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ERPNext Healthcare is designed to cover a large section of healthcare institutes from a full-service facility that includes pharmacy, in-patient, and out-patient services, laboratory, rehab, and physiotherapy services with a number of healthcare workers, to a small clinic providing consultation or physiotherapy services.

Healthcare providers across the globe are hard-pressed to achieve twin objectives: quality patient care and significant cost reduction. A system like open source ERP helps healthcare institutions to improve the accessibility and quality of patient care. It also helps minimize clinical errors and increase healthcare providers’ productivity.

ERPNext Modules for Healthcare

Appointment scheduling : This module enables reception to fix an appointment for patients with the doctors they want as per specialization required by checking doctor’s availability. Effective scheduling technique makes proper utilization of Doctor’s time and reduces waiting time of patients. This module includes:-

  • Provision to set doctor’s available timings.
  • Easy doctor’s search as per the specialization required.
  • Patients can request for online appointments.
  • Doctor’s occupancy report can be seen in detail.
  • EMR – Electronic Medical Record : An EMR system integrated as a core module in a medical ERP represents patients’ data that can be used to provide better care and diagnosis. It contains all encounters of patients with various departments in a hospital ranging from pathology, radiology and clinical information systems that have been combined and structured in a digital form. The system is designed to capture and represent data that accurately captures the state of the patient at all times. It allows for an entire patient history to be viewed without the need to track down the patient’s previous medical record volume thereby helping in better and faster diagnosis from physicians and speedy clinical decision.

  • Improving care quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health inconsistencies
  • Quality and safety measurement
  • Clinical decision support (automated advice) for providers
  • Patient registries development (e.g., a directory of patients with specific illness or disease)
  • Patient search with various parameters
  • Billing details of the patients
  • Improved coordination at the point of care
  • Engaging patients and families in their care
  • Ensure adequate privacy, security protections and federal compliance
  • Financial Accounting System : Whether we talk about the clinic or some hospital, finance is the important department for all. The Healthcare industry needs to take special care of this department that includes charities, payments, fees, and a lot of other things. It is responsible for all revenues and expenses. Healthcare open source ERP software efficiently handles the complete account department and all financial information. This department is also associated with insurance and shares information with the third party.

    Inventory Management and Purchase : This module deals with the purchase of items required in hospital, issue of those items into various departments, maintenance of stock and setting up the minimum stock / reorder level for each stock. This ERPNext module includes:-

  • Provision to raise purchase requests for any item.
  • Assigned authority approves or declines the purchase
  • Purchase order generation and processing.
  • Allocation of purchased items to the requested departments.
  • Provision to transfer stock from one department to another.
  • Vendor management and payments.
  • Stock requisition from departments.
  • Stock expiry.
  • Stock management.
  • Reorder level setting.
  • Staff, HR & Payroll Management : Easy retrieval of Staff Members with the help of various search strings like Staff Name, phone number, email ID, staff code etc. This module includes:-

  • Provision to manage and view Departments and Staff Designations
  • Provision to add Staff Type and Specializations.
  • Provision to set staff timings includes Doctors.
  • Easy and instant search utility to search staff members.
  • Creation of Salary structure, pay calculation, printing of salary slips, salary certificates, PF statements and so on.
  • Other activities like appointing staff, maintaining their database including their bio-data, fixing allowances and deductions, appraisal letters, Loan and advances, termination process etc.
  • Employee documents like Photograph, ID card, Address proof, Passport, municipality documents, agreements etc can be scanned and attached in the software.
  • MIS Reports : Management information system reports are available for every module for the analysis & monitoring by top management of the hospital. Various kinds of MIS reports are:-

  • Patient registration report
  • OPD/ IPD Collection report
  • Inpatient admission and discharge report
  • Bill report
  • IPD / OPD revenue report
  • Investigations report
  • List of tests carried out daily
  • List of emergency cases treated
  • Stock purchase requisitions
  • Benefits of ERPNext in Healthcare Organizations

    Benefits of ERPNext in healthcare institutes are multifaceted. The platform acts as a centralized system that integrates information from multiple departments. This improves data visibility and allows all applicable personnel to access the info they need, at any single instance. With the help of ERPNext systems:

  • Patient information and data archives can be managed and utilized better.
  • Process automation eliminates the chance for data duplication and reduces errors.
  • Superior customer relationship management (CRM) results in better patient service, cost savings, and generates more opportunities.
  • Replacing manual charting with Electronic Health Records (EHR) increases the efficiency of accessing and sharing information.
  • With all the information available on a single system, cloud ERP in healthcare units prompt better care and treatment plans for patients.
  • Considerably better financial controls because the information is centralized, integrated and more accessible to everyone concerned.
  • Healthcare Providers we Serve

    Multi-speciality Hospital

    End-to-end HIS for Hospitals of any size with multiple departmental integrations – with extensive modules for EMR, ERP (billing, accounting & stock), patient portal, HR module and much more.

  • Patient Administration Management
  • Patient Care Management
  • Specialist Services Management
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Support Services Management
  • Digital Image Capturing
  • Clinic

    Digital automation of clinical operations to provide superior patient care. Supports online appointments, patient portal, website, billing, pharmacy billing etc.

  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Reception Management
  • EMR
  • E-Prescription
  • Billing Management
  • Insurance
  • Administration
  • Reports
  • Professional Fees
  • Labs & Radiology

    Improves lab operations, while ensuring superior customer experience. Supports multi store setup & integrating with HIMS

  • Sample or specimen details entry
  • Test report entry and delivery
  • Specimen association details
  • Investigation request
  • Samples dispatch/receivables handling
  • Investigation and treatment history
  • Integration with third party systems
  • Pharmacy

    Multi store pharmacy system with light weight ERP with easy to use POS

  • Enquiry and quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Pharmacy drug and store information
  • Issue of drugs to patients
  • Automated billing system
  • Pharmacy procurement
  • Alerts to manage drugs that have neared expiry
  • Handle receipts of drugs
  • Drug inventory management system
  • Mobile devices integration
  • It has become essential for today’s healthcare to adopt technological innovations for the best experience. Medical ERP software is actually a long-term business investment. It saves time as well as cost at different phases. Adoption of latest trends enables the industry in serving the individuals with an enhanced approach. Boost patient care through effective ERPNext software solutions.

    For more than 4 years, NestorBird team have been developing ultimate and highly valued ERPNext solutions for the healthcare industry. We have helped Software solutions in improving operations with enhancements to profitability, productivity, expansion, and all possible processes. Contact us today!

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