • Manageable solution

With use of such platforms, everything becomes organized. From designing courses, managing learner’s, assigning courses,  generating reports and evaluating tests- a good LMS covers it all!

  • Learner lifecycle management

By using this powerful tool, users can get complete learning experience at one place. This latest educational methodology has been more personalised,  simpler, experiential and interactive experience for users.

  • Notifications

Learners can get notified regarding  scheduled classes, completed lectures and upcoming courses. They can access and track how much they have progressed.

  • Assessments

These can be either pre, during or post-test assessments. The assessment can be of any type depending on what needs to be measured. The assessment can be of descriptive, quiz, voting or essay based.

  • Performance Analysis

Keep a track of student’s learning levels. Analyse the strong and weak points of the learner and give support and training according to that.

  • Certifications and Transcripts

After course completion, if need be a certificate will be automatically generated. To make it genuine, the certificate will contain the digital signature of the issuing authority. 

  • Deep analytics

The admin can get insights of all the activities by the users through regularly auto-generated reports. The analysis can then be used to reform and have better teaching strategies.

  • Assistance and Support

To overcome any technical issue, constant support is a must. Easy upgrade, add, remove or edit any feature according to the needs of the user.


Know more about the added benefits  which our solution Koyo gives, here.

Easily set up a virtual classroom and give a personalized and enhanced learning experience to learners with NestorBird. We design seamless and agile e-learning solutions, contact us now!

Online shopping banner, mobile app templates, concept flat design

Why Choosing An E-Commerce Platform For Your Business Is Beneficial?

The future of shopping is online. Any kind of business can go online and fabricate an online marketplace in practically no time. Countless simpler websites and ecommerce platforms have emerged with digital disruption. Launching an ecommerce platform has become a piece of cake. It has become crucial to invest in digital commerce platforms.

Millions of users are browsing the internet looking for products and services. Online shopping is perceived as one of the convenient ways of buying products and is on the rise over past years. If you want to give a notch to your ongoing business, get the most out of the ecommerce platform and adapt to the new way of doing business.


eCommerce involves any commercial transaction to purchase products or services. It can take the shape of various different formats from mere website development, mobile application development, renowned online marketplace platforms like Amazon, Alibaba group to social media platforms such as facebook marketplace, instagram ads etc.

The main aim of  digital e-commerce is to offer an interactive platform for all the activities in an unified format to the user. This ultimately enables businesses to have a thorough understanding and insights of what is going on in the business in a more organized manner.

Want to get the best ecommerce platform experience for your users, check out different platforms we have designed.



The online marketplace unquestionably acts as a wholesome platform to multiply profits of any company.  Some of the underlying benefits of having such platforms are:

  • Lower set-up expenses

The amount spent on setting up a physical store is far much more  than having a digital ecommerce platform. These cost sayings can further add up to give lower prices to customers and ultimately generate more business.

  • Exceptional customer service

The digital commerce platform reflects your brand power,  the customer service representatives are able to give fruitful assistance with an easy-to-use platform. A happy CSR becomes the key differentiating factor for your business to grow.

  • Scalable solution

To meet market demands, businesses should always be ready to upgrade their strategies from time to time. With online marketplace, there are no worries about the same. A few digital tweaks and you can get your want.

  • Focused communication

Digital platforms extract a lot of important user’s buying patterns and other information. These reports can be used to offer more targeted and relevant messages to customers using various other platforms.

  • Analysis

 Through digital platforms, it becomes easier for businesses to evaluate and understand actionable insights of sales effectiveness, marketing campaigns, customer engagement and inventory management to make crucial business decisions.

  • Expanded Reach

By going online, you are enabling your reach directly to the palm of customer’s hands. Whenever a customer is looking for a product, they can just navigate your offerings and quickly purchase it within a few taps.

  • Increased customer base

Online platforms give access to a niche and wider audience base, which would not have been in the case of traditional stores. Geographical boundaries become insignificant in such cases.



Undoubtedly, ecommerce platforms give a plethora of benefits to shoppers. Nobody likes to stand in a  long queue, battle weather tantrums or get stuck in traffic to visit their favorite shop. Here are some of the advantages why ecommerce platforms have heightened customer’s expectations:

  • Convenience

Who doesn’t like shopping from diverse product categories within a few clicks. Comfort and convenience is what attracts most customers. If there is no convenience, customers would not even bother to buy online.

  • Better decision making

While shopping online, information such as product descriptions, reviews, ratings, general faqs are readily available to any user. Also, unlike in traditional stores providing such information would have been difficult.

  • Huge product listings

Customers are more attracted when they find products of diverse nature, catering to the needs of  all kinds of shoppers.

  • Enhanced Personalisation

Personalization to users enhances shopping experience. Personalization coupled with various marketing campaigns entice customers to buy more.

If you are looking to give online ordering offerings of products for your business, then NestorBird is the perfect partner for you. From corporate venture applications to operational e-commerce solutions, we fabricate smart and scalable web applications to streamline your business processes. We use  simpler and user-friendly options to build a robust platform. For more, contact us now!

How ERP Helps Boost Efficiency?

An ERP binds different departments with their data in one integrated platform. The importance of having an ERP platform for business can never be undermined. Businesses are always eager to invest in technologies that expand their productivity and efficiency and an ERP is exactly designed for this purpose.


The main focus of having an ERP is to simplify the business processes and optimize operations. Having an ERP platform gives clarity by coordinating and streamlining the data into one centralised platform. All the details of any project are readily available to ensure smooth running of the organization. A centralized platform eliminates any unnecessary needs for departments and individuals to create databases or reports to complicate the whole process.  Save a good amount of time by putting an end to requiring tedious manual tasks or labour intensive jobs.



  • Profound Analysis

It can be considered as one the strongest plus points of having an ERP. An ERP system makes use of data and readily generates insightful reports and analytics. Management can review, analyse, assess and compare built-in data or create customized reports without any hassle. This is an intelligent way of doing business. Based on current market trends and metrics, businesses can make more informed decisions and strategies.

  • Improved Collaboration and Workflows

ERP system acts as the principal hub for all kinds of information related to business. They simply eliminate interdependence among various departments at one centralized location. Real time updates and information is readily available for easier collaboration inter-departments to make proactive business strategies. There is less friction and interdependencies. 

  •  Reduced IT and Training Costs

If you spend money on several systems not only will it burn a hole in your pocket but also make the process tedious and complicated. There is no denying that ERP itself is a good investment but you can better utilize all those costs and resources on multiple options opt for one unified platform, saving overall IT costs.

  • Complete transparency

With ERP you can retrieve and gain access to even the smallest duty on a regular basis. This calls for increased collaboration and cohesion of workflows among various departments. Decisions are made quicker and operations have clear visibility to allow management to have a complete picture and plan ahead.

  •  Scalability  

ERP systems are so designed as to insert or delete new processes, functions and users over anytime. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large, the ERP system is flexible enough to adapt to it. It facilitates and accommodates business’ growth.

  • Improved Supply Chain Management

This goes without saying that integration of ERP refines supply chain management. Integration of all data enables businesses to  hive customized data and services based on the data generated. ERP systems automatically upgrade itself to any fluctuation in inventory and give real time updates.  Additionally, communication with all types of stakeholders, customers, vendors or employees becomes a piece of cake.

  • Boost Efficiency

Most of the mundane and repetitive tasks are automated, enabling employees to give focused and creative solutions to business operations. The future of ERP lies in robotic process automation, machine learning and of course artificial intelligence (AI. These ultra modern approaches will multiply the efficiency to a whole new level.

  • Competitive Advantage

Having an ERP system enhances profitability and enables business expansion.  It helps businesses  stay ahead of the competition, since businesses have a 360-degree view of their day-to-day operations.  There is accurate demand forecasting, market trend analysis and bottleneck identification. They can concentrate on their core competencies and remain one step ahead of the competition who still rely on multiple systems.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

The ERP system gives access to end to end tracking and valuable insights which is used by businesses for customer interaction and engagement. Your business will be able to give seamless assistance to customers and gain insights from them. Interaction with customers will happen consistently enabling better relationships with them.

  •  Systematic Processes

Businesses can design an ERP system that adapts to their unique needs. They can standardize and streamlines their own operations. Cloud based ERP are faster and more secure because they run on standardized procedure and SLA. 

  • Secured data 

Data security is a must for any system. Businesses cannot let confidential data and information fall into the hands of the wrong person. Having an ERP system, integrates all the data and improves security, consistency and accuracy. Having data across multiple systems increases 

  •  Regulatory Compliance

Businesses need to be very careful about compliance, this task isn’t as easy as it sounds. With ERP systems there is hardly any miss, they help to maintain regulatory compliance. They keep track of regulations with respect to industries in which they operate and check for any changes. Businesses are conveniently able to stay well informed with the latest laws, rules, guidelines and regulations specific to them.


When it comes to designing the ideal ERP platform for your business, NestorBird is your partner. We create a platform that has a robust yet flexible infrastructure to streamline your business processes. Contact us today. 

Implementing an ERP system is definitely worth your time.Check out how we give customised solutions to our partners.

Cashback Websites Are Totally Worth It!

Customers or anyone else simply likes to be rewarded. Undoubtedly, cashback websites are one of the innovative tactics for encouraging customer engagement and elevating revenue that totally works. Engaged customers not only have more purchasing frequency but also ensure a value of lifetime support.  

When it comes to customers, their shopping decision is no longer based on the cost of the product; in fact they rely on various other factors like promotional offers, quality, reputation, convenience, branding etc. Customers are attracted by offers, deals, discounts, cashback, etc and they are constantly looking for cashback websites.  All these factors refine the overall shopping experiences making the customer want to come again and again.

The trend of cashback websites is getting popular day by day  and is the most attractive affiliate marketing model. Now-a-days there are multiple cashback websites surfacing particularly in the e-commerce sector.  Other sectors  like groceries, food etc are slowly picking up. The end consumer is benefited the most and is able to enjoy range of deals, discounts and cashback

Let’s dive deeper into this.



A cashback website is basically an affiliate marketing platform that receives an earning commission for every purchase when they direct sales on a specific online platform. From the commission earned, these platforms offer a fixed share back to the customers in the form of cashback.

The cash back  business owners have tie up with multiple merchants and fix a certain share or earning commission of cashback for users who click through them. 



The question that often crosses our mind is with cashback how do  businesses earn profit?

Let’s list them out.

  • Enhance sales

Customers get engaged directly and more often resulting in higher ROI.  Promotion of a new product or service becomes a lot easier with tied up marketing campaigns and cashback models. There is more understanding of patrons and their buying behaviour.

  • Engaged Customers

Cashback has an upper hand over other offers like discounts, coupons etc, it instantly excites customers. Engaged customers directly proportionate to thriving business. With such an offer, customers buy those products or services which they don’t intend to buy otherwise.

  • Strengthening Brand Power

Brand power plays a major role when it comes to making profits. Integrating with cashback features gives you an edge over competitors, customers are inclined more towards your brand, ultimately enhancing brand reputation.

  • Building Strong Customer Relationships

With the popularity of these sites, businesses will attract new customers, it is important to maintain a lasting and interactive relationship with all types of customers whether new or old. 

  • Loyal  Customer Base

Providing good offers to  customers, gives them an engaging experience and they want to have  recurring shopping experience.  

  • Increased Client Interaction 

A cashback model lets you capture insightful data of your customers in the form of feedback. You are better able to support them and interact to understand customer’s habits and preferences.



E-commerce platforms have accepted the cashback model with open arms, appealing to price-sensitive individuals who are looking to cut costs wherever possible. To further increase the scope of cashback, leading companies are now tying up with offline retailers as well. By adopting innovative technologies for tracking purchases, cashback companies will now be able to provide coupons and cashback on offline purchases as well. Additionally, as the cashback and coupon model continues to gain traction, an increased amount of commissions from merchants will allow cashback companies to offer higher cashback rates and drive an increased number of people towards these websites.



We have the complete know-how of both strategy and technology.  We are proficient in fabricating cashback websites for any kind of business be it retail, ecommerce, beauty, lifestyle, hospitality, grocery, food, alcohol and fashion.  Our efforts aim at polishing in-store experience with omnichannel features. NestorBird offers you the perfect digital platform to run these programs that integrate with your unique business needs. 

Stressed about where to start? or what features to include? Or how to implement it? That is why, your loyalty program should be customized around what you know about patrons. Get started with full technical assistance with us.  Write to us and get a free consultation!

Beacon Technology- The Future Of Smart Devices

As smartphones are becoming a constant shopping mate, integrating Beacons with the system  is transforming the in-store experience for customers as well as a boon for marketers.  By using this technology, instant promotional offers and other useful information can be made readily available at customer’s fingertips in practically  no time.

Beacon technology is becoming prevalent gradually in day to day life and following the footsteps to become the next big trend for a comprehensive digital strategy. Although the true potential of its abundant benefits is yet to be realized by businesses, beacon technology is definitely here to stay!



Beacons are compact wireless devices that transmit signals continuously to other nearby devices by making use of low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) technology. Fundamentally, they make use of proximity technology to discover nearby human presence and offer personalized, insightful, location, informatory and contextual information.

Beacons are physical devices that can be placed anywhere and use a battery for operation. One-way signals are transmitted in a limited time zone to  communicate with other devices that have receivers on it.  They are most popularly utilized in proximity marketing, product identification, indoor navigation and  payment systems. The scope of Beacon based devices is wide and can be applied in businesses involving retail, food and beverage, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, museum and art galleries.



The mechanism behind Beacon devices is incredibly effortless. These devices are indoor location technology which are  able to  link with the server to send and receive data. Emitted signals are picked up and received by the app installed on your device.  After establishing a connection, the beacon carries out the programmed function. 

To put it simply, Beacon enabled devices work exactly like any other Bluetooth-enabled device such as fitness tracker, digital watch etc,. connected with your mobile device to store data and perform various functions.



Regardless to say, Beacon technology has increased customer engagement by many folds and every kind of business is capitalizing on it. Personalized marketing is just the tip of iceberg, here are few other benefits  businesses can leverage on:

  • Enriched customer experience

Businesses are able to offer personalized and individualized shopping experiences to customers and present a more fulfilling experience. They can also reap benefit from the abundant data as their beneficial asset. The data can be analyzed for deriving customer’s buying pattern, customer’s anticipation and behavioural insights  creating an enriching experience. 

  • Exciting In-store Experiences

Customers can miss finding the right products or simply get exhausted by  the abundant range of products, long aisles and multiple floors. Beacon technology can eradicate all these challenges and help find the right and personalized products easily.

  • Boosting Out-of-store Marketing

The beacons help capitalize on any potential footfall by detecting the customer’s geo location. It is an added benefit to your digital strategy. More and more people will be attracted to the businesses as the level of personalization and unique way of approaching through Beacons strengthens.

  • Engaged Customers

Customers are more likely to shop if they receive personalized and convenient services, ultimately leading to engaged customer behaviour.

  • Increased Efficiency

Beacons can revamp your work space and offices by offering smarter solutions such as task completion, auto trigger and self activated initiation. This can reduce turnaround time, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Asset Tracking

Sectors like museums, hospitals, warehouses etc who have valuable equipment and products can attach the beacon device to their equipment and track their location on a real-time basis. They also ensure  the safety and security of exorbitant equipment.   

  • Improved Data Collection

With the type of data collected, you can adapt and can tweak  your product listings and store layout. You can better segment your patrons and make tailor-fit marketing campaigns.

Thinking of integrating Beacon technology into your business, NestorBird gives you the ideal solution. We offer personalized Beacon application development services and offer the best user experience for attracting more and more customers. We leverage on the latest technology for various frameworks and systems to give innovative and creative solutions to your business problems.  You can get state of the art  services like indoor positioning,   sensors, location enabled systems, navigation & maps, mobile payments, promotionals and other infotainment  notification. Get in touch with us and we will do the rest!.

Concept online and mobile payments

Digital Wallets Are Here To Stay

We’ve seen an unmatchable revolution in mobile financial services. Millennials and younger, digitally-native generations expect nothing but the best when it comes to their financial life. Many have already forgotten about their physical wallets, because smartphones do the same job, but even better.

Always connected and empowered by technology, customers nowadays require cutting-edge, highly-secured financial solutions that make payments as easy as possible.

Banks, financial companies, telcos, and e-commerce businesses can’t afford to ignore the mobile financial services revolution any longer, especially the mobile wallet opportunity.

Moreover, they need to be more innovative than ever in order to provide outstanding mobile wallet features that ensure not only high security but also great customer experience.



Digital Wallet or electronic wallet feature is a platform that enables customers to carry online transactions. A mobile wallet is a financial instrument that allows businesses and individuals to receive and send money via mobile devices. It is a type of e-commerce model that is developed with mobile devices owing to their convenience and easy access. A mobile wallet is also called mobile money or a mobile money transfer.

Information like the user’s bank account, bank name, QR code and other financial credentials are all readily available on cloud on a single platform for any transaction. From a convenience standpoint, now-a-days most of the ecommerce websites are integrated with digital wallet features for quick transactions. Companies either develop their own digital wallet or rely on third parties like PayPal, Rupay etc.



  • Integrated  Dispatch Planning and Processes

WIth the help of scheduled operations, users can schedule and plan dispatches in an efficient manner.  Road traffic and congestions can be avoided and capacity can be optimized. 

  • Transparent System

There is a centralized platform of the first mile to last mile delivery process. Owners can take effective measures and gain more control over logistics operations. Communication and collaboration is enhanced to ensure timely delivery.

  • Improved Delivery rate

A time-slot delivery system avoids the chances of failed or missed deliveries and gains better delivery rates. The added costs of shipping, storing and delivering undelivered parcels is saved.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Overall buying experience of customers is elevated ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction  and brand loyalty.



  • Easy accessibility

Using a mobile wallet for day to day transactions is really simple to begin with. Downloading the app and creating a user ID and password is all you need to do here.It is as simple as logging in to your Gmail or Facebook account from your smartphone.

  • Simple to load money

You can add money to your wallet easily via net banking, credit card or debit card. Being able to store these details saves you from the hassle of entering these details every time you make a transaction and saves time.

  • Range of uses

Starting from bill payments for ecommerce shopping, DTH, postpaid, data card and broadband to buying air, bus or train tickets, you can use an e wallet for a variety of transactions.From paying at your local kirana stores to paying for your utilities like gas, water and electricity, the reach of mobile wallets has gone far and wide.

  • Split bill facility

Being able to split expenses with friends is another big advantage. Freecharge and Mobikwik users can split their bills simply by entering the amount and the number of people who are expected to pay their share.

  • Ensures timely payments

You can also make use of the auto pay facility to make future bill payments automatically, from your wallet balance on a predetermined date.

  • Incentives and promotions

Each wallet comes with its own set of incentives. E-wallets give plenty of money saving avenues through discounts, cashbacks, offers and free gifts.

You can benefit the maximum by going through their offer section and making optimum use of promo codes.

  • Quick transfer of funds

Money wallets have made sending and receiving money quick and easy. And on the top of that, currently there are no transaction charges levied for transferring money anywhere, anytime, thus making it a more preferable option.

These wallets will automatically generate a link which you can send to people who owe you money.



Here are some key factors that you need to keep in mind during mobile payment integration:

  • Function prioritizing

A mobile wallet application is basically a collection of different functions and features.

You need to be careful while integrating these functions and features, as they’ll be eventually making your digital payment app successful.

Do a thorough market research, learn customer expectations, demands, and the market trend prevailing before you build a mobile wallet app.

  • Security

Your digital wallet can only be successful if the customers can rely on its security structure.The e-wallets require customers to store their card information or enter their passwords. It is your primary responsibility to ensure their data security by using advanced technology methods.

In addition to standard safety and security mechanisms, you need to include technologies which are hard to decrypt.

  • Do not forget to include digital receipt

After every transaction performed by users, they need to have a confirmation about the success or failure of it. This is where the need for a digital receipt arises.Irrespective of the amount they transacted, it is important that they receive a digital receipt of their transaction.

These digital receipts can be sent through email to the respective customer’s registered email address.

  • Reward points are a bonus

People like getting rewards. If you are willing to make your digital payment app sustain for a longer time. If you are giving different leverages to your users, there’s no way that they’ll be abandoning your website in coming days.

However, you need to keep in mind that they can check their reward points whenever they want, and can redeem them in better ways. At this point, you’ll need to understand your target audience, their likes, and dislikes.

  • Keep them engaged

Share timely notifications with your customers regarding the new offers they have. Share customized coupons and deals with them to keep them engaged in your application.

It is often noticed that users abandon an application after its first use. Keeping them notified with latest offers and discounts can help you in keeping them engaged in your digital payment app.

  • Selecting development partner

Mobile app development companies can help you with e-payment app development in an efficient manner.They are well worse about the recent technology developments and trends and can assist you in building a better solution.

However, before finalizing a development partner, you need to thoroughly study their profile, and check if they have done similar projects in past. Learning these will help you come with a better digital payment solution.

Mobile wallets are no longer just a trend they have become a need of the time. However, to relish the benefits of this fast evolving market, you need to ensure flawless implementation of facts and features.

Do the necessary market research to build an app for mobile wallet solution. Write to us and we will get back to you.