Is Your Delivery Management System On Track?

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Over the past few years, there is an immense rise of on-demand apps, online shopping and quick delivery services. Consumers are enticed by the large pool of choice and the convenience they get by ordering from the comfort of their home simply using few taps. But as a business owner, you know there is a lot that goes into making an online shopping experience impressive for your customers.

Everything should be flawless in the customer’s buying journey, a transparent and smooth delivery service is an essential element and need not be taken lightly. If your business has an efficient delivery system undoubtedly you will increase your profits For a thriving business growth and greater customer expansion, an effective order tracking system becomes a prerequisite.

What Is Delivery Management System?

A delivery management system offers you a platform that unifies all your business operational units and processes.It records every vital information from order creation to delivery so you track every update of your delivery and proactively deal in case of any miss or delays. Moreover, it eases the communication amongst the business owner , the logistics company, and the customer. Get a delivery management system software, check out the solution we have for the food business.

Top Advantages Of Delivery Management System

Fast turnaround time

The delivery management system integrates all the operations leading to on time delivery and fast turnaround time.

Improved accountability

Having all your data on one platform allows you to leverage on better utilization of manpower. It also gives room for increased productivity and better accountability of resources.

Real-time updates

You can get instant notifications and access to location of delivery agents and customers with a rich-built GPS functionality.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Systematic and transparent delivery systems build credibility and loyal relationships with your customers and they would always like to buy from your website.

Better ROI

In the long run the system reaps more profit than the money invested on it. You are definitely automating your system, leading to a decrease in employees doing monotonous work.

Increased Collaboration and communication

Information is communicated in a better way and teams collaborate to give on time results. Any glitch is identified in the system immediately and then worked upon.

Challenges Faced

Common issues include:

  • Address discrepancies
  • Lag in updating status updates
  • Task scheduling
  • Keeping track of delivery agents or drivers
  • Unable to find the right route
  • No as such database of deliveries, customers and agents on a common platform
  • Unable to access reports
  • To overcome all these challenges, you need a dynamic delivery management system that smoothens the collaboration amongst owners, logistics and customers. An ideal system gives you a centralized platform to manage and track all your information and at the same time shows you an in-depth analysis of data received. We have briefed some of the must have features for a delivery management system.

    Features of An Ideal Delivery Management System

  • Intelligent delivery scheduling
  • The effectiveness of any delivery management system is measured by on-time delivery. With automatic scheduling once the order has been placed, there is end to end visibility and saving of critical time.

  • Route optimization
  • The system can better optimize the routes for on-time delivery and gives you the best route available for it. All the stakeholders are in sync giving transparency and accuracy to delivery.

  • Robust design
  • The delivery management system should be so dynamic yet easy to use that the employee using it should not waste time figuring it out. Also, with changing needs of the business the system should be able to adapt to it from time to time.

  • Instant updates
  • Live order tracking has enabled improved visibility not only to customers but also to employees. The system should give real-time notifications where the order is, what is the status whether in progress, in transit or completed.

  • Powerful integration
  • The delivery management system should blend perfectly with other systems of your business to meet their present and future needs.

  • Single pane of data
  • With the help of the data generated businesses can identify, analyse and evaluate what is working for them and what all they need to improve. They can also diagnose and analyse bottlenecks and proactively take better business decisions.

    It doesn’t matter what your industry type is, if you are selling online, you need to have a robust delivery system or simply revamp your existing traditional delivery system.It is high time you need to switch to a fully automated delivery management system. Are you ready to take the steps and acquire advantage over your competitors?

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