“eCommerce is becoming more and more necessary for every business as shoppers continue to move to buying conveniently online.”

eCommerce benefits make having an online presence a no-brainer, however before you set up shop online, it’s important to think about how you will account for these additional sales. What will happen after a customer places an order on your webstore? How will the order get fulfilled?

Integrating a proper back-end software such as an ERPNext system unifies all your sales channels, which means all of the business’s inventory and sales data gets stored in one central hub. This automates most of your operations and gives you and your customer real-time insight into product availability and pricing.


Ecommerce ERP Integration

The client operated a multi-vendor online platform to sell products. They strive to promote local shopping by helping sellers to stand out online and reach out to buyers. They not only support local sellers to gain digital presence and maximize their business, but also help buyers enjoy an unbeatable shopping experience by discovering the best products online.

They have a sizable and growing retail market but a limited B2B channel. They had been using an e-commerce system that covered both retail order flow and drove the related operations.However, the system did not support the end to end business flow and often required manual technical interventions to resolve issues, which resulted in delays and mismanagement. The client was looking to expand their sales volumes and the customer base.They were thinking of having a centralized platform for their business and having an ERPNext solution implemented.

They contacted Nestorbird and explained their pain points and expectations. Nestorbird was committed to execute this project and deliver an all-in-one end-to-end ERPNext solution , ensuring a consistent feature-rich solution. We focused on standardizing processes and domain-specific customizations. Our team of professionals understood the flow of data, built a migration plan, developed a synchronization strategy, and incorporated contingencies for future growth.



Inventory Management

From a feature/function standpoint, order management and inventory management are the most important areas of ERPnext for ecommerce. As soon as a customer places an order on the client’s website, they need to have the ability to fulfill that order in a timely fashion. This means that inventory levels need to be accurate. In this sort of environment, speed and accuracy are key, so having the real-time information that an ERP system offers is imperative for client.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM modules helped them cultivate leads that kept users coming back to their site. An online help desk, tailored advertisements and efficient shipping notifications are some of the factors that keep customers coming back. Clicking a button to get connected to a representative immediately became far easier than going through a phone chain in search of an actual employee to talk to.

Finance Management

Financial data is key to centralizing processes and developing efficient forecasting models so that they can plan for material reorders and anticipate delivery lead times. They used financial information to select vendors to work with and to follow up with customers who owe a balance.


We automated shipping workflows for local shipping operations. It became easier to track shipments and shipping status in real-time through the portal. We eliminate the need for manual documentation for packing slips, customer-invoice, etc. Customer response time is reduced significantly by accessing real-time shipping information.


Successful eCommerce and ERP integration helped information transfer quickly. 


  • Improved Functionality

The integration of an open-source ERP software initiated the supply of real-time data to the storefront, allowing customers to look at and access the knowledge concerning the available inventory, order status, and shipment tracking details using the lot/serial or other tracking numbers. This helps in reducing the value of operations and improving the customer experience together with the storefront.


  • Reduced the Operational cost: 

With ERPNext integration, it was easy to maintain updated sales information. All the details regarding web sales information and online transactions are updated in real-time. 

The updated web sales information and inventory details helped forecast and adequately plan the acquisition, which reduces the operational inventory cost. It was easy to track the inventory in real-time and forecast what proportion of stock is needed in the future.


  • Financial reports analysis

An E-commerce application can quickly generate financial reports on sales. Via integrates E-commerce with an ERP. The top user can move a step ahead, as an ERP software provides record, P/L Statement, balance, Cash Flow, etc. ensuring transparency about online transactions and financial information across the organization.


  • Boost productivity and saves time

The integrated ERP software streamlined multiple business processes, reducing the human resource involvement within the business processes. The employees do not need to input files from one platform to a different one manually (e.g., shipping info, inventory levels, product info); instead, communication took place automatically. This saved time and money and also made employees liberal to be productive in other ways.

Also, all the online sales orders were timely integrated into the ERP system. An ERP user can instantly track the order and begin further processing, the order fulfillment cycle was reduced.


  • Reduces Data Redundancy and Error

With the integration, all information, just like the web customer details, web orders, payment & shipping information, were integrated into open source ERP software. Additionally, the Item and Inventory details were often uploaded from ERP to the e-commerce portal, eliminating the necessity of re-entering the info. Thus the mixing reduces human involvement, data redundancy, and error happening across the two different platforms.


  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Crafting personalized and helpful responses to customer queries requires access to up-to-date customer and product data, a possibility to reach customers via different communication channels, deep knowledge of company products and services, etc. In a way, customer service is the integration point of all other teams and departments. Having your ecommerce storefront integrated with ERPNext makes it easier for your agents to react to customer demands in real time, for example, providing them with the latest order status information.


Nestorbird Focuses On:

  1. eCommerce Functional components: Order Management, Catalog Transaction Reporting, Business Intelligence
  2. B2C: Personalization, Live Chat, Community, email Marketing Social Networking
  3. B2B: Collaboration, Product Information Management, Customer Web Store, Promotions Management
  4. Design & Blue Print, Application Development & Integration, Application Management,
  5. User Interface & Web site Response time optimization Infrastructure: 24×7 support, Managed hosting services, PCI compliance

Enhance E-commerce with ERPNext Benefits

If you find you’re spending excessive time on daily admin work, too many scattered applications may be the cause. While utilizing project scheduling tools to ease your workload helps, sometimes there’s just too many tasks on the day-to-day to do list. If your remote business is growing and your processes are getting more complex, you may be struggling to keep on top of them .Do you have important figures and metrics spread across disparate systems making it hard for you to collate info and generate reports?

Are you spending so much time on the day-to-day running of your ecommerce site that you’re missing out on creative opportunities?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, it’s time to integrate data into a single ERPNext solution. Our team of experts have rich domain and technical knowledge and have helped serve a number of clients from across the world. We strictly adhere to client’s data security, data confidentiality and compliance requirements. For more information, contact us now!!!


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