ERPNext Manufacturing Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Get ERPNext: Best ERP pharma software solution for your pharmaceutical industry, medical, and healthcare business management to make your manufacturing operations smooth, cost effective and productive today!


The pharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid global growth, driven by rising demand for healthcare products, advancements in medical research, and an increasing population. Technological innovations like the development of pharmaceutical manufacturing software- ERPNext, consistent regulatory support, and evolving markets have further propelled this growth, leading to R&D of new drugs and therapies to bring an effective revolution in the healthcare sectors.

Pharmaceutical Industry contributed USD 405.52 billion in 2020 to the global pharmaceutical manufacturing market and is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.34% till 2028.

Challenges faced by Pharmaceutical Industries worldwide

In the dynamic world of pharmaceutical industries, various significant challenges had been plaguing medical businesses prior to adopting ERPNext manufacturing software. Many industries in the pharmaceutical domain face regulatory compliance as stringent regulations demand meticulous tracking of processes and documentation.

The Pharma companies struggle to keep pace with changing dynamics of the healthcare industry, traceability, and quality control requirements, increasing process complexities. The major challenges that have been an obstacle in the development of pharmaceutical industries are:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data management
  • Inventory management
  • Paper based systems
  • Manual processes
  • Risk of errors
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Personalized medicine
  • Cost management
  • Quality analysis
  • Drug safety
  • R&D costs
  • Regulatory compliances

Role of ERPNext in Pharmaceutical Industry growth

ERPNext is an all-in-one solution to manage and streamline business operations of production, manufacturing and distribution at one platform. Nowadays, ERPNext software has become the driving factor of rapid growth and development for many pharmaceutical industries worldwide. With the adoption of ERP software, pharmaceutical industries are now empowered to overcome different challenges: streamline operations, ensure compliance, and achieve remarkable growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Undoubtedly, ERPNext manufacturing software is the best solution for pharma manufacturers to effectively deal with supply chain disruption, cost challenges, quality assurance, regulatory updates, and planning and scheduling of production.

1. Formulation

Maintaining and managing all manufacturing instructions followed for drug formulation like storing, retrieving, and revising every formula is super easy with ERPNext software implementation.

2. Integration

The ERP software for pharmaceutical manufacturing automates manufacturers to control, connect and integrate all internal processes of the pharma manufacturing industry, leading to improved overall productivity by reducing system complexity, and saving time and resources.

3. Inventory & supply chain management

An ERPNext pharmaceutical manufacturing software is recognized as a robust Cloud ERP software that simplifies and automates many tasks such as financial management, inventory management, tracking the availability of raw materials, and planning product packaging.

4. Regulatory compliance

This Healthcare ERP software ensures adherence to local and global regulatory compliance requirements.

5. Quality control & traceability

In the pharmaceutical industry, ERP software ensures the quality of products through quality testing and enables quick product recalls through bi-directional traceability.

6. Data security

Opting ERPNext pharmaceutical solution, all business data will be secured with stringent data security protocols such as electronic signatures and passwords, audit trials, access controls, and data encryption.

7. Sample management, trials, & commercialization

Getting ERPNext manufacturing software implementation, you can easily maintain and record trial histories in a centralized database, and approval and launch of product.

8. CGMP regulations

With ERPNext software, the norms for drugs contain minimum requirements for methods, facilities, and controls in the manufacturing, processing, and packaging process.

Why is ERPNext the best ERP for Pharma Industries?

ERPNext stands out as the best ERP for pharma industries due to its comprehensive set of features tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical sectors worldwide.

Key features of ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Real-time tracking
  • Formula secrecy
  • Effective product costing
  • Systematic inventory management
  • Batch monitoring with inspection plan
  • Create raw material/product specifications
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Quality assurance in compliance with CGMP norms

Key Benefits of ERPNext Systems for the Pharma Manufacturing Industry

The implementation of ERPNext manufacturing software in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry brings forth numerous key benefits. ERP systems empower pharma manufacturers with the tools and insights necessary for sustained growth and development in a competitive market.

Check out the key benefits of ERPNext software:

1. Seamless integration

The Healthcare ERP software integrates all internal manufacturing processes in one place which saves resources and time and increases productivity.

2. Quick access to information

ERPNext provides easy operational workflows and enhances productivity.

3. Improves decision-making

ERPNext implementation results in enhanced consistency, quality, and speed of delivering products to the market.

4. Data security

It is the most important aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry that spends high resources in R&D initiatives; be it related to drug formulation, product substitution, or even customer order details. With Medical ERP software implementation, industries can secure their data effectively.

5. Batch tracking management

ERPNext is a cloud ERP software for pharma industry that enables real-time tracking and management of inventory from raw materials to finished product with batch wise/MRP wise billing information, expired/damaged stock management to make accurate sales or purchasing decisions.

How can NestorBird help the Pharmaceutical Industries with ERPNext manufacturing solutions?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

ERPNext enables manufacturers to automate their key manufacturing processes for the proper utilization of resources and increase productivity.

An ERPNext pharmaceutical manufacturing software is designed to ease manual workflow of your company with automation.

It helps to manage various departments including financing/accounting, marketing, distribution, inventory management, and sales/purchase.

A pharmaceutical ERP software offers seamless integration and allows businesses to keep track of different operations like compliance, quality control, expiry, formulation and costing.

NestorBird is the leading ERPNext solution provider all over the world. We have a certified team of ERP developers, consultants, and management experts who develop customized ERP solutions to meet your business needs. We have experience of scaling up startups and small manufacturing businesses to achieve new heights with customized ERP solutions.



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