A customer place order after browsing items over mobile or web app.


Once the order is placed, both store owner and customer are notified about the same.

Agent Assigned

Once the order is confirmed by the store owner, agent is assigned and notified for delivery.


Agent collect the order from store and customer is notified about agent is out for delivery.


Agent reach the delivery location and delivers the order.


Customer have an option go give a rating respectively.


Best features for your online delivery app

Notification and Order Tracking

After placing the order, customers can easily track the status of their ordered products and expected delivery time. The admin can send real time updates of order through push notification to users from order placed to completed.

Order Scheduling

For grocery delivery app development, users can easily schedule orders at a time convenient for them. The customers can choose a delivery date and time for their order during the checkout process. This gives them the flexibility and convenience to order groceries at their ease.

up-to-date Delivery system
Best features for your online delivery app

Payment Gateway

Give users the benefit of flexible payment options through intuitive grocery delivery app development. The platform supports all types of payment gateways like Stripe, Payfort, PayU, etc and the application also has the ability to handle both online and offline transactions.

Discount and Promotion

To attract and retain customers, the admin can offer deals, discounts, offers, introduce loyalty programs and much more. These additional functionality differentiates us from other grocery delivery app development companies and help build meaningful relationships with users.

Best features for your online delivery app
Best features for your online delivery app

Analytics and Dashboard

Keep all the data in one place and analyze data on sales, performance of various products, feedback, preferences, and more. This analytical tool helps anticipate business opportunities in terms of raising profits and customer reach.

Contactless Deliveries

The delivery personnel can leave the package at the door and the customer will get notified. This leaves no chance of contacting any person.Additionally, this gives a way for secured online payment and OTP based transactions.

delivery service at your doorstep