Why do you need to have a Digital Footprint for Grocery Business?

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The grocery industry is revamping the way it operates and having an online face is assuredly the way forward. The number of online shoppers is not just growing but exploding. Among the many changes, businesses are embracing the power of apps and various other multi-channel approaches for expedited delivery and pickup services.

The usage and popularity of grocery delivery app development are increasing by leaps and bounds. You can scale your business faster with an online grocery delivery app. There needs to be a perfect connection among various segments: shoppers, delivery agents, stores, or admin and you will have the ideal recipe of a thriving online grocery app.

Elements of an online ordering grocery store

  • App
  • Website
  • Order online platform
  • Delivery personnel
  • Order tracking and Analytics

Grocery Delivery App Classification

On the basis of on who hosts and provides these services, let’s discuss the various categorization of delivery apps and ERPNext solutions.

  • Single stores

The single grocery store that manages everything from updating, maintaining to delivering.

  • Aggregators Platform

This is the most preferred type of online platform. A group of different vendors and shops collaborate on a common platform and give a unified shopping experience. The competition is quite stiff here. Users can order groceries from the available stores.The aggregators have a separate team of delivery agents, however, the availability of items and their fulfillment depend upon the particular store.

  • Delivery-centric

These kinds of apps just focus on delivery services. Users can order from any grocery store and they offer logistic services only. Customers can pick a time for delivery.

  • Warehouse-Pick

This kind of app is perfect for stores who do not have any brick and mortar store. Companies can place order directly from producers and manufacturers and then stock it into their warehouse.

  • Curbside Pick up

Uses can place an order for groceries and drive to the particular store to pick up their order.

Pay attention to these factors

Before launching an app or a website, pay close attention to the following listed factors. For in-depth analysis, you can also reach out directly to the team of NestorBird.

  • Consumer Behaviour

It is imperative to keep in mind the current trend of users’ behaviour before going for any customized grocery delivery app development and cater to their needs and challenges faced by them.

  • Market Trend

There is no denying that adding an online presence via an app, website to your old school way of doing business can benefit your revenue.

  • Smart Integrations

Know which integration will be beneficial for you, whether you want to have a third party integration or an in-built feature.

  • ich feature set

There exists a couple of rich features set to give an enhanced user experience. You can apply as many custom features as you want, but don’t forget to make it an easy yet catchy experience for your users.

  • Quality of service offered

Don’t compromise on the quality of service offered to users. Ensure timely upgrades and required testing to fine-tune the solution.

  • Know your Competitors

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and what are the latest updates and trends happening. Without understanding your competitors’ strategies, you can never succeed in offering better services. Turn this into an opportunity.

Must-have Tech stack for Grocery Delivery App

Make certain that you choose a business model that is in-line with your business goals and fits your business requirements. The technologies that are involved and have to be implemented in an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App development include the following:

  • Coding
  • Top Programming languages
  • Payment gateways
  • Delivery Choice
  • Navigational support system

For a detailed app, features visit our grocery delivery page.

NestorBird App Development Team Structure

To give you the perfect solution to accelerate your business NestorBird has curated experts that can help you achieve your objectives:

  • Project Managers: A proficient and experienced expert for timely delivery.
  • Developers for App: IOS App Developer, Android App Developer, Back-end App Developers, etc.
  • Designers: UX/UI designers, graphic designers competent in the field of grocery delivery app designing, etc
  • Testers: Quality Assurance experts with relevant skills

The online grocery delivery business is quite lucrative. Still, struggling with how to initiate with grocery app development or with queries related to cost estimation and which features to include? Don’t get in a flap, hire the best and experienced app developers with NestorBird. Write to us and we will get in touch with you or simply fill out this form.

Please feel free to contact NestorBird at sales@nestorbird.com or Call/SMS/Whatsapp at +91-9878990102 to book a free demo today!

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