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The education domain plays a critical role in cognitive and academic development.The increasing need of automated management in academic institutions has led to availability of robust open source ERP. Although online education is already on rise, the time now is to bring agility into the education enterprise and perform better with each passing day. The ERPNext solution mitigates the ongoing complexities of the education business in a better way. It empowers all educational schools, colleges, and universities to manage the end-to-end requirements and helps them achieve a single version of the truth, thereby enabling informed decision-making.

The need of ERPNext in Educational Institutes

Gartner’s very recent report reveals that the ERP school management software, a SaaS-based solution, is estimated to grow at a rate of 28% CAGR.

The cloud-based ERP software systems are fast replacing the conventional methods of managing data and processes because of the following advantages:

  • Access to enhanced capacities of storing, securing and analysing massive data.
  • Real-time access to data under one platform
  • With cloud technology, enhancing and integrating the products is quite a painless process
  • Customizations and integrations can be automatically updated
  • ERPNext School Management Software

    The last few decades have seen a major transformation from conventional teaching methods to self-paced engaged learning. The schools are not just classroom-homework-based learning. To meet the ever-changing technology needs, today’s school management demands an open-source ERPNext software for maintaining their school-related operations which can make their work seamless and productive.

    ERPNext Higher Education Software

    Higher education management requires the allocation of resources, extensive interdepartmental collaboration, and swift processes. ERPNext automates and integrates all the essential activities consisting of finances, student management, academics management, examination, and so on.


    Although the modules are customized depending on whether it is a school, university or college. Some of the basic modules are:

    Admission Management

  • Pre admission process
  • Allotment of roll no, registration no, course etc
  • Departmentwise/ Subject wise Faculty allotment
  • Issue certificates
  • Scholarship and Fee concession
  • Integrated E-Learning Systems

  • Managed Services to onboard Content
  • Integrated Web Conferencing tool to conduct online classes
  • Assessments and automated evaluation
  • Online course content to track student Progress
  • Fee Management

  • Online fee payment
  • Fee structure per course
  • Secured online gateway to deposit fees
  • Manage dues and refund

  • Examination Management

  • Pre examination management activities
  • Conducting exam
  • Post examination management activities
  • Updating grades
  • Re-evaluation, re-exam facilities
  • Student Management

  • Pre-Admission & Admission Management
  • Detailed Student File with Custom Remarks
  • Assignment & Grading Management
  • Report Card & Certificate Generation
  • Alumni Management
  • Fee Management

  • Online fee payment
  • Fee structure per course
  • Secured online gateway to deposit fees
  • Manage dues and refund
  • The Future of E-Learning and ERP Software

    Excited to know what’s coming next as the future of ERPNext

  • Personalised learning : E-Learning leaves a lot of scope for a more personalised learning approach by adopting engaging and fun methodology. Integrating an ERPNext solution ensures that.
  • Improved teaching methods : Through analytics reporting, insights such as how much time students spend on a particular subject, what are the weaker areas, strong assets help design the course in a more engaged, innovative and impactful way.
  • Adaptive Learning :Since Gen Z relies more on learning in small bits as opposed to conventional methods, ERPNext paves the way for adaptive methods like gamification and live projects in an alluring way.
  • Feedback based on Data :ERPNext software shows insights and reports that can better help what is working and what is not. The teachers get a comprehensive idea of what needs to be done through the virtual progress history of the students.
  • Automated evaluation : Evaluation becomes automated hence reducing the chances of mistakes and other biases. The time saved can be utilized for more productive work like self-knowledge development, preparing for the session and fruitful interactions with the students.
  • If all this information sounds promising and exciting to you as an education business owner or someone on the receiving side of the services. In that case, you will surely encourage the adoption of ERPNext software solutions.

    With an increase in technological enhancements entering the education market, the education system has undergone a paradigm shift. Most of the practices adopted are to optimize the available resources, ERPNext management software being the frontrunner. If you would like to take your education management to the next level, be sure to contact us at Nestorbird and launch it and multiply your efforts.

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