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Our services are truly customized and we establish a critical foundation through our strategic work, add ready-to-deploy solutions and finally, implement transformative business solutions. Have a look below for the services we provide:

Infrastructure Management

It helps in managing and bringing together different activities of various functional groups and maintaining alignment, improving quality and lowers the costs, ensuring a seamless delivery of IT services.

Continuous Integration

It helps in controlling and monitoring the source code repositories for all projects and extracting an updated version of the code when it detects a new validation.


Continuous Deployment

  It is a software development practice in which every code changing process goes through the entire pipeline and is put into production automatically which results in many production deployments every day.


Containerization is the standard for application packaging and deployment. NestorOps provide end to end solutions and ecosystem built around containers.

Deployment Services

The basic mandate is that architecture is highly available, scalable and optimized for cost & performance.

QA & Testing

Assisting organisations globally to deliver high quality Software Applications.

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