How ERPNext Manufacturing Software Helped Rockerz in SkateĀ 
Guards Customization for an Olympic Event- A Case Study

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ERPNext Manufacturing Software is the world's best open-source ERP solution offered by NestorBird.

Rockerz Skate Guards, one of the leading manufacturing industries in the United States, designs top-quality customized ergonomic skate guards in beautiful colors. Their designer Skate Guards earned a spot on the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team for the Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

Manufacturing and designing a wide range of Skate Guards and Boots at an extensive scale, Rockerz Skate Guards struggled with many challenges like Booking Orders, Quotations, Seller Registration, Coordination, Customization, and Online Payment Processes.

Partnering with NestorBird, one of the best ERP manufacturing companies in North India, to get a centralized platform like ERPNext Manufacturing Software proved to be the best decision, which automates their entire workflow like a whoosh!


Like Rockerz, many Skate Guards manufacturing industries, businesses, and companies conduct large-scale production operations like make-to-stock (MTS), make-to-order (MTO), and make-to-assemble (MTA) to meet the distribution demand of customers and other dependent businesses.

From the raw material collection to final production, plenty of workflows are involved in the manufacturing process, which can be hectic and challenging for manufacturing industries like Rockerz to manage in terms of time, demand, consumption, and labor costs.

Considering the struggle of Rockerz Skate Guards and other sports manufacturing industries, NestorBird has come up with ERPNext Manufacturing Software, which not only puts all manufacturing workflows on track but also boosts the efficiency and productivity of their business.

Read this ERP manufacturing software implementation case study to know how NestorBird helped Rockerz to overcome different challenges with an open-source ERPNext solution and raise up to 50% production rate and revenue stream:

The Challenges

Before getting their hands on ERPNext: the best ERP manufacturing software, Rockerz Skate Guards faced the following challenges:

Challenge 1

Quotation Management

Before the implementation of ERPNext Manufacturing Software, quotation management was one of the biggest challenges faced by Rockerz Skate Guards, like managing the proposals, tender, and request for proposal (RFP) or request for quote (RFQ) efficiently and delivering an outstanding buying experience to the customers.

Challenge 2

Data Synchronization

Like all manufacturing industries, Rockerz Skate Guards used to create massive daily data, including quotations, purchase orders, sale orders, discount schemes, material purchases, production costs, labor costs, etc. It took a lot of work to synchronize all data reports, bills, and accounts.

Challenge 3

Seller Registration

Taking bulk order requirements from the customers and raising quotations for the same came up as a challenge. For that, Rockerz Skate Guards needed to have a website where the buyers can register their details, requirements, customization, and quantity in a proper way.

Challenge 4

Inventory Management

Managing inventory, like market demand, overstocking problems, outdated products, inventory waste, defects, expanding product range, supply chain issues, production planning, efficient warehouse, and data inaccuracy, was another big problem for Rockerz.

Challenge 5

Pricing Structure

The price structure of Rockerz covers vital components like Setting price structure considering key components like customers, direct costs, manufacturing & non-manufacturing overheads, and profit margin. Aligning all parameters at one centralized platform was a challenge for them.

Challenge 6

Manual Process

Manual data collection was another mess for Rockerz as they used to enter all pricing bills on excel sheets, including purchase and sale orders. Consuming a lot of time and effort, this process also increased the chances of delays, errors, and less actionable responses.

Challenge 7

Customized Products

Rockerz aims to manufacture customized skates with lots of variation in colors, parts, designs, and styles. They are required to have a centralized and customized ERP manufacturing software for the customers so that they can easily list their requirements and customization choices like colors, shape, design, and no. of products.

Challenge 8

Hybrid Application

In order to provide the best user experience while customizing skate guards, they need a hybrid application that can provide multi-platform support and make a perfect balance between functionality and cost-effectiveness.

How Did NestorBird Help Rockerz With ERPNext Manufacturing Solution?

NestorBird, one of the best ERP manufacturing software development companies in North India, helped Rockerz move its business processes towards automation.

From raw material purchase to stock maintenance, process coordination to workflow management, supply chain to inventory control, and production to payroll, our certified ERP manufacturing experts provided a comprehensive automated solution for transforming their entire business processes to achieve new heights of success. Modernizing how they manufacture, NestorBird assisted Rockerz in making data-driven decisions, reducing costs, and increasing business profitability to a great extent.

Process Automation

Rockerz benefits from enhanced process automation through the ERPNext manufacturing software. NestorBird has integrated an automated ERP system that helps them optimize routine tasks, reduce manual intervention, and improve overall operational efficiency. It includes automating repetitive processes in production, order management, and other vital areas.

Account Registration

For any order request, account registration is the first step that the ERPNext manufacturing solution facilitates. This feature enables easy onboarding of new users, ensuring a smooth and organized system for managing customer and supplier information enhancing overall financial tracking and management.

Inventory Control

ERPNext manufacturing software implementation helps Rockerz track inventory and fulfill product orders on time without stressing about replenishment. Now, they can easily manage their inventory and stock up the product requirement per the order requests.

Production Planning & Management

With ERPNext manufacturing solution implementation, Rockerz can easily plan its production and management process for the items to be committed via sales orders or material requests.

Third-party Integration

The existing data in Rockerz Skate Guards accounting software has been perfectly integrated with a variety of ERPNext: best ERP manufacturing software features to enhance operational performance and capabilities effectively.

Purchase Order Management

Rockerz Skate Guards can now streamline all purchasing processes, including materials tracking, manufacturing, and sales, with the best ERP manufacturing software implementation: ERPNext. In addition, they can assist their customers with purchasing, canceling, returning, and changing their orders by clicking on buttons.

Project Management

ERPNext Manufacturing Software can help in project management processes like material procurement, bills, work orders, warehouse management, bulk orders, bookkeeping, and accounting.

Financial Planning

Financial planning has become easy with customized ERPNext manufacturing software implementation in Rockerz. The finance management process is facilitated by analyzing manufacturing schedules, along with shop floor workouts, pricing structures, and loading requests.

Operational Efficiency

The manufacturing ERP software: ERPNext implementation helps Rockerz Skate Guards with workflow automation to increase efficiency in response to consumer demand and increase production.

Sales and Order Management

With ERPNext Manufacturing Software, Rockerz can now manage sales and order operations more efficiently. In addition, they can also record all transactions required with links to sales orders.

ERP Manufacturing Customization

Making customization a prime feature for Rockerz, ERPNext's manufacturing solution helps them design skate guards as per customers' requirements, such as preferred color, design, and model.

Technical Support

ERPNext Manufacturing is an open-source ERP Software developed on Frappe Framework (Version-15). It is a full-stack web app framework coded with Python and Javascript. Our certified technical team has played an important role in designing and developing customized and user-friendly ERP software as per their requirement. This software helps them manage all received orders and dispatch orders effectively. Offering 24*7 technical support, we help their staff to become familiar with ERP manufacturing modules.

Order Customization

With manufacturing ERP software implementation, order customization has become easy, including customization requests, sales and purchase orders, production planning, and order tracking.

Supply Chain Management

Implementing ERPNext manufacturing software has empowered Rockerz to streamline and optimize its supply chain management. They can now efficiently manage the flow of materials, products, and information, ensuring a seamless process from production to delivery. It includes tracking inventory levels, managing suppliers, and enhancing overall supply chain visibility.

Payment Integration

With the ERPNext manufacturing software, NestorBird has integrated a robust payment system for Rockerz. It allows for seamless payment processing, supporting various payment methods and ensuring a secure and efficient financial transaction process for Rockerz and its customers.

Quality Control

Quality control is the first parameter when approving the order customization. With manufacturing ERP software, Rockerz can now monitor and maintain product quality at every stage of the manufacturing process. It includes inspections, testing, and adherence to quality standards, ensuring that only high-quality products reach customers.

How Can NestorBird Help Your Sports Manufacturing Industry with ERP Software Implementation?

NestorBird is one of the best ERP manufacturing software development companies in North India, having 200+ successful ERPNext implementations in different types of small-sized and large-scale industries.

With 100+ experienced and certified ERP developers, we are experts in developing the best customized ERPNext manufacturing software as per your business needs. With our ERPNext Manufacturing Software, sports production industries and companies can easily streamline their day-to-day processes to maximize their business benefits.


Manufacturing ERP software implementation has revolutionized the Rockerz production sectors with automation, centralizing their facility operations and processes, including payroll, production, supply chain, and inventory management processes. With unprecedented visibility, coordination, and management processes across the disparate processes, they have achieved greater operational efficiency in their workflow systems.

This case study highlights ERP manufacturing software's significant impact on sports industries, offering great potential for growth and an effective revenue stream.

If you are looking for an open-source ERP manufacturing software system, please contact NestorBird at +91-9878990102 or drop us a query at today!

Clients and Results

Skate Guards Manufacturing industries, businesses, and companies like Make to Stock (MTS), Make to Order (MTO), and Make to Assemble (MTA) involve large-scale production to meet the distribution demand of customers and other dependent businesses.

Client's Testimonial

On behalf of Rockerz, I am really pleased to recommend NestorBird for providing ERPNext Manufacturing Solution with full customization and automation. The prompt services of this Manufacturing solution have helped us a lot to create a centralized platform to run different operations at one time.

Charles Sinek

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