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The manufacturing industry is one of the most rapidly growing businesses worldwide. With data and product innovation, ERPNext Manufacturing software caters to the needs of manufacturing businesses of sizes and types. The cloud ERP software offers Industry-specific capabilities and features to direct, manage, control, track, automate and collaborate with every operation in the manufacturing process.

The Manufacturing ERPNext software increases an enterprise's organizational efficiency and productivity by automating and optimizing inventory levels. Our customer open-source ERP solution meets these challenges and exceeds clients' expectations. NestorBird's ERPNext manufactures innovative solutions for manufacturers like configure-to-order, make-to-order, and assemble-to-order products.

Benefits of ERPNext Manufacturing Software
Manufacturing Industries We Have Covered So Far

Breweries & Beverage Manufacturers

Furniture Manufacturers



Electronics Manufacturers

Medical Equipment Manufacturers


Chemical Manufacturers

Metal Fabrication Manufacturers



Food Production Industries

Features of ERPNext Manufacturing

Laboratory Management

  • Admin Backend Dashboard
  • Customers Overview
  • Check Out Sales Orders
  • Inventory & Purchase Summary
  • Products & Financial Records

Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Generate, List & Print Product Bills
  • Customize Quantity, Cost, Description & Item Code
  • Functional Workstation Details
  • Creating Work Orders & Procurement types
  • Routing Code and Operations

Shop Floor Management

  • Workstation Features
  • Track Workstation Locations
  • Check Real-Time Status
  • Record Activities & Manufactured Products
  • Employee Assignments & Task Allotments

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • List Base Price against Material Request
  • Cost Determination Calculator
  • Purchase Records & Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Capacity & Production Monitoring
  • Automated Stock Values & Quantity Details


  • Outsource Multiple Suppliers & Vendors
  • Monitor Routine Operations
  • Accelerate Raw Materials Supply
  • Prevent Stock Outages
  • Track Labour & Procured Services

Item Variants

  • Generate Item Templates
  • Size and Shape Variations
  • Mapping Variant Attributes
  • Auto Generating SKU’s Stocked Variants
  • Creating Multiple Stock Requests

Batched & Serialized Inventory

  • Prerequisites & Batch Auto Creation
  • Assigning & Auto Generating Serial Numbers
  • Splitting Batches based on Manufacturing & Expiry Dates
  • Add Scan Item Barcodes & Batch Descriptions
  • View Active/Pending/Delivered Stock Units

Capacity Planning

  • Determine Pre-defined Item Orders in the Calendar
  • Updated Due Dates of Deliverable Items
  • Managing Plan Schedules & Work Orders
  • Production Date, Batch Code & Time Outlook
  • Functional Operations & Related Activities

Unit of Measurement (UOM)

  • Materials Measurement: Serial No., Batch No., & Variants
  • Adding Multiple Product Specific UOMs
  • UoM Conversion Factor & Autoconversion
  • Sales, Purchase, Warehouse & Accounting Details
  • Product Transactions Details

Easy Customization

  • Create & design Custom Forms of Bills, and Orders
  • Multilingual Manufacturing ERP Feature
  • Plan Title Field, Form Type, & Image Field
  • Add Keywords in the Search Option
  • Manage Track Changes, Hide Fields & Quick Entries

Quality Assurance

  • QC Characteristics and Features
  • Item Test Parameter and Process
  • Inward Quality Control
  • Item Test Relation
  • Alerts and Notifications

Stock Balance and Replenishment

  • Warehouse Stock Estimation
  • Monitor & Alert Stock Quantity Levels
  • Stock Valuation for Easy Transformation
  • List Item Code, Name & Warehouse Details
  • Update Item Barcode & Image on the Dashboard

Inventory Control

  • Inventory Forecasts & Approaches
  • Product Tagging & Segregation
  • Restocking Request and Details
  • Dispatch Scheduling Process
  • Storage Facilitation Measures
What Makes You Partner With NestorBird?
Certified ERP Team

Nesting a hub of globally certified and experienced ERP experts, we are all ready to scale up your manufacturing business to a centralized online platform.

24X7 Technical Support

You can rely on us for round-the-clock technical support for ERPNext manufacturing implementation, services, operations, backup and recovery process.


We offer customized ERPNext manufacturing solutions to businesses as per their needs. Get customized offerings & software features as per your flexibility.

Case Study

How ERPNext Manufacturing Software Helped Rockerz in Skate Guards Customization for an Olympic Event- A Case Study

ERPNext Manufacturing Software is the most popular global trending solution offered by NestorBird.
Automating the entire workflow, ERPNext Manufacturing implementation in Rockerz Skate Guards has overcome numerous challenges like Booking Orders, Quotations, Seller Registration, Coordination, Customization, and Online ...

Learn More
Frequently Asked Questions

ERPNext Manufacturing Software helps execute, manage, and deliver different functionalities that support manufacturers, production industries, and companies to streamline workflow, increase efficiency, and generate revenue streams.

ERPNext Manufacturing has gained tremendous popularity as one of the best software to manage business workflows like tracking invoices, payments, key performance indicators (KPIs), customer queries, employee payrolls, quotes, budgets, and expenses.

ERPNext Solution for the manufacturing industry showcases real-time visibility in all business operations, coordination, and management across different processes. Moving all workflows towards automation helps businesses align their sales and purchase channels daily.

Yes, ERPNext manufacturing software can be an excellent start for your business startup. Offering a centralized platform, it helps in increasing productivity and improves MRP with integrated inventory, sales, customer, and vendor management.

ERP software for manufacturing is a centralized online system for inventory management, supply chain management, material resource planning, capacity planning, HR & payroll, subcontracting, customization, production operations, and workflow coordination.

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