Benefits of ERPNext Healthcare  

Clinical Benefits


Online Workflow

Adding online workflows in health industries effectively maximizes data availability and minimize data loss.


Best Communication Mode

The ERPNext Healthcare system keeps all concerned healthcare professionals in the loop by interconnecting all departments.


Data Security

In hospitals/clinics, ERPNext Healthcare software implementation simplifies data storage and security while eliminating all probabilities of data leakage.

General Benefits


Easy Appointment

Patients can easily book an appointment online as per their availability, saving a lot of time.


Patient Portal

The Portal allows patients to track appointments, medical reports, and clinical details online.



With an easy appointment on online healthcare portals, patients can save lots of time and effort.

Patient Benefits


User Friendly Design

Fabricated to offer the best and easy to use ERPNext for healthcare portal, comes out to be a handy, and reliable solution for the Hospitals and Clinics.


Accelerate Productivity

Adding ERPNext in healthcare management has been effectively increasing the productivity of medical businesses and industries.



Being an open-source system, ERPNext healthcare solutions can be easily customized to cater to the specific requirements of healthcare facilities.

What Makes us  


24/7 Availability

Available round the clock with an expert technical team, we are all ready to listen to your EPRNext Healthcare business plan and execute it on a large scale.


Experienced Team

The Certified and experienced ERP experts at NestorBird plan & implement a reliable solution based on the commercial requirement of your business.


Global Assistance

The use of technology has become a key part of success in the healthcare industry, and we are striving to make its optimal use to increase productivity.


Free Demo

Book your free ERPNext healthcare demo with us to list out your preferences, business model, parameters, & challenges to us. Considering this, we provide the Best ERP solution for the Hospital Industry to fit your needs & budget.


Domain Expertise

Our team has cross-industry experience & domain expertise in ERPNext Healthcare implementation, to target the profitability & radical growth of the hospitality sectors all over the world.



With ERPNext healthcare solution, you can access all critical healthcare data like medical records and reports at your fingertips.



Select an ERPNext for healthcare industry you'd like to implement, and we'll customize it based on your preferences and needs.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

NestorBird breathes business, lives business, and produces business until our valued customers are satisfied.


Warranty Period

Get warranty services with ERPNext Healthcare Software Implementation for a specific period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ERPNext Healthcare Software is designed for the hospital management to plan and execute multiset operations like appointment booking, treatment plan, lab tests, record management, inventory control, pharmacy, etc., at a centralized platform.

It is a boon for hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics to have an ERP system where they can easily manage the data/information of patients, doctors, and resources and keep track of all business activities regularly.

ERPNext is the best healthcare management software for hospital industry, clinics, and dispensaries. It comes with customization features which help the businesses to have a system based on the specific requirements.

For ERPNext Implementation in Healthcare Industry, you can get in touch with NestorBird who have an experienced team of ERP consultants, coders, designers and business developers to work on your business model. The entire process will include: discovery and planning, development, design, testing, deployment and support.

1) Improved Patient Care
2) Data Management
3) Financial Planning
4) Minimum Operational Cost
5) Accuracy
6) 24*7 Access
7) Scalability & Flexibility
8) Inventory management, supply chain management, material resource planning, capacity planning, HR & payroll, subcontracting, customization, production operations, and workflow coordination.

Using ERPNext Github- A small plugin for Frappe that adds the support of customizations to the numerical controls, we can customize your business requirement.

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