ERPNext Marble Manufacturing Software Implementation at Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. - India's Top Manufacturers

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ERPNext is the best ERP manufacturing software for the stone, marble, slate, granite, sandstone, and tiles industry.

Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s top marble manufacturing industries, crafting compelling Super Jumbo Quartz, Quartz, Natural Stones, and Quartz Crystals for interior and exterior home and workspace decor. To increase their global reach and production at a large scale, they faced many challenges, such as data management, finance management, third-party integration, vendor management, and lead notification.

Recognizing the need for a robust solution to address these challenges, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. partnered with NestorBird, one of the top ERPNext solution providers in North India, to get ERPNext software: the best marble ERP solution for their marble manufacturing industry.


Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd.’s marble craftsmanship shines in international projects, solidifying their global presence. With a remarkable presence in popular global countries, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. products have become integral to personal and professional spaces.

In order to make their operations more efficient and growth-oriented, they need to have the best ERP software for marble and granite distribution.

Teaming up with NestorBird to get ERPNext, an automated ERP software for marble, granite, and stones, has proven to be the best decision, paving the way for meeting the growing demands of the stone industry. Now, they are more empowered to adopt advanced automation and analytics, resulting in decision-making, reduced costs, and accelerated growth across their diverse portfolio of international projects.

Read this marble stone ERP software implementation case study to know how we help them overcome challenges and provide an all-in-one solution for Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd., India:

The Challenges

Before getting hands-on with ERP marble inventory management software, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. faced many challenges:

Challenge 1

Data Management

Managing supplier and distributor data on multiple spreadsheets was a big challenge. It also used to consume a lot of time and effort from the workforce, leading to inefficiencies and the risk of potential errors.

Challenge 2


Creating a customized system according to business requirements imposed a big challenge. It raised the requirement for advanced stone cloud ERP software for marble factory management that can be easily customized according to industry needs.

Challenge 3

Third-party Integration

The existing solution did not support third-party integration, making it difficult to migrate business data and synchronize processes.

When it comes to migrating business data, they needed to have an advanced ERP marble inventory management software that could help them with third-party integration and synchronization.

Challenge 4

No Vendor Dependency

Relying on third-party vendors for software updates, maintenance, and support introduced potential risks related to vendor reliability, service disruptions, and unexpected costs.

Challenge 5

Google Sheets Integration

Integrating Google Sheets to carry out major calculations every day was difficult. It also imposed major challenges like manual data entry errors and time-consuming efforts.

Challenge 6

No Lead Notification

The existing system didn’t have a lead notification mechanism, so it was difficult for their sales team to handle business inquiries and follow up on sales.

Challenge 7

Manual Invoice System

Handling multiple sales invoice print formats with varying details like series, items, taxes, and payment due dates presented formatting and consistency challenges. There came a need of ERP software for the marble, granite, and stone industry accounting operations.

Challenge 8

Non-centralized System

All manufacturing and production operations were non-centralized, so it was difficult for them to get real-time insights into business activities. For that, they needed the best ERP software for the Granite, Marble, and Stone Industry types that could centralize all workflows on one platform.

How Did NestorBird Help Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. with ERPNext- A Centralized ERP Marble Solution Implementation?

NestorBird, one of the top ERPNext Marble Manufacturing Solution Providers in North India, helped Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. to get the best ERP Manufacturing software for Marble Granite and Stones, to move their entire manual processes towards automation. Tracking the intake of all raw materials to pass it to production, inventory management to supply chain, production to payroll, and stock maintenance to valuation rate, ERP manufacturing software experts have empowered their workflow to achieve great efficiency and business productivity.

With the ERPNext manufacturing software for granite industry, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. growth graph has raised bars of increased profitability due to increased product sales. Now, they can make progressive decisions based on data analysis reports generated by ERPNext marble software.

Sales and CRM

With ERPNext marble software implementation, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. can effectively manage its global customers. The robust Sales and CRM module enabled streamlined customer management, opportunity capture, and precise quotation generation. It features a secure tree structure with defined roles, ensuring data secrecy. Customization options allow lead distribution across various channels, optimizing opportunities. The advanced features of ERPNext software, like automated offer validity, multiple payment schedules, and customizable print formats, have made their sales process effective in terms of business growth.

Sales Order/Customer's PO Management

Getting customized for enhancements in sales orders, such as order management, proforma invoice generation, payment terms management, letter of credit handling, dispatch scheduling, task certificate generation, tolerance validation, and sales invoice management, helped them get customized ERP marble, granite, and stones store software.

Production Planning

Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. gained control over planning and production workflows with ERPNext's marble software implementation. Now, their administration team can effectively handle purchase orders, create items, collaborate with suppliers, manage purchase orders, and maintain real-time inventory records. Detailed inventory reports generated through ERPNext marble software provide them with actionable insights, ensuring smoother and more efficient production cycles. All batch no.’s and serial no.’s are predefined in their customized ERP marble manufacturing software free license version.

Finance Management

Achieving financial excellence became a reality for Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. with ERPNext Marble Solutions. Now, their accounting team can effortlessly generate accurate sales invoices, manage waybills, reconcile bank statements, and file TDS and GST returns. The insightful financial reports now offer a crystal-clear view of the organization's financial status.

Credit & Payment Records

Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. simplified their credit and payment management with ERPNext Marble software implementation. The system enabled the executives to issue credit and debit notes, manage diverse payment terms (advance payment, partial payment, LC, credit, and PDC), discounts, and handle PDCs (Post-Dated Cheque) in all stages covering transit, receiving, deposit, and stale date considerations seamlessly.

Customized Reporting System

Real-time reporting on sales projections, overdue balances, and task assignments has ensured timely actions and optimal financial management.

  1. Reporting: Reports are generated to for all projects, including current status, order status, production details and financial sales. With the regular reports, it becomes easy to track overdue balances categorized by aging periods.

  2. Task Assignment and Follow-up: Sales executives receive reports with listing customers and overdue balances for follow-up. With ERPNext solution, everyday tasks can be assigned and resolved with comments.

Credit Limit Management

With the implementation of ERPNext manufacturing software for marble industry, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. fortified its financial stability. The accounting team can easily manage intelligent credit limits, CLA (credit limit assignment), alerts, and bank guarantee monitoring. Automated alerts for overdue amounts and CLA violations now keep them informed, ensuring compliance and minimizing financial risks.

HR & Payroll

Empowering its workforce became effortless for Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. with ERPNext marble solutions' comprehensive HR module. They streamlined employee data management, including joining, exits, advances, OT management, contractual employment, incentives, penalties, ESI & PF filling and returns, conveyance, leave requests, shift schedules, automated payroll processes, KPIs, and KRAs tracking.

Quality Control

Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. has prioritized quality and maintenance with ERPNext marble manufacturing software implementation to ensure the best products get delivered to the customers.

Account Management

With the implementation of the ERPNext marble software solution, rigorous quality checks, a seamless transition from Tally for advanced accounting, FIFO and consumption-based inventory accounting have become standard practices. Product excellence and financial accuracy are now perfectly ensured with the best ERPNext software for marble industry.

Employee Training

When it comes to providing hands-on experience and training to employees, ERPNext manufacturing software for marble industry offers the best platform to manage training with videos, SOPs, and checklists. The employee dashboard created for each employee to regulate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to-do is simply amazing. Along with this, there is an internal chat system for better collaboration within the organization.

Bank Guarantee Management

Proactivity became a strength for Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. with ERPNext marble manufacturing software’s bank guarantee management system. Users can now effortlessly fill out a bank guarantee form for customer purchases, dynamically increasing credit limits. However, this added credit is valid only until the expiry of the bank guarantee's period, ensuring clarity and precision in financial operations.

Alert Management

Alert Management in NestorBird's ERPNext manufacturing software for the marble industry is designed for proactive financial oversight. It triggers alerts for overdue amounts or CLA violations, color-coded for clarity—white, yellow, red, or black. Sales executives receive automated follow-up tasks tailored to each alert, ensuring timely action. Additionally, a detailed history of alert types is maintained for every customer, offering insights for continuous improvement and efficient procurement and financial management. An automated feature for stock values helps the store manager to get notifications for the material request.

Inventory Management

Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. achieved optimal inventory levels with ERPNext marble manufacturing software’s robust Inventory Management capabilities. Master data management, item categorization, and precise financial tracking are now streamlined, allowing for efficient procurement processes and cost control.

Account Management

With NestorBird's ERPNext manufacturing software for the granite industry, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd’s accounting team can seamlessly manage transaction management. ERPNext also effectively categorizes purchase order types and subtypes based on item groups. It also helps specify cost centers during PO confirmation for financial tracking.

How Can NestorBird Help Your Marble, Tiles, Sandstone,Slate, and Granite Industry with ERP Implementation?

NestorBird is one of the top ERP Marble Manufacturing Software Solution Providers in North India. We have a strong track record of 200+ successful ERP software implementations in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, food, academic, education, and marketplace industries.

What Makes Us Unique in the World of ERP?

  1. Free ERP Live Demo

  2. 100+ Certified ERP Developers

  3. 24*7 Technical Support

  4. Easy & Fast ERP Implementations

  5. Free Business Consultation

Our customized ERPNext marble software will allow your marble manufacturing and production industry to streamline everyday operations on one platform.

With the implementation of ERPNext in a marble industry, you can get real-time data insights into industry operations from raw materials to finished products. With features like sales and CRM, production planning, and quality management, NestorBird enables you to manage global customers, optimize production cycles, and ensure product excellence.


The partnership between Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. and NestorBird has resulted in a transformative journey for this marble manufacturing industry. By implementing ERPNext marble manufacturing software, Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. overcame significant challenges in data management, customization, third-party integration, vendor dependency, manual processes, lead notification, and invoice management.

This collaboration has empowered them to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and expand globally, marking their position as industry leaders. NestorBird's fast and easy implementation of ERPNext manufacturing software has been instrumental in driving Pacific Engineered Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. success, marking a new era of growth and excellence in marble manufacturing.

If you are looking for open-source cloud ERP marble manufacturing software solution, call us at +91-9878990102 or drop us a query at today!

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