Reasons to Implement ERPNext Software for Healthcare

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Healthcare industries all over the world are centric on patients and their proper treatment and care. The implementation of ERPNext Healthcare software can help in hospital industry management, and increase workforce efficiency and business productivity, making this experience easier and more hassle-free.

Healthcare Market Growth Statistics

  • The healthcare market revenue all over the world is expected to reach a staggering $94.19 Billion, approaching an annual growth rate of 12.29%        by 2027.
  • The no.of users in Healthcare Field are expected to amount to approach 1567.3 million by 2027.
  • User penetration in the Healthcare Domain will be 13.7% in 2022 and is expected to hit 19.7% by 2027.
  • ERPNext empowers Healthcare businesses like yours to ramp up the medical treatment processes and achieve incredible in-house efficiencies,        so you can not only be a tough competitor today but also accomplish business goals over the long term.

Benefits of Implementing ERPNext Healthcare in the hospital industry

Improved Patient Care

ERPNext Healthcare software in hospitals helps patients to save time and energy by centralizing all treatment processes in one place.

From checking availability to booking an appointment, consultation to medical tests, report analysis to diagnose, and treatment plan to effectiveness, ERPNext software implementation in clinics, dispensaries, and healthcare sectors creates a systematic structure to follow a stepwise procedure for the best medical treatment.

Easier Access to Medical Data

An ERPNext Healthcare Implementation in healthcare sectors allows the administrators to manage, and secure patient records like diagnosis, lab tests, treatment, and consultation and provide 24*7 medical data access. Creating an effective database to track the medical history of patients, this healthcare ERP solution in hospitals helps in locating complete information about their previous, ongoing, and future healthcare treatment plans.

Data Security

ERPNext in Healthcare Sectors provides a secure platform to plan, execute and manage all medical activities including patient’s confidential data. It also prevents data leakage by protecting Patient Health Information (PHI) and thus prevents unauthorized access.

Financial Planning

The financial professional system (FMS) based on ERPNext in Healthcare sectors and hospital industries builds a responsive chain to manage payroll, bills, medical equipment costs, inventory schedules, tax, and expenses. Giving an insight into data analytics, it also helps to plan financial charts and manage profitability rates on a monthly, and yearly basis.

Business Productivity

ERPNext Healthcare Case Study for its implementation in the hospital industry states that operational burdens are considerably reduced with the introduction of automated processes. This, in turn, aligns a smooth way for the workforce and thus elevates the business growth and revenue stream.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management in ERPNext Healthcare Module is a workforce responsible for planning, managing, and tracking the hospital’s inventory, orders, purchases, bills, and payments. It covers medical supplies, equipment, medicines, machinery, etc.

Keeping a high level of accuracy to manage the quotations and purchase orders, ERPNext in Hospitals also protects the medical businesses from product and monetary losses.

Minimizing Operating Cost

Cost management has been another big hurdle for hospital industries for ages. Driving a business growth plan by clearing the pathway, the ERPNext Healthcare system in the healthcare industry saves a lot of cost by executing different tasks like accounts, payroll, and human resources, and putting them into a shared database for the users. It also automates several back-end processes thus reducing the operational cost of the healthcare businesses.

How Can NestorBird Help in ERPNext Software Implementation in Your Hospital Industry?

NestorBird- the Best ERPNext Healthcare Solution providers, Implementers, and Consultants in the world, has been playing an important role to help the Hospital Industries achieve digital transformation for their business productivity.

As a leader in ERPNext Healthcare Software Implementation, we help businesses to monitor functional operations on a real-time basis by aligning them at a central platform.

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