ERPNext Manufacturing Software Implementation at JAYBEE Laminations Ltd.

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ERPNext manufacturing is the best ERP software for global electrical and electronics industries, offered by NestorBird.

JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. is India’s Leading manufacturer of Transformer Laminations, Toroidal, Ring Cores, Electrical Stampings, CRGO Steel Laminations, Grain Oriented Steel, Stacked Transformer Cores etc. They partnered with NestorBird to address various challenges in their electrical transformer industry operations. By implementing ERPNext manufacturing software- the best ERP system for electrical and electronics industries, NestorBird provided a centralized solution that helped them align their manufacturing and production operations to drive remarkable efficiency and business growth.


Electrical industries like JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. have been manufacturing and producing.

NestorBird’s customized ERP for the electrical and electronics industries remarkably addressed these several operational needs. This customized open-source ERP software has empowered the electronics industry's manufacturing process and accelerated its business growth by enhancing its operational efficiency by up to 100%.

With ERPNext, the top-rated open-source education ERP software implementation in JAYBEE Laminations Ltd., we helped them get a common platform to streamline their workflows, including inventory management, supply chain management processes, and an automated centralized system, to bring up to 100% operational efficiency, saving time and effort simultaneously.

Read this ERP for electrical and electronics industry software implementation case study to know how we assist them in overcoming challenges and providing an all-in-one solution for JAYBEE Laminations Ltd.

The Challenges

Before getting their hands on ERPNext: the best ERP manufacturing software, JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. faced the following challenges:

Challenge 1

Non-Streamlined Process

JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. struggled with non-streamlined processes like batch handling, item-wise grade functionality, lack of proper flow and quality flow, and inadequate MC ID and Mill coil ID management. These processes led to operational inefficiencies and hindered overall productivity in the manufacturing and production processes.

Challenge 2

Lack of Automation

Due to manual processes, electronics manufacturing at JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. consumes more time and work effort. The lack of advanced processes leads to a loss of track of production and meeting deadlines related to product delivery.

Challenge 3

No Alerts & Notifications

When it comes to managing the tracking of products and taking follow-ups for the customers, there are no alerts and notifications in the entire system. The lack of auto-alerts leads to missed opportunities for timely actions, delayed responses, and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Challenge 4

Manual Calculations

Before ERPNext manufacturing software implementation, JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. relied on manual calculations using Google Sheets to determine core loss. This process leads to significant errors in the accounting system and leads to a financial mismanagement process.

Challenge 5

Production Planning

The lack of a ticketing system and its modules made raising internal workflow issues challenging. As a result, it became difficult to align team members working on the project and address their issues in a systematic process.

Challenge 6

Account Management

Before ERPNext manufacturing software for the electronics industry, it was difficult for JAYBEE Laminations Ltd.’s accounting team to create payment entries against payment requests or sales invoices. They needed an ERP accounting system with a single payment entry against multiple sales invoices.

Challenge 7

Rate Conversion

Before ERPNext manufacturing software for electronics industry implementation, the item rate was calculated on the basis of the market rate for USD/INR conversion. It leads to a mismatch in the exchange rates as compared to the real-time rates.

Challenge 8

No Tracking System

Tracking workflows and manufacturing processes is one of the most challenging parts for JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. The absence of a Landed Cost Voucher complicate financial reporting, making it difficult to track expenses and allocate costs properly.

Challenge 9

Batch Handling

The inefficiencies in batch handling at JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. faced inefficiencies in batch handling within their ERP system, resulting in operational bottlenecks and production delays. The lack of streamlined batch management processes hindered the company's ability to ensure consistent quality and timely delivery of products. Overcoming this challenge required implementing robust batch-handling functionality within their ERP solution to optimize workflow efficiency and enhance production capabilities.

Challenge 10

Inventory Management

Before ERPNext manufacturing software for electronics industry, it was difficult to manage inventory at JAYBEE Laminations Ltd.

How Did NestorBird Help JayBee Laminations with ERPNext- A Customized ERP Manufacturing Solution Implementation?

Google sheet integration

The Google Sheets integration in ERPNext revolutionizes data management, offering an unparalleled blend of real-time collaboration and enhanced accessibility. Users can effortlessly perform complex calculations and seamlessly share information, ensuring everyone stays in sync. This powerful feature simplifies data handling by enabling easy import and export between ERPNext and Google Sheets, significantly reducing manual entry errors.

Supply chain management

The system enables seamless integration of procurement, inventory, production, and distribution processes, ensuring real-time visibility into each stage of the supply chain. This real-time visibility allows for precise tracking and management of materials and products, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. By automating routine tasks and providing a centralized platform for all supply chain activities, the system significantly improves coordination and reduces the likelihood of errors, resulting in a more agile and responsive supply chain.

Sales & CRM

A new calculation feature has been added allowing you to adjust Base Efficiency (BE) for guaranteed core loss calculations with precision. Seamlessly integrated with Google Sheets, this feature utilizes factors like Job loss, no-load loss, and BF for accurate and dynamic calculations. But that's not all! With enhanced file attachment capabilities, you can now upload drawings and attach files directly in the item table, streamlining data management and boosting collaboration.

Inventory Management

While managing the Stock Entry for CRGO / CRNGO Mother Coils (Raw Material) where the Item Category is either of CRGO or CRNGO, in that case, the Stock ledger would record the Item Grade alongside other standard details to track grade-wise sales/inventory levels so that we can forecast better for the purchase of various grades for various suppliers.

Quality Control

MRP and capacity planning are not functioning, Quality Control (QC) is missing, and work order tracking is absent. However, streamlined processes for test certificates and certificate of conformity management ensure compliance and quality control, supported by an integrated Quality Control module that ensures both product quality and compliance.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

ERPNext's BOM module overcomes the challenge of managing complex assemblies and multi-level BOMs by offering a hierarchical structure that allows for easy navigation and visualization of the entire manufacturing process. With features like version control and cost roll-up, ERPNext empowers manufacturers to make informed decisions, optimize resources, and deliver high-quality products efficiently.

Production Planning

ERPNext's production planning module has greatly benefited the electronic industry by offering a structured approach by creating detailed plans based on demand forecasts and resource availability, ensuring efficient resource utilization and timely production. Real-time tracking of production orders enables quick identification and resolution of bottlenecks, leading to smoother operations.

Currency exchange management

The system effectively manages exchange rates, ensuring accurate and up-to-date rates for transactions, which is crucial for financial accuracy. ERPNext can automatically revalue foreign currency balances, aligning financial statements with current exchange rates.

Credit management

The system aids in establishing and maintaining credit limits for customers, ensuring that sales orders are processed within acceptable limits, thereby reducing the risk of bad debt. Additionally, it facilitates the automation of credit approval processes, streamlining operations and consequently reducing manual errors.

Financial Management

ERPNext's Financial Management module provides the electronic industry with comprehensive financial tracking and reporting capabilities, ensuring efficient management of accounts receivable and payable for timely invoicing and payments. It also enables effective budgeting and forecasting, allowing businesses to plan and allocate resources efficiently.

In short, ERPNext is the best ERP solution to help businesses to refine their operations, improve efficiency and make data-driven decisions.

How Can NestorBird Help Your Electrical and Electronics Industry with ERP Manufacturing Software Implementation?

NestorBird is one of the top-rated ERP electronics industry software provider companies in North India. We are experts in implementing the business-suited customized ERPNext software in manufacturing, retail, academics, education, healthcare, food, and the marketplace. With a remarkable record of 200+ successful ERPNext implementations, we have become the growth-driving factor of many top global businesses.

What Makes Us Unique in the World of ERP?

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This collaboration has empowered them to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and expand globally, marking their position as industry leaders. NestorBird's fast and easy implementation of ERPNext manufacturing software has been instrumental in driving JAYBEE Laminations Ltd. success, marking a new era of growth and excellence in electrical and electronics manufacturing.

If you are looking for an open-source cloud ERP electrical & electronics manufacturing software solution, call us at +91-9878990102 or drop us a query at today!

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