POS with ERPNext : The Complete Solution

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If you are a business owner running a store or a restaurant with multiple Products or Dishes and you need to keep track of the stock of these products/dishes along with other features like Reporting, Accounting, and a complete end-to-end Staff Management System while having a centralized system for Orders & Payments then this article is for you!

Problems solved by using ERPNext EPOS

While working with a normal POS (Point Of Sale is an important stage of a purchase wherein a customer executes the payment for goods or services), features like Stock Management and Order Management are covered. However, to control not just your inventory and stock but the entire operations of your business right from Business Reports to Employee Management you need to opt for ERPNext EPOS.

ERPNext with POS VS POS:

Features POS ERPNext POS
Inventory Management Yes Yes
Order Management Yes Yes
Offline Syncing No Yes
Accounting No Yes
Vendor/Supplier Management No Yes
HRM No Yes
Recipe Management No Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Custom Reports No Yes
Buying / Selling No Yes

Components of ERPNext EPOS (Point of Sale):

Inventory Management

  • Being updated on your inventory management is an important business aspect.
  • Use ERPNext to gain complete control over your inventory and never worry about stock shortage or mismanagement.
  • Set Threshold values to send Auto Requests to suppliers when in order to replenish stock
  • Create multiple Products items using a master template for the product type
  • Human Resource Management

  • The main core of any business is its Employees.
  • Utilize your team’s full potential, by managing them effectively. With the help of the HRM Module, you can simplify various workflows that are associated with your Employees.
  • Streamline important processes like Recruitment and Training to Payroll and Leave Management, on one platform using ERPNext
  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Store all important customer information in a centralized location.
  • Happy customers are vital for any business
  • Modern and efficient backend business processes enhance customer experience
  • Reach out to your customers with personalized emails about your offerings
  • Ticketing system to always be present for your customers and elevate customer satisfaction
  • Accounting

  • By automating your Accounting module, you have more time to focus on your vital business processes.
  • Automated accounting always provides you with accurate information since there is no scope for manual errors
  • Modern and efficient backend business processes enhance customer experience
  • Operations covering accounts and cash management are simplified
  • Reports can be easily generated using the Accounting data
  • Reporting

  • Have complete details of your business all stored in one place using ERPNext
  • Say goodbye to manually crunching numbers to generate reports
  • Save time by automating Reports on your Dashboard
  • Option to create Custom reports tailored for your business
  • No dedicated IT Staff needed to access reports. Any permitted staff in your organization can easily access and use the reports.
  • The above-mentioned components are achievable when we integrate ERPNext with EPOS (Point of sale)

    Added Advantage of working with NestorBird

    To make the whole process easier for you, we at NestorBird have created our own Mobile POS for ERPNext. This would benefit your entire organization!

  • Custom Mobile POS (Point of Sale) App for your Business
  • Offline Syncing available
  • No need to login to Desktop, handle operations from anywhere on the go!
  • Tablet and Mobile App provided
  • Why work with NestorBird?

  • Consultation to define the best way forward for your project
  • Team of experts with rich domain knowledge working on your projects
  • Dedicated team deployed for projects
  • Transparent interaction right from Consultation to Delivery of project
  • Always go the extra mile even after Deployment assisting you with all Post Deployment related queries and issues

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