A Cloud-based Get POS Solution
for Retail Store

A Cloud-based Get POS Solution
for Your Restaurant

A Cloud-based Get POS Solution
for Your Supermarket

A Cloud-based Get POS Solution
for Your Multi-store


Manage Orders, Inventory, and In-store Product Sales in One Go

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Get POS: Fostering the Business Economy Worldwide


NestorBird Get POS- An Open-source application is built to increase revenue and save time for every retail and hospitality business chain that offers multi-location features such as inventory transfers, network pricing, and advanced reports.

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Get POS Features


Offline Syncing

Retail businesses opting for offline GET POS (Point of Sale) applications can easily synchronize data on the significant terminal and server. This software can also help to monitor the connection between retail POS offline Sync Service and channel database.


Inventory Management

With Get POS, you can manage your sales, orders, and deliveries in real time. Track your stock with the easy maintenance of optimal inventory levels, warehouse & ordering processes, and location transits, and management of workflow activities.

Order Management

Custom POS System Development allows you to take orders online and quickly manage pickup and delivery. Now, you can associate the orders with the customer's file, containing their details, like Name, Contact No. & Description they would like to purchase.


Employee Management

With the POS custom app, you can use your team's full potential by managing them effectively. The employee module helps you streamline critical processes like recruitment and training to payroll and leave management on one platform.

Accounts and Payroll

Built with the feature of recording all invoices, transaction values, no. of sold goods, and product descriptions, GET POS (Point-of-sale) mobile apps and web software help businesses manage sales, purchases, rentals, consignments, repairs, and accounting work efficiently.


Supplier Management

Managing vendors with POS Application Development Solutions is suitable for retail businesses as the onboarding process helps train them to use the platform for maximum engagement with controlled costs, risks, and performance measures.


Say goodbye to manually crunching numbers by automating reports on the dashboard of Get POS software. You can quickly generate billing and stock reports every day. It will also help calculate profit and loss on a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis.


Customer Loyalty and Rewards

Store important customer information at a centralized location in the Mobile POS system and reach out to your customers with personalized emails about your offerings, enhancing customer experience.

Workflow Automation

With Get POS custom development, business chains can easily automate their workflows like creating invoices, loyalty plans, multiple promotions, discount schemes, fixing offer duration, and controlling active and inactive coupons.


Multi-location Management

Get POS for business helps manage multiple chains of your brand easily. Built with the feature to utilize cash flow across all store locations, it allows retrieval of individual or merged ending tills. It makes easy utilization of gift cards for customers.

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NestorBird Get POS Suits Your Every Kind of Business


Food and Drinks

  • Bar & Pub

  • Restaurant

  • Bakery

  • Coffee Shop

  • Cafe

  • Fast Food

  • Pizzeria


  • Grocery Store

  • Convenience Store

  • Liquor Store

  • Fashion

  • Boutique

  • Jewelry Shop

  • Kiosk


  • Salon

  • Spa Center

  • Carwash

  • Rental

  • Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Transportation

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NestorBird’s Get POS system is well-thought, carefully coded, customisable, user-friendly and affordable. The system is tailor made for my ever-expanding food business. The local support services and network are commendable. I highly recommend Get POS to anyone interested in purchasing a point-of-sale provider.

​​We’ve been running our retail business for six years and have seen a difference with the Get POS solution. Productivity is up, and profits have increased. As a business owner with only one store and a few registers, I’ve only got one chance to succeed. This cloud-based Get POS solution gave me the edge I needed to stay competitive.

Get POS is a comprehensive cloud-based software that allows me to provide the best experience to my customers at the front end and access the tools and information to run my business in the back office effectively. Now, I have connected my three business stores to this Get POS software to increase product sales and profit.

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Offline Sync


Supplier Management



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Get POS app works offline or in regions of low internet. With this app, you can easily handle all payments, sales transactions, and purchases in areas with low or no internet access, giving your business a smooth ride.

You can get the POS offline app by booking a demo with NestorBird experts today. Please send us your queries and concerns at sales@nestorbird.com or call us at +91-172 4185134

Contact NestorBird to deploy all-in-one POS software to run your retail business smoothly. We have an expert team of developers who can help you plan, manage and control your business's inventory, orders, and sales with a custom POS development solution.

Offline POS works without the internet as it has inbuilt functionalities to integrate with multiple ERP software.

NestorBird offers a custom POS solution for retail businesses. You can easily access POS on PCs, Desktops, and Tablets. Contact us today!