5 Key Points That Can Help in Determining ERP Customization

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There are numerous off-the-shelf solutions available today to meet your ERP needs. However, businesses have to adjust them to their company goals throughout time, which made them go for ERP customization to meet their expectations.

Let us understand what it takes to determine ERP Customization in detail.

Key Points to Determine ERP Customization

Below mentioned are some of the points listed for you to understand when and how to go for customization.

  • Understanding the Difference Between Configuration & Customization

While customization adds or modifies new features and changes functions to business requirements, configuration choices can assist you in changing, adapting or using tools in the application itself for meeting specific requirements. While configuration can be done quickly with only minor adjustments, ERP customization can be labor-intensive, expensive and may require coding and changes in the core modules and functionality.

  • Selecting the Right Solution

To find the best solution for your business needs, it is essential to conduct extensive research before opting for ERPNext customization. Having a clear understanding of the criteria and results you want to attain is extremely important to understand whether you need to go for customization or not.

  • Identify and Record Best Practices

Before any ERP framework execution, the initial step is to conceptualize with the key users to distinguish process improvement, open doors and enhance existing cycles before they are built in a system environment. Some of the use cases to keep in mind before going for ERP customization may include- eliminating the costs and data inconsistencies, management distribution and delivery, better analytics to improve operational efficiencies and more.

  • Evaluate Your ROI (Return On Investment)

Since customization can be time as well as money-consuming, it is best to determine whether it will result in long-term gains in profitability and scalability for you. The ROI method can help you make the right decision about customization as a potential solution for certain unavoidable changes.

  • Choosing Configuration for Optimization

This always gives opportunities for tailoring ERP software to your business requirements and operational needs. Configuration is always superior to customization because it safely adjusts to your demands without requiring large software modifications.

Why Choose NestorBird ERP Solutions For Your Business ?

Customization seems a challenging task as we need to gather information, adjust it by adding new features and options that weren’t a part of the software before. But what if we tell you NestoBird’s ERPNext has all the standard features that can help you achieve your standard business requirements.

  • It can help you in tracking everything from the pre-sales process to the overall customer lifecycle.
  • It can help you track customer tickets and issues along with monitoring track response, and resolving them in real-time.
  • It can help you in tracking disposition, purchasing assets, monitoring assets along with keeping a tab of costs and depreciation.
  • It can help you organize all your data into one exclusive platform for smart business solutions with open source ERP.
  • It can help you in managing sales operations of orders, quotations delivery tracking, and more.

Still not certain what direction to head? NestorBird can assist you with getting the best solution in the wake of getting to your business needs. Reach Us today to get the best arrangement connected with ERP solutions.

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