The Ultimate Guide to create a Classified C2C e-commerce platform

Consumer-to-consumer eCommerce is one consumer selling goods to another consumer online. It is a class of ecommerce relation where both the sellers and buyers are consumers and at the same time traders. Cut out the middleman, or avoid burning a huge hole in your pocket and simply facilitate consumers to buy and sell directly with other consumers. 

This is an extra ordinary business model, although in India it has a huge potential it is still at its nascent stage  in India. After all, a few of the best-known marketplaces include Olx, Etsy and Amazon. Why invest a great deal of money in a brand new product when you can find pre-loved items  that are in good condition on a resale platform at half the price? If you are thinking of starting your own online flea market app, you are in the right place. Let us discuss why there is a huge demand for such platforms:

Best way to declutter

Make some money out of the things people no longer use.

Best way to declutter

Every item sold will have multiple buyers. This reduces the number of new goods that need to be produced and reduces waste

Best way to declutter

With the lack of retailers and wholesalers, margins are higher for sellers and prices lower for buyers.

Convenience factor

Consumers can simply list their products online and wait for buyers to come to them.


Buyers don’t need to drive around and search through stores for an item they want – they just search for it on a C2C site.


Sellers and buyers both can tap into a new stream of platforms

Buy what you look at

Enables consumers to better understand the dimension and aesthetics of a product.


Shopping online gives a great contactless user experience and saves a lot of time instead of actually going to the offline store and browsing range of products.

Steps to make a successful C2C eCommerce marketplace

For your platform to stand we will help you stand out from the competition.


  • Layout your objectives

Plan what exactly is your business objective and how going online will boost it. Keep in mind your target audience and buying behavior.


  • Choose the right platform 

A high and professional solution to give the best user experience.
We’ll help you build a C2C marketplace putting your objectives in the focus and meeting user expectations to boost conversions, click here.



  • Select feature set

Apart from basic features, check whether the platform is integrated with advanced ones like intelligent filters for better search results, multiple payment options, easy communication between both the parties for easy bidding, social media integration, etc.


  • Personalize

Don’t be a part of the crowd, personalize the user’s experience


  • Ensure sale of authentic products only

Invent a full-proof plan to keep a check on the products sold you want to sell on your platform.


  • Know how your business is performing

It is important to keep a check on how your progress has been, how a particular segment is performing, what is working, and what can be improved.

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Where NestorBird comes into the picture?

Once you are done with your planning, leave the rest to us; here is how we help:

  • Understanding and commercials
  • Payment plan selection
  • Sign the agreement on terms and condition


  • Timeline of each customization 
  • Infrastructure setup
  • UI/ UX design
  • Branding
  • Frontend and Backend setup
  • Analytics setup
  • Admins dashboard


  • Testing
  • Client feedbacks
  • Launch
  • Monitoring of the app and other maintenance
  • Other technical support

Whether you’re thinking of launching a new ecommerce platform or have been selling online for years, an online C2C platform should be the centerpiece to ace up your business. Once you start to experience the profit potential of selling on online marketplaces, you’ll never look back.

Take advantage of us and we will help you build your own platform in no time . Quickly launch and have a better reach of audiences.


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