How to build an On-Demand Home Service app?

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With the emergence of digitalization, there is an app for everything. Quick-and-easy solutions for just about anything you need. So why can’t there be an app to search professionals for routine household tasks?

Sure! There are apps like Urban Company, HouseJoy that have facilitated easy searching of trusted professionals to perform household tasks. But the concept is relatively new and the potential of growth is enormous. If you are thinking of launching your own local services business app, NOW IS THE TIME, use our customized on-demand handyman app development solution.

Not only will we help you create an app solution, we will also help you stand a step ahead of your competitors.

Why should you go for it?

Abridge the gap between customers looking for home services and service providers.

Leading companies are a huge hit because they have tapped this giant market opportunity and have disrupted on-demand home services app development at a much faster pace. It is just the right time to launch your own high quality home service app because:

  • Huge demand
  • It becomes hard to find professionals who can do odd jobs. Frankly nobody has the time and patience for that. With a well-built and user-friendly home services app, let your users ditch the tedious task of searching for the right person for a household job.

  • Digitalization
  • A large group of people who pick the internet to meet their daily needs prefers to have home services apps on their smartphones.

  • On the go
  • With easy accessibility of the internet, we have a world that runs on mobile applications. Every service you need is just a click away in your phone.

    If you want to go a long way, have an in-depth insight of handyman app development target audience’s needs and give them a great customer experience. Carry out an extensive market research and thoroughly analyze your competitors and understand what they are doing. Know how the industry is trending and derive more insights for your business. Most importantly engage your customers in the best possible way, this will strengthen your brand and guarantee long term success.

    Must-have Features that Users Love!

    Wanna know the secret to create a perfect on-demand home service app?

    The most critical part is the features. In addition to basic features, advanced features have the power to elevate user experience by manifold and take your on-demand handyman app globally!

    Stand out in the market with these essential features:

  • Service scheduling
  • Facilitate users to quickly book appointments in easy steps and no time. They should have the flexibility to select the desired service at a slot of their convenience.

  • Instant Notifications
  • Push notifications with details for when the customer book a service professional or when a job is done. Similarly the service provider gets notified when he/ she is booked. Such a user experience is quite necessary for customer satisfaction.

  • Seamless communication
  • Easy communication between customers and service providers for effortless communication. They can discuss matters like rate negotiations and share other important details of the job.

  • Social media Integration
  • The power of social media cannot be overlooked. Integration with different platforms will help you boost your audience reach.

  • Payment Flexibility
  • Users can avail multiple payment options through available choices of online platforms.

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • It is crucial to have a well-built dashboard because it tracks everything and accelerates productivity, gives in-depth insight into user data, ultimately adding up to greater revenue for your business.

  • Rating and Reviews
  • Enabling your customers to review and rate service providers gives a direct reflection of customer satisfaction.

  • Great user experience
  • It all boils down to user experience. Don’t make it complicated, using such an on-demand app should be child’s play.

    What NestorBird will do for you?

  • Organizing and interpretation
  • Our team of experts will streamline your objectives with technicality to give you the perfect solution, just like the way you imagined it to be.

  • Payment options
  • We’ll incorporate multiple payment providers to help you reduce fees and increase revenue.

  • Create and launch the product
  • After pre-development stage, leave the rest to us. We cover all aspects from development, testing to support.

  • Continuous upgradation
  • There you have it. Now you know how to take your Home services idea and turn it into a real business!

    The app is made scalable and can accommodate any number of upgrades with changing user’s requirements. There you have it. Now you know how to take your Home services idea and turn it into a real business!

    Came up with a home service idea? Already have one? Great, you can move on to the next part with us.

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