Why is ERPNext a Great Choice for Manufacturing Businesses?

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Are you fed up with manual processes & looking for the best manufacturing ERP software to automate your production? Get ERPNext: the best ERP software for manufacturing industry, and streamline your business on one centralized platform today! Move towards productivity and increased revenue stream with top production ERP software now!

Manufacturing businesses over the years have witnessed remarkable growth and transformation, magnetizing a major hike in the global business world economy.

The next question that comes to mind is, How?

And the answer is ERPNext Manufacturing Software implementation.

In this era of technical advancement, ERPNext: the best manufacturing ERP software, has become a driving force for global manufacturing businesses struggling to manage their operations. Keeping a fast pace to drive efficiency by supreme optimization of inventory, supply chain, CRM, warehouse management, quality analysis, delivery, HR, accounting, and payroll, ERPNext has been offering an all-in-one solution to locate and plan all functions in one place.

The smart manufacturing market is expected to grow to US $365.22 Billion by 2028.

In this article, let’s discuss all ERPNext manufacturing software, its utility, implementation, and its role in overall challenges in increasing efficiency and production.

Overview of ERPNext Manufacturing Software

ERPNext is an innovative open-source cloud ERP software that comes up with almost everything you need to run your business. This ERP software for manufacturing industry software covers various modules such as inventory management, sales, purchasing, accounting, project management, manufacturing, CRM, HR, and payroll modules to streamline your business operations.

Acting as a central hub, ERPNext manufacturing software connects various industrial processes, departments, and data to bring out seamless collaboration and efficiency across the organization.

Giving a clear window of how your business is running, manufacturing ERPNext software implementation has proven to be a boon for the growing industries worldwide. The user-friendly interface, unique features, and easy and fast implementation are some key highlights of ERPNext, making it the best ERP for manufacturing industries.

Why is ERPNext a Great Choice for Manufacturing Businesses?

As global manufacturing businesses have been rapidly developing, ERPNext comes out as an all-in-one solution that can help in effective production management and increase the revenue stream. Streamlining everything from inventory to supply chain, resources to payroll, and quality control to production planning, ERPNext is the future of manufacturing industries worldwide.

1. Customization

The ERPNext system’s open-source feature provides enterprises with unparalleled flexibility and endless customization possibilities. All businesses have particular requirements, and ERPNext: top ERP software for manufacturing industry can be customized to cater to their needs.

Every business type has a different work model than the other. Fields that can be customized with ERPNext manufacturing software implementation are:

  1. Master Data: With ERPNext: the best ERP for manufacturing industry, you can customize the master data fields such as description, item codes, product names, pricing details, and unit of measure. It ensures that your system has been properly aligned with unique product categories.

  2. Bill of Material (BOM): ERPNext allows manufacturing businesses to customize the bill of materials and add additional attributes to capture product-related information easily.

  3. Work Order: Fields related to creating work orders, allocation, and tracking can be easily customized with ERPNext to match the workflow and capture additional job-related instructions.

  4. Production Planning: With ERPNext, businesses can customize production planning fields like product lead times and Master Production Schedules (MPS).

  5. Inventory Management: Fields related to stock movement and inventory tracking can be customized with ERPNext to capture the additional inventory-related data.

  6. Quality Control: Manufacturers can define their specific quality standards, test parameters, and inspection criteria based on the quality assurance processes.

  7. Vendor and Supplier Management: With ERPNext implementation, fields related to vendor information, pricing, lead time, and performance metrics can be customized per the business requirements.

  8. User Interface: ERPNext allows manufacturing businesses to customize the user interface to match the design and branding preferences.

2. Production Planning

ERPNext plays a vital role in effective production planning and scheduling for manufacturing businesses to optimize work operations and ensure customer expectations. Providing a comprehensive set of features and tools, ERPNext manufacturing software implementation enables the manufacturing industries to create production schedules, track work-in-progress, and adjust production requirements based on changing demand. It includes:

  1. Bill of Materials (BOM): It allows manufacturers to specify each product's raw materials, resources, and components. It ensures efficient and accurate resource planning.

  2. Capacity Planning: With real-time insight into production resources like labour and machinery, ERPNext: the best manufacturing ERP software, effectively assists in capacity planning. It helps to align the production schedules with available capacity to prevent underutilization and overloading.

  3. Master Production Schedule (MPF): It is a comprehensive plan outlining all production activities in a specific period, enabling the manufacturers to determine inventory levels, sales forecasts, and resource availability.

  4. Work Order Management: With ERPNext, manufacturers can plan work orders, outlining the tasks, quantities, and timelines required to complete the production process.

  5. Lead Time Management: The ERPNext software for the manufacturing industry helps to manage lead times for the components and raw materials, determining the production timeframes and supplier lead times.

  6. Real-time Visibility: The ERPNext software for manufacturing businesses allows manufacturers to discover the production progress, resource availability, and work orders.

  7. Integration with Inventory and Sales: With ERPNext: the best manufacturing ERP software small business, you can easily integrate production planning with sales and inventory operations. When a sales order gets received, the system automatically generates work orders and updates inventory parameters accordingly.

Read the ERP manufacturing software solution case study where Rockerz, one of the leading manufacturing industries in the United States, got a customized system implementation for designing skate guards and streamlined the business growth by upto 100%.

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3. Data-driven Insights

Industries can easily automate manufacturing business with ERPNext software implementation. The ERPNext Manufacturing Software uses data-driven analytics in different domains, allowing organizations to analyze their business performance and highlight areas for improvement. Advanced analytics assist in capacity planning, demand forecasting, business intelligence, and sales and operation planning.

  1. Real-time Analytics: With ERPNext implementation, manufacturing industries can access up-to-date information on inventory, sales, production, and other key metrics.

  2. Customizable Dashboards: Manufacturers will be offered customizable dashboards to observe KPIs and performance metrics for all departments. It helps in visualizing the critical data and identifying major issues or trends.

  3. Sales and Inventory Analysis: With ERPNext, industrialists can easily identify top-selling products, sales trends, and customer preferences.

  4. Cost Analysis: This insight helps evaluate each production order's price structure.

  5. Supplier Performance Analysis: It provides data on supplier performance, such as delivery, accuracy, pricing, and lead time. With this, manufacturers can optimize procurement processes and evaluate supplier relationships.

  6. Production Efficiency Analysis: ERPNext: the best manufacturing resource planning software helps optimize production processes and discover areas of improvement, along with tracking resource allocation and production cycle.

4. Traceability

Traceability is another crucial aspect of the manufacturing business, especially in the aerospace, food, and pharmaceutical industries. This one of the top features of ERPNext manufacturing software development enables users with complete traceability from raw materials to end products and allows tracking of each component’s origin and location.

Tracking a product at every stage of stock movement is necessary for effective inventory management. Production traceability keeps track of each component, from manufacturing processes to the successful delivery of the product. It also enables you to isolate expired or near-to-expire products to utilize resources properly. The users can monitor the whole production process to the inventory distribution process using serial numbers and lots.

5. Quality Control

In today’s business environment, quality control is a significant aspect of ensuring operational efficiency. One of the top benefits of ERP manufacturing software implementation is quality control. Implementing technology that aligns with an organization’s business strategy can help drive the business forward. Quality control in ERP systems implementation is associated with testing and rectifying errors.

An acceptance criteria value is set for material in the quality inspection template. ERPNext: top ERP software for manufacturing, will fetch this template to compare the reading value of material that needs to be checked. It will only be accepted if this material qualifies for the criteria. Maintaining order quality is important to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve productivity. ERPNext also helps to speed up the reporting cycles, provide insights into numbers, and manage budgets, records, and financial statements.

6. Integration with Other Businesses

ERPNext: the best ERP for manufacturing companies, comes with seamless integration features. It can be easily integrated with other existing business processes. This open-source cloud ERP software is quite adaptable, and you can switch from one to the other whenever you want. ERPNext has a host of in-built integration, so your business can be integrated with existing apps like Razorpay, Slack, Google, Paypal, Shopify, etc. This feature makes it a versatile, robust solution designed for power and simplicity.

This integration feature of Manufacturing ERP software ensures that all business operations are linked, providing a complete overview of your system. ERPNext integrates a wide range of ERP modules and functionalities into a single platform.

Read the ERP manufacturing software solution case study where Tanteo Tequila, a Forbes-famous tequila manufacturing and brewery chain in the United States, moved their entire manufacturing toward automation. Streamlining everything from production to inventory, supply chain to payroll, and stock maintenance to valuation rate, they have successfully increased their business growth by upto 100%.

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7. Cost-Effectiveness

A significant benefit of ERPNext is cost savings and affordability. Being a free and 100% open-source software, ERP system can revolutionize your manufacturing business with its no-licensing cost.

With ERPNext, organizations can allocate their resources more efficiently, utilizing funds for other important areas like innovation and expansion. This top-rated production ERP software can eliminate the cost burden associated with traditional ERP systems. Unlike other open-source that may require additional plugins or modules at extra cost, ERPNext provides a complete package without any hidden cost.

8. Real-time Inventory Management

There is no doubt in the fact that ERPNext can help industries to grow their business by upto a 100% profit rate.

It offers an efficient solution to manufacturing businesses to optimize inventory processes, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. The real-time inventory management solution includes the following:

  1. Real-time stock updates of goods or products in received, produced, and sold category.

  2. Inventory control and planning to prevent overproduction and minimize excess inventory.

  3. Batch and serial number tracking to maintain quality and compliance.

  4. Work order management with resource allocation and reducing delays in production.

  5. Inventory management for reducing inventory levels.

  6. Demand forecasting to anticipate customer needs and to prevent stocks for the efficient use of resources.

  7. Real-time evaluation of COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) to get insight into inventory-related expenses and profitability.

  8. Set up alerts and notifications for low stock levels, critical inventory events, and expiring batches.

  9. Vendor management to maintain accurate information about lead times, suppliers, and procurement costs.

How Can NestorBird Help with Manufacturing ERP Software Implementation?

NestorBird is a Frappe-certified company that offers the best manufacturing ERP solution implementation to cater to specific business needs. We have a certified team of expert ERP developers, consultants, and a support team who find the solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Our ERP offerings include:

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Continuous growth and sustainability are the aims of every manufacturing business for which ERPNext: the best production ERP software, has become a driving factor. Being an all-in-one business management solution, this best ERP for manufacturing industries covers all areas of a supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution, CRM to financials, and HR to inventory management.

If you are looking for the best ERPNext Manufacturing solution, contact NestorBird experts at or Call/SMS/Whatsapp at +91-9878990102 to book a free demo today!



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