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Restaurateurs are always experimenting towards new ways of wooing their customers, having a QR code based menu is one of the newest trends. In today’s context, a traditional menu is essentially a thing of the past. A customer can directly access the digital menu giving them full control to their dining experience At the very same time, there is a seamless process for restaurant owners to accept the order and utilize their manpower on other operational needs. It is highly engaging as well as cost effective.

Everything to know about QR Code Menu

A Quick Response Code menu simply acts as a digital menu for customers and is accessible by them by scanning the code through their smartphones. There is no need to download the app or go through the registration or profile set up phase. Customers just need to point their mobile device and scan the QR code and open the world of touchless menus.

The QR Code menu showcases the available food listings along with their price. Customers can browse and select items and their quantities, mention any specific ingredient they want to add or remove as per their taste. They can choose to make the payment on the spot or pay at the counter.

One of the biggest advantages of using QR code menus is that they are highly dynamic. Restaurants can adapt their menu according to customer’s likings. Any addition, deletion becomes relatively easy and quick. Promotional offers and other discounts can be applied directly.

Important tips when making your QR code Menu:

  • Complete customization
  • Having a digital menu opens the door of endless opportunities for you to connect with customers and give a personalized experience to them. Leverage technology for your menu and make use of multimedia such as high quality food photos, videos of dishes, promotion of upcoming events, etc.

  • Ensure the QR Code Has a “Call-to-Action.”
  • The QR code template should be designed in such a way that it guides the users about the next steps to be taken by them. Include phrases such as “ scan me” or “scan for menu” or customize it however you like. The main idea is to let them know explicitly what it is actually intended for.

  • Keep it simple yet powerful
  • When it comes to branding, avoid going overboard, steer clear of pop-up ads or flashing lights. Definitely promote upcoming events, loyalty programs, promotions but keep it subtle. Keep the experience simple and user-friendly, don’t make the experience frustrating for your customers.

  • Better order management
  • With QR code menus, you need not worry about any miss or scepticism regarding customers orders. Every process is automated and updated in real time, so even in the busiest of the hours there is no room for mistake.

  • Integration with payment gateways
  • If ordering food can be that easy, why can’t making the payment be? Integrate various online payment methods with your QR code menu to give user’s a seamless experience.

  • Unlimited scans/ informed scan upgrades
  • Make sure there is an option of scanning the QR code as many times as the customer’s want to give a fluid experience. Also, they should be given an option to have multiple customers ordering from the same table in a systematic manner.

  • Take feedback
  • The power of feedback can never be underestimated. With such a fully automated system, ensure you take your customer’s feedback. After all, feedback becomes crucial to know what you’re doing right and what are the areas of improvement.

  • User-friendly experience
  • Optimize features in a mobile-friendly way so as to have a fast and responsive digital menu. Make use of fonts and color them that are easy to read. Don’t make it so stuffed with features, making it heavier to load, ultimately leading to poor user experience.

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    Setting up QR codes can be tricky. Keep in mind that many of your customers may not be well versed with QR Code on how to gain access to digital menus or might not be that tech savvy. Make sure that all your servers communicate to customers on how to navigate the menu using their smartphone. Also, having a backup plan in case of any unexpected technical glitch hurts nobody.

    Creating a digital menu based on QR code for your business is a cakewalk for us. NestorBird can easily incorporate QR codes to your system and ensure that your customers have a mobile friendly experience. All you have to do is share your menu with us and the rest will be taken care of.

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