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Why Miss Out on 

NotiBell transforms the approval process, allowing easy 
approval or rejection of requests, from HR leaves to sales 
orders, with a streamlined workflow.


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Why Miss Out on 

Experience seamless transaction management with NotiBell. 
Our app empowers users to handle approvals on the go from 
their smartphones, eliminating missed opportunities in the 
dynamic business world.


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Why Miss Out on Quality 
Approval Requests?

Quality matters! NotiBell ensures you stay connected to your 
ERP's generic approval functionality. Enhance quality analysis 
processes and embrace efficiency.



NotiBell: Manage Approvals 
at Your Fingertips

NotiBell offers a transformative solution, revolutionizing your approval processes and empowering your business. Say Goodbye to missed transactions, delayed approvals, and overlooked quality requests. 

Experience the future of efficient business operations with NotiBell. Seamlessly manage your approvals, streamline check-ins, and empower your team to make well-informed decisions.  
NotiBell- An Open Source App- Your Notifications, Your Control!

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Mobile Approval Management

Say goodbye to office constraints with our Mobile Approval Management solution. It puts the power of ERP approvals right in your pocket. Swiftly approve or reject HR leaves, sales orders, or custom workflow actions directly from your smartphone.


Seamless On-the-Go Control

No more reliance on laptops or desktops. NotiBell empowers you to manage approvals & track attendance from anywhere. Stay productive & efficient with on-the-fly approvals & attendance tracking, all from your mobile device.

Smart Check-In and Attendance

Our innovative check-in & attendance feature lets employees conveniently mark their presence using facial recognition. Powered by Google's ML Vision package, it defines coverage area with a fixed radius for accurate location-based actions. Once matched, it easily integrates with ERP geofencing to record attendance.

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The Question

How NotiBell Works?

Experience the power of mobile approvals and attendance tracking with NotiBell, the future of efficient operations!

Multilingual Help Desk App
Multilingual Help Desk App

Download NotiBell App

Open the NotiBell mobile app on your 
android or iOS phone.

Multilingual Help Desk App

Access ERP Approvals

Users can quickly access ERP approvals 
through the app.

Multilingual Help Desk App

Choose Your Approval

Select the type of approval you want to 
handle, whether it's HR leaves, sales 
orders, or custom workflow actions.

Multilingual Help Desk App

Swift Approval or Rejection

Review the approval request and make a 
decision. Approve or reject with a simple tap.

Multilingual Help Desk App

Check-In and Checkout

For attendance, employees capture 
a facial image, and the app uses 
Google's ML Vision package to verify 
it. If it matches, the geofencing check 
on ERP confirms attendance.

Get Notified, Get 
Ahead with NotiBell!

NotiBell: Tick All Notifications within Seconds.