What is Food and Beverage ERPNext Software?

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The online food business is gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. With increasing popularity comes new trends and underlying challenges such as shifting consumer demands, globalization, need for constant innovation, seasonal demands, margin squeeze, fierce competition, etc. One of the best ways to handle the growing complexity of this industry is to invest in efficient technologies such as an open-source ERPNext Food Solution.

For any kind of online food business the biggest challenge is to manage the order entry, recipe costing, tracking & documentation of perishable inventory. The client was a growing business in the food delivery domain and faced certain challenges as the business expanded its operations.

The client wanted to have clear visibility of day-to-day operations, supply chain, food production, optimize inventory, increase the accuracy of sales forecasting, automate complex sales and financial operations, and improve reporting with real-time analytics. The best solution for them was to implement ERPNext solution that would ultimately transform the way they managed the business operations with proven, modern technology.


Our team of experts helped them discover their business pain areas and leverage our domain knowledge to transform their business. The client faced the following problems:

  • Manual, paper-based checklists and audit processes resulted in business complexity.
  • Restaurant chains are kicking the tires on automation and achieving value at scale. Our client, however, was yet to realize its true transformative power. Since employees filled in checklists for facility, inventory, and shift management manually, the chances of missing out or erring on daily routines were high. The speed and reliability of outcomes were not up to the mark either.
  • Task validation activities were hand-operated across all the verticals. As managers created, viewed, and validated the tasks manually, measuring the real state of operations was cumbersome and error-prone.
  • Traditional, paper-based audit processes were a roadblock to ensuring quality, accuracy, and compliance at the speed of the market.

Analysing these challenges, helped the team focus on key functionality and gain a clear sense of which ERPNext features and functions would be needed to overcome these challenges and scale with business as it grows.

Modules :

ERPNext was integrated with the following modules:

  • B2B
    • User defined catalog access via back-end or through self registration.
    • Tax compliance
    • Supply chain
    • Accounting
  • Inventory management
    • Manage inventory levels
    • Waiter wise reports
    • Date wise reports
    • Color coordinated table status
    • Reorder points to replenish stock
  • Billing and Purchase
    • Pre-define billing components
    • Generate invoices
    • Billing policies
    • Inquiries and reports
  • Supply Chain
    • Synchronized purchase orders
    • Simplified order entry
    • Delivery Administration
    • Product Administration
    • Sales Management
  • Procurement Management
    • Product Administration
    • Price Control
    • Sales Management
    • Transportation Management
  • CRM
    • Lead Management
    • Prospect Management
    • Quotation Management
    • Customer Feedback
    • SMS and email communication
  • Finance Management
    • Financial reports, Balance sheets,P & L statements
    • Proper cash management, asset management
    • Cost effective human resource management.
    • Set product prices, MRP based on inventory
  • Order Processing
    • Stock availability check
    • Sales Bill/ Accounts Receivable
    • Reserved stock for sale order
    • Bill creation


  • Compliance and Traceability
    • Record of all the ingredients used in the preparation of the product
    • Accurately measure the amount utilized
    • Give warning, in case of gluten/lactose or other allergens present.
  • Kitchen Order Tickets
    • Details of order and specification
    • Items orders and quantities
    • Order status
  • Production
    • Combining multiple production orders
    • Future projection of procurement needs.
    • Sub-contracting, routing and lot management.
    • Dynamic order creation, Sales order, work order, purchase order etc.
    • Order tracking system, order amendment and cancellation.
    • Cost-efficient capacity planning, inventory keeping, warehousing, etc.
  • B2B
    • Integrated dashboard for all suppliers
    • B2B grouping for customers
    • User defined catalog access
    • Reducing lead times, ordering costs, inventory-keeping costs, opportunity costs.

NB has solved the problem faced by the client by giving an ERPNext software solution which ensures easy maintenance of different menus with different price lists at different times of the day. The software has made billing easier by providing different modes of payments (cash & credit cards). The client was able to set operator wise boundations which helped in proper maintenance of finance & budget as well as resist any type of errors.

Why should businesses choose ERPnext to manage Restaurant business?

GST Compliant

Auto-generated GST compliant invoices, generate financial reports for insights , do tax calculations and much more without any hassle.

Sales Tracking

Whether sales are from store visits or phone orders, the software documents each transaction and gives the flexibility to monitor every aspect and stage of the sales cycle.

Tailor fit solutions

Build layers of functionality to support a unique business model. The ERPNext restaurant software is equipped with fully customizable dashboards that can be set up with user-specific attributes.

Integrated solution

Collaborate with your suppliers, vendors. Distributors-all at one place. Send orders, get invoices and maintain the easy flow of information, finance, and data

Quick Deployment

Hosted on the cloud, the ERPNext platform is implemented in your existing IT infrastructure. It lowers hardware investments and reduces deployment costs.

Business Booster

Reward your business in endless ways and give your business an advantage to stay on top; above the competition in the market.

Why choose Nestorbird for ERPNext Food Solution?

Now that you know how we handled the minutest to significant challenges, should you be waiting to implement an open-source ERPNext food software at your restaurants? No! But, before you start your search for the best-fit ERPNext software for your food business, here is a comprehensive list of why you should choose Nestorbird:

  • Configure ERPNext Setup
  • Entrust hosting support and backup services
  • Implementation & Configuration
  • Full Customization
  • Post implementation handhold
  • Custom-built reports

Our custom restaurant ERPNext software solutions are designed to help restaurants transform their system-wide operations to reduce costs, increase revenue, and delight their diners, get free consultation here.

Please feel free to contact NestorBird at or Call/SMS/Whatsapp at +91-9878990102 to book a free demo today!

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