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Do you want to build an online Pharmacy App which allows you
to list Pharmacists near your locality and offers your customers
a marketplace where they can select to purchase from a list of
vendors? If yes, then NestorHawk pharmacy management
software can help you

It's a reliable and trusted pharmacy marketplace that works
as a one-stop solution for customers to order medicines from
a list of vendors with several customized features.

It tends to add independent pharmacies as well as drug
wholesalers into an electronic pharmacy marketplace for
prescriptions. With NestorHawk, we believe in creating
pharmaceutical management software that is effective and

Features of Online Pharmacy App

Lay your hands over online pharmacy retail software that comes with a
built-in feature of an app recreating the online pharmaceutical experience

  • Easy navigation

    Explore a pharmacy app with a built-in feature like easy navigation keeping it consistent and transparent to browse.

  • Add multiple categories and subcategories

    Be able to smoothly add multiple categories, subcategories and products all with simple steps

  • Add filters of various types

    In order to provide an enriching experience to your customers, they can search or filter out products depending on properties like, Illness type, Ingredients of medicine, age suitability for medicines and much more

  • Web-based ordering system

    Get access to best pharmacy software where you can divide the categories clearly and manage them properly.

What do you get?

A dashboard of timely pharmacy management software has features that can improve user experience and improve traffic.

  • Delivery Management
  • Real-Time In-App Chat
  • Customer Management
  • Business Analytics

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