Building a LMS App for Educational Sectors Has Become So Much Easier than Before!

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SBillions of students around the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as the result of school closures. Because of this, many educational institutions are trying to keep up by offering online learning opportunities to give students the option to continue their studies at home. The delivery of online classes using digital platforms might sound easy, but managing remote learning is actually extremely challenging. Learning management system software and other related tools are necessary for effective execution!

eLearning made more convenient with the right software

Teaching online can be easier for coaching centres with the right software or app solution that supports live streaming, assessment, and schedule management. The software should also make it easier to handle subscriptions and provide timely invoices and notifications. Administrative duties can be easier with learning management system software with a customized admin panel for tracking and maintaining the records of every transaction, and ensuring free-flowing communication between students and educators.

Consider investing in ERPNext LMS (learning management software) that has a dedicated institute panel to make it easier to plan and execute courses, and evaluate student performance on a regular basis. It will cover areas like course and student management, assignment and assessments, reports, earnings and payments, reports, and live and offline classes.

Students also have access to their own student panel where they can register for a course with just a few clicks or taps. The learning management system software must be intuitive and easy to use, and it should come with functionalities like a live classroom, offline courses, audio and video courses, and online assignments. The software should make it easy to share assignments and notes. Certificates can also be provided to students for completing a course or a learning program.

Build an app for your educational institute

Building a learning management system software solution is easy, since you can leave it to professionals who specialize in it. Find an IT consulting and custom software application development company that has a proven track record of building solutions for eLearning. If you are not sure which features should be in your app and you want to learn more, get in touch with the developer for a consultation and a demo!

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