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Do you have a floral shop? Do you wish to get it online and reach out to more people? Are you looking for the best software for florists ? If it's a yes, then this platform is for you.

With NestorHawk software for florists solution, you can get access to features like multilingual search options, multiple merchants' log-in options, scheduling, catalog management, easy payment options, and more.

This online flower delivery platform is your one-stop destination for selling flowers online. Get access to a platform where you have the freedom to let your customers choose what they want, and how they want with special notes for their loved ones. Customize profitable orders and revamp the experience of buying flowers online.

Features of Best Software for Florist

Lay your hands over a direct online florist marketplace that comes with a
built-in feature recreating the in-store flower shopping experience

  • On-Demand Florist Services
  • Website and Apps
  • Florist Management
  • Manage Ratings and Reviews

What do you get?

An interface of timely floral service management having features that can improve your business productivity.

  • Delivery Management
  • Real-Time In-App Chat
  • Customer Management
  • Business Analytics

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