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Streamline retail management with open
source ERP retail software.

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ERPNext for Retail

Retail industry is an ever growing industry and majorly driven by customer demands that keep changing with the trend over a short time period. The industry faces stiff competition and demands reliable and robust systems and processes to stay ahead of the pack and secure long term business growth. To help accommodate the rapid pace of the retail market, a tailored open source ERP system which is flexible, scalable and modular fits the best.

NestorBird offers an ERPNext solution built with essential modules and outstanding technology stack for immersive user experience enabling continuous innovation. Retail ERPNext software helps to address retail specific business challenges and needs. Retailers can manage, address, track, assess and streamline all aspects of business for enhanced efficiency and improved productivity. The open source ERP solution enables multiple capabilities that automates everything to give an omnichannel shopping experience.

Product & Stock
Finance &
Billing Management
Point of Sale
relationship management
Human Resource
Supply chain

Powerful features to
supercharge your productivity

Real time inventory

Maintain your stocks in real-time through automatic updates.

Real Workflow Automation

Reduce fulfillment costs per order with advanced workflow automation.

Integrated Workflow Management

Get access to adequate integrated warehouse management to eliminate time to ship or errors.

Multi-channel Order Management

Explore fast & frictionless multi-channel built-in integrations for order management.

Flexible Order Fulfillment

Explore a fully equipped system with processes like drop-shipping, partial fulfillment, & more.

Integrated Accounting

Get rid of paying duplicate invoices caused by manual data entry.

Inventory Forecasting

Get access to exploring past trends and make future demand forecasting easy.

Integrated Retail CRM

Explore a dedicated CRM module in managing modern customer relationships.

Better Analytics

Keep a tab on the orders, stocks and analyze the stocks for refilling, redistribution