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In this digital learner’s world, an online e-learning platforms is a no-alien concept, it has disrupted the way we learn. Covid-19 crisis, alternating learning behavior, and powerful new digital technologies have added in shaping and transforming e-learning completely.

A Learning Management System is the ultimate centralized platform to create and manage online learning, design a virtual classroom, administer online course structure and content, a lot of assignments to learners, give personalized user experience, and evaluate learner’s progress.

As the trend goes, there is a surge in user engagement by adopting these online learning management system software platforms. Learners rely heavily on such platforms for their upgrade, ultimately increasing the demand for ERPNext LMS platforms.

Multi-Facted Uses of LMS

The Learning Management system powers e-learning and is an indispensable tool for educators as well as for business firms. These platforms are extensively widely used by corporates, training institutions, educational and staff institutions to facilitate better learning. Here is where LMS acts as a fruitful platform:

  • Educational Institutes

Online learning platforms for educational institutes have gained far more credibility than elsewhere. Online platforms help to design, manage, adapt, administer all the activities related to e-learning.

In addition to stand-alone learning methodology, they can also be used to complement traditional classroom learning, making the user experience much more influential.

  • Upskilling and Reskilling Employees

In every kind of business, there is a constant need to train employees or acquire new skills by existing employees. For professional development, role-based training and performance improvement, companies are shifting towards online e-learning platforms instead of traditional learning. Employees can study as per their comfort level, convenience and pace. They can also re-watch learning content for better absorption and get their queries answered.

Organizations are availing various trending online learning approaches such as Blended learning, Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Soft Skills Training, micro-learning and social learning. They are able to better utilize the amount spent on having a feature rich platform rather than paying for course materials, rented classroom halls, specialized instructor travel fees and other related expenses.

  • Employee Orientation

A proper orientation sets the ground for any employee. The advantages of having a proper orientation process can never be overlooked and an online platform helps effortlessly achieve it.

An online platform that contains information about their role, team, managers, organization, payrolls, policies, career advancement, etc helps the employee adapt faster to the company, all these details can be stored on LMS to then utilize training.

  • Staff Training Learners are able to acquire skills and explicit knowledge to upgrade themselves.

Benefits of LMS

It goes without saying that LMS popularity buildout is increasing exponentially, striving to become an efficient and beneficial means for learning.

  • Better ROI

The training resources created can be reused by users. They can also be revised and upgraded by educators/trainers. They can be accessed as and when it’s convenient for users.

  • Course Management

Reimagine a creative way of portraying the concept to your learners. Administrators can quickly manage courses and design a learning path- all in one place.

  • Centralized platform

Manage the entire course/ training on a single platform. These course materials and other multimedia can be assessed by users anytime and anywhere.

  • Quick evaluation

The evaluation process is quite fast. Instructors don’t have to spend a lot of time on grading tests, instead the online platform can automatically do it for them in no time.

  • Enhanced learner’s experience

With the use of multimedia devices added with traditional methods, grasping concepts becomes easier.

  • Quality content

With LMS, several trivial tasks are automated, helping educators to focus on designing a rich learning curriculum.

  • Productivity

With the standard of education given, productivity is directly increased. Routine tasks can be avoided making room for creativity and innovation.

  • Ease of use

The e-learning platforms are so built to quickly adapt to them. All the things are under one platform, no need to refer to other sources.

Standard Features of LMS

  • Manageable solution

With use of such e-learning platforms, everything becomes organized. From designing courses, managing learners, assigning courses, generating reports, and evaluating tests- a good LMS covers it all!

  • Learner lifecycle management

By using this powerful tool, users can get a complete learning experience in one place. This latest educational methodology has been more personalized, simpler, experiential and interactive experience for users.

  • Notifications

Learners can get notified regarding scheduled classes, completed lectures, and upcoming courses. They can access and track how much they have progressed.

  • Assessments

These can be either pre, during or post-test assessments. The assessment can be of any type depending on what needs to be measured. The assessment can be descriptive, quiz, voting, or essay-based.

  • Performance Analysis

Keep a track of student’s learning levels. Analyze the strong and weak points of the learner and give support and training according to that.

  • Certifications and Transcripts

After course completion, if need be a certificate will be automatically generated. To make it genuine, the certificate will contain the digital signature of the issuing authority.

  • Deep analytics

The admin can get insights from LMS of all the activities by the users through regularly auto-generated reports. The analysis can then be used to reform and have better teaching strategies.

  • Assistance and Support

To overcome any technical issue, constant support is a must. Easy upgrade, add, remove or edit any feature according to the needs of the user.

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