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E-commerce Business 
with POS System!


Adding Efficiency to Your 
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Adding Efficiency to Your 
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POS System!

What is Point 
of Sale?

A Point of Sale system or POS system is an online mode to facilitate payments or transactions in different businesses like retail stores, restaurants, healthcare providers, salons and spas, gas stations, e-commerce businesses, entertainment, recreation, wellness centers, convenience stores, bars, and nightclubs.

Components of GETPOS System

The ERPNext integration with your Get POS system for retail enables you to display all product databases with other functions like employee clock-in and viewing sales reports.

Scan every product to get its information and billing process. Barcode scanners can be integrated with inventory management systems to adjust stock levels automatically.

Online payment modes through credit or debit card reader machines 
allow customers to make purchases and get services from 

After the transaction, the printer prints the bill containing the product 
price, date, time, and special discount, if any, on the 


Types of POS

Different clients

Restaurant POS

Different clients

Multi-Store POS

Different clients

Retail Store POS

Different clients

Supermarket POS

Different clients

Wholesale POS

Different clients

Salon POS

How does Get POS 
System work?

Different clients


Different clients

Fill Your Cart

Select the products or services you want to purchase in-store or online and add them to your cart.


Different clients

Product Scanning

When ready, proceed to checkout, whether at the cashier's desk for barcode scanning or by clicking the checkout icon online.


Different clients

Price Calculation

The system calculates the total cost, including sales tax, using the Get POS system.


Different clients

Payment Options

Choose preferred payment options – credit card, debit card, tap card, and alternative methods like gift cards, PayPal, or loyalty points.


Different clients

Payment Processing

When the selected payment method is processed, it ensures secure and quick payment. For cash payments, change is calculated.


Different clients

Transaction Complete

A receipt is generated detailing the product purchase. The store receives the payment after the selected bank authorizes it.


Different clients

Inventory Update

After every transaction or product purchase, inventory is updated, and the transaction is logged for sales reports.

How does Get POS 
System work?

Features of 
GetPOS System

Track Sales, Manage Inventory, 
and Process Transactions at Your 
Finger Tips!

Different clients

Offline Syncing

Retail businesses opting for offline Get POS (Point of Sale) applications can easily synchronize data on the significant terminal and server. This software can also help to monitor the connection between retail POS offline Sync Service & channel database.

Different clients

Inventory Management

With Get POS, you can manage your sales, orders, & deliveries in real-time. Track your stock with the easy maintenance of optimal inventory levels, warehouse & ordering processes, location transits, and management of workflow activities.

Different clients

Order Management

Simplify order management with our user-friendly Get POS system. Now, you can easily create, modify, and track customer orders everyday. Get real-time inventory updates, secure payment gateways, and gain valuable sales insights today!

Different clients

Accounts & Payroll

Built with the feature of recording all invoices, transaction values, no. of sold goods, and product descriptions, Get POS (Point-of-sale) mobile apps and web software help businesses manage sales, purchases, rentals, consignments, repairs, & accounting work efficiently.

Different clients

Supplier Management

Managing vendors with POS Application Development Solutions is suitable for retail businesses as the onboarding process helps train them to use the platform for maximum engagement with controlled costs, risks, & performance measures.

Different clients


Say goodbye to manually crunching numbers by automating reports on the dashboard of Get POS software. You can quickly generate billing and stock reports every day. It will also help calculate profit and loss on a quarterly, half-yearly, & yearly basis.

Different clients

Employee Management

With the POS custom app, you can use your team's full potential by managing them effectively. The employee module helps you streamline critical processes like recruitment, training, payroll & leave management on one platform.

Different clients

Workflow Automation

With the Best Mobile POS system and its custom development, business chains can easily automate their workflows, like creating invoices, loyalty plans, multiple promotions, discount schemes, fixing offer duration, and controlling active & inactive coupons.

Different clients

Multi-location Management

Get POS for business helps manage multiple chains of your brand easily. Built with the feature to utilize cash flow across all store locations, it allows retrieval of ending tills and easily utilizes gift cards for customers.

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I found this software user-friendly and flexible to manage Appointment Booking, Role Permission, Medical Records, Billing, and Data Backup regularly. I would like to appreciate their developing team's remarkable potential, who have sound knowledge in all phases of the latest Information Technology, Hospital Management Systems, and Financials.

  • Dr. Muhammad Wazir

    RYK Hospital

We recently worked with NestorBird for our HubSpot CRM implementation. The team at NestorBird is exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. They helped us implement CRM and trained our team to use it efficiently. With their expert guidance and customer-centric approach, we have effectively streamlined our sales and marketing processes to achieve our business goals. 
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NestorBird has been our partner for over 2 years now. I must say, they delivered the best solution I could have ever imagined. Their team was extremely knowledgeable and experienced in ERP development, and they were able to create a customized solution that perfectly met our business needs. 
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I have had the pleasure of working with NestorBird for our manufacturing needs, and they have worked exceptionally well. Their certified consultants helped us understand the market analysis and implement ERPNext for our manufacturing operations seamlessly.
All thanks to the expertise and guidance of their team. With their great contribution, we have been able to optimize our manufacturing processes and save time and money in the process. I highly recommend NestorBird to all businesses looking for a reliable and experienced partner for their ERPNext manufacturing needs.

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NestorBird has filled various roles to our entire satisfaction. Most of their work was in the role of Frappe/ERPNext Engineer to build a POS system for our restaurant that also helped in maintaining everything from the order process cycle to the accounting management at the end. In addition, they also provided us with functional consulting and trained various software developers. 
I'm very excited to finally have a solution and to connect with NestorBird, who has certified TALENTS and has a thorough knowledge of ERPNext, the Frappe Framework, and Python. I will definitely be working with them in the future for other work for our ERP needs.

  • Ambar Shome


We’re very happy with NestorBird and its team. They helped us tailor-fit an ERPNext software solution that is one of its kind, considering all our unique business requirements. We are in the process of achieving end-to-end automation, and in quest of the same, we have identified ERPNext, which fits the requirements.  
But the biggest challenge was finding the right partner to help us achieve automation and integrate with our Get POS. And very important to train our people to get adapted to automation. All thanks to NestorBird team for providing us business suited ERPNext model as per our requirement and needs.

  • Get POS

The whole NestorBird-Team delivered outstanding work on this ERPNext development/ consulting project & I have enjoyed working with all of them. I would hire the whole team again anytime & look forward to working with them in the future, again. 
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