ERPNext Healthcare

A cloud based ERP Solution for centralized data
collection for healthcare industry to make
strategic decisions

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ERPNext for Hospital Industry

The healthcare industry is ever evolving and faces a lot of challenges, hence the need of leveraging the innovative technology to streamline operational processes. An open-source ERPNext solution integrates all the data, breaks down silos and streamlines various departments like Accounting, Inventory, CRM, HR, Sales and purchase and so on.

Integration of ERPNext in the healthcare sector boosts organizational development, comply with legal guidelines, ensure enterprise needs and eliminate redundancies. By providing access to real-time data, ERP systems can boost the performance of business processes such as customer relationship management, analytics, supply chain management and human resources management.

EMR Electronic
Medical Record
Financial Accounting
& Purchase
Staff, HR &
Payroll Management

Key Features

Powerful features to supercharge your productivity

Advance Patient Care

A centralized database consisting of all the details of the patients.

Decrease Operational Cost

One single platform for financial accounting reducing outsourcing costs.

Streamline Healthcare

Access to real-time data streamlining the workflow of the staff.

Adopting Best Technology

Get access to advance technology for better coordination in healthcare capabilities.

Patient Confidentiality

Ensure confidentiality of the patients with user-access control option.

Strategic Planning

Get access to a strategic plan identifying target areas for boosting overall performance.