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Types of POS

Restaurant POS

Multi-Store POS

Retail Store POS

Supermarket POS

Wholesale POS

Salon POS

Services We Provide

Cloud-Based POS System

Integrated POS System

Mobile POS System

Online POS System

Self-Service KIOSK POS System

Industries we Specialize in

Food Manufacturing

Liquor Industry

Retail Sector

Jewellery Business

Fashion Store

Rental Services

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Rental Solution


Features of GETPOS System

Offline Syncing

Inventory Management

Order Management

Accounts & Payroll

Supplier Management


Customer Loyalty & Points

Workflow Automation

Multilocation Management

Benefits of GETPOS System

Simple Invoicing

Quick Payment

Customer Response

Secure System

24*7 Data Access


Increased Efficiency

Regular Updates

Data Tracking

Time Tracking

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Point of Sale: Track, Sales, Manage Inventory, and Process Transactions at Your Finger Tips!

How Point of Sale Can Revolutionize Your Business Operations?

How Point of Sale Can Revolutionize Your Business Operations?
In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency is the key to achieving success and business productivity. With Get POS for business, you can revolutionize how you run your industry. From raw material purchase to product delivery, point of sale can help you monitor stocks, sales, and cash in and out, thus streamlining all business operations, tracking sales reports, increasing productivity, and improving customer services.

Choosing Get POS software development services, you can easily manage every aspect of your business from a single platform and stay ahead in the marketplace. Best Mobile POS systems help you improve your customers' operations, including faster item scanning, reduced waiting time, and quicker payments. With these operational improvements, customers will get better service and return to your store for their next purchase.

Components of GETPOS System

Components of GETPOS System

Monitor/Computer/Tablet: The ERPNext integration with your Get POS system for retail enables you to display all product databases with other functions like employee clock-in and viewing sales reports.

Barcode Scanner: Scan every product to get its information and billing process. Barcode scanners can be integrated with inventory management systems to adjust stock levels automatically.

ATM Card Reader: Online payment modes through credit or debit card reader machines allow customers to make purchases and get services from businesses.

Receipt Printer: After the transaction, the printer prints the bill containing the product price, date, time, and special discount, if any, on the receipt.

How Does Get POS System Work to Run Your Business?

How Does Get POS System Work to Run Your Business?

Custom POS system development services are essential for global marketers because consumers tend to make sales and purchasing decisions on high-margin services or products at these strategic locations. Traditionally, businesses or professionals set up a Customer Get POS system near store exits to increase the rate of impulse purchases as customers leave.

Point of Sale systems installed in the retail, wholesale, E-commerce, supermarket, salon, healthcare center, spa center, and food store enables businesses to facilitate the selling and purchasing processes by providing payment processing modes. It keeps track of all data related to the company, like inventory, product purchases, and sales, every day.

There are various layers to the customer POS system development concept and its function:

  1. A customer purchases a product, item, or service in a store and picks the development to proceed with the billing process. A sales associate initiates the billing process by scanning the barcode to know the product price when customers have completed adding the items to their cart and click on the checkout icons during online shopping.
  2. The item price, including sales tax, is calculated by the Get POS system.
  3. After that, the customer pays the bill using payment modes like a credit card, debit card, or tap card. Some stores also prefer gift cards, PayPal, and transaction loyalty points.
  4. The store receives money for product sales when the payment is completed after the customer's bank authorization.