How Restaurant Online Delivery Business have turned profitable.

“Every day is a good day for your restaurant” 

This saying is the dream of every restaurant owner. But then came 2019 and took an awful toll on businesses. Thank God for food delivery platforms, people stuck at home were able to order food and consummate their cravings.

On-demand food delivery platforms were the champions of these unpredictable times. They saw their apps downloading go up the charts. Let us see how most of the restaurants tweaked their strategy a bit  to boost up their game  and how you can do it too:

  • Build the app : 

Make sure to tailor-fit your app to match your business requirements. Have a prominent Covid 19 feature on the home screen for safety provision. 

  • Social Media Integration

Leverage the most out of virtual space. Connect on social media with loyalty/discount programs to expand your customer base;  earn points and rewards.




  • Innovation : 

Keep on evolving. For instance,  for contactless service restaurant providers are offering digital menu platform

  • Target a localized market:

Empower local economies by connecting consumers with the restaurants they love, create flexible work opportunities, and support merchant partners. 

  • Branding :

Reflect your brand power and target audience interest on your social media platforms and in your promotional material such as cutlery.


Customize your food delivery app, read more.

Where does Nestorbird come into play?

We offer digital solutions to all kinds of food-related businesses offering best-in-class features. Strengthen your client base by providing exceptional delivery service. Our top features include:

Real time tracking

Navigate your delivery agent in real time and provide hassle-free delivery for your customers.

Secured online payment options

One page checkout to display all elements of a standard checkout including basket contains, shipping address and payment information.

Delivery Driver and Customer Mobile Application (Android and IOS)

Responsive and attractive applications which will be easy to use.

Catalogue Management

Manage your offering catalogue : food items, categories and attributes.

Check out our wide range of offerings to food businesses of all types.

The Digital revolution has hit the food industry for a long time and it has now become crucial for restaurateurs and food providers to keep on unfolding themselves to keep their businesses afloat. Food businesses need to come up with every strategy possible to breathe a new life to how businesses can run in these tough times.

Confused about where to start from? What to do? How to start your own online food delivery service? What features to include? Don’t worry NestorBird is your savior. 


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