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Are you someone who has been using IIKO Software for your restaurant operations? Are you looking to have complete control of not just your restaurant but your company as a whole? If yes, then you’re reading the right article! You can now streamline your whole company operations on a centralized platform by integrating IIKO with ERPNext.

Let’s face it, running a successful restaurant is not an easy task. It is certainly not possible to manually manage the end-to-end operations of your restaurant. In order to tackle this problem, you need a strong Restaurant ERP Software to help you reach the maximum potential of your restaurant.

With ever-evolving customer needs, it is important for a restaurant owner not just to manage all operations effortlessly but also ensure a great customer experience and satisfaction. That is possible through Restaurant ERP Software since ERPNext gives the control to manage the restaurant.

The top features restaurateurs are looking for in Restaurant Management Systems are ease of use, depth of reporting, and inventory reporting.

Interesting Restaurant Automation Stats

  • 50% of U.S. restaurateurs plan to deploy Restaurant Automation in the next two to three years (Source)
  • 95% of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves business efficiency.(Source)
  • Nine in 10 restaurant operators, owners or managers believe technology adoption has been critical for survival throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.(Source)
  • Why integrate IIKO with ERP?

    Talking about IIKO Software, it is solely developed for the restaurant industry. IIKO software enables F&B ( Food and beverage) businesses to increase their overall efficiency by automating the whole end-to-end operation.

    Unlike ERP, which provides you with a complete end-to-end solution, IIKO provides you with all the necessary modules to effectively manage your restaurant operations.

    However, the problem arises when you need to manage the operations of your restaurant as well as the overall operations of your business.

    We can help you achieve the best of both worlds – the best Restaurant Management Software by integrating your existing IIKO with ERP.

    IIKO software Vs IIKO + ERP

    Let’s see added advantages, while using IIKO as a standalone solution OR integrating IIKO with ERPNext

    Features IIKO Software IIKO Software + ERP
    Reporting Yes Yes
    Customer Loyalty Yes Yes
    Ticketing System No Yes
    Custom Reports No Yes
    Dashboards No Yes
    Accounting No Yes

    Know how Integrating IIKO with ERPNext can add value to your Business??


  • Real-time integration on ERP
  • Ability to generate reports to keep you updated on progress
  • Single destination of orders for multiple sources
  • Elevate your customer experience using a ticketing system
  • Centralized Marketing control/ Customer Loyalty
  • Why work with NestorBird?

  • We at NestorBird, have been working closely with Restaurant Businesses for the last 4 years and have created a robust Restaurant Management System for our clients by several integrations of POS & ERPNext all within a short span of 1-2 weeks.
  • Right from creating the UI/UX design to building the entire back-end system, our team has the expertise in integrating the perfect Restaurant Management Software for your business.
  • Our tech experts work hard to deliver the best technology solutions customized specially for your business. Feel free to reach out to us, in case you are interested in integrating IIKO with ERP.

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