ERPNext Healthcare Implementation in RYK Hospital

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ERPNext Hospital Management software is not just a feather, it's the crown of NestorBird

Providing a centralized platform, this ERPNext Healthcare Implementation in RYK Hospital helped overcome many challenges like clinical errors, data migration, medical records, and alignment of data analytics.

From Accounts to Finance, HRM to Medical Records, Appointment Booking to Patient Management, and Inventory Management to 24*7 Access, this ERP Healthcare Solution has streamlined multiple workflows in several healthcare sectors.


RYK Hospital is one of the leading healthcare providers in South Asia, with a capacity of 300+ beds, 5 operating theaters, and over 500+ employees across 30+ departments.

Healthcare Organizations like Hospitals, Clinics, and Dispensaries, with this capacity rely heavily on data collection like medical reports, diagnosis, treatment, and consultation. Therefore, it is important to protect this asset. Along with this, there comes a need for an advanced automated system like ERPNext Healthcare to provide quality healthcare while handling multiple management workflows at the backend and guarantee optimal outcomes with a great sense of accuracy and overall efficiency of all concerned departments.

As a result, NestorBird has come up with ERPNext Healthcare System implementation, which not only offers a solution for handling large amounts of data, but also helps in improving supply chain management, productivity, and flexibility.

Read this case study to learn how we overcame challenges while developing ERPNext for RYK Hospital:

The Challenges

Before getting their hands on ERPNext Health Management Software, RYK Hospital faced the following challenges:

Challenge 1

Offline Healthcare Services

Despite their world-class infrastructure, their processes were offline, manual, and inefficient since they were using Spreadsheets as the only means to record patient information.

Challenge 2

Manual Processes

Data from lab records and medicine prescriptions were prepared manually, so it was not appropriate for regulatory purposes.

Challenge 3

Supply Chain Management

The hospital faced challenges in managing medical supplies, understanding expenses, and maintaining cybersecurity.

Challenge 4

Data Analysis

At the higher levels, it was difficult to analyze the growth chart, profit and loss ratio, development planning, and management.

Challenge 5

Finance Management

All financial, accounting, and human resources functions could not be managed manually in the hospital. It consumes a lot of time, effort and creates a risk of errors.

To stay compliant and have better functionality, RYK came in need of an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution in the hospital, which can help manage operational work logs.

How did NestorBird Help RYK Hospital with ERPNext Healthcare Solution?

NestorBird, one of the leading ERP Solution Providers in the world, analyzed the major challenges faced by RYK Hospital and came up with ERPNext Healthcare System.

ERPNext Healthcare is a software designed for Hospitals, Clinics, Dispensaries, and Medical Care Sectors to manage and plan patient appointments, and consultations, and maintain medical records, inventory, and financial management in the best possible way.

The execution and implementation of this ERPNext Healthcare have made patient care more efficient, manageable, & trackable in the best possible ways. Have a look into the features of ERPNext Healthcare Software, its customization for RYK Hospital and solution categories:

Healthcare Automation

With the advancement in the digital space in hospitals and medical care centers, administrative units of variable sizes can opt for this ERPNext Healthcare Module to conduct different functions through automation: book an appointment, consult doctors and physicians and maintain medical records.

MR Number Allotment

The ERPNext Healthcare Implementation in RYK Hospital helps the staff to manage patients easily by providing them an MR number along with a naming series for all the patients, which also reflects their gender and type (In-Patient or Out-Patient).

Segregation Process

Hospitals like RYK use customized ERP Solutions: ERPNext Healthcare to manage their massive data which comes on an everyday basis like patient appointments, medical history, tests, diagnoses, and treatments. To align all data at one centralized platform, they have been using advanced healthcare ERP software as per healthcare needs or requirements. With this, the segregation process to check private or insured patients has become easy, time-saving, and hassle-free.

No Coding Errors

Opting for the best Healthcare ERP Solutions prohibits the chances of repetitive entries thus eliminating the coding errors in the system.

Supply Chain Management

ERP healthcare systems also help in the management of supply chain processes by providing an easy way to track the diverse collection of medical items to be used in treatment. Connecting the supply chain processes with vendor invoices, this ERPNext Healthcare solution supports small businesses in achieving growth in different parameters.

Increased Productivity

ERPNext healthcare for hospital industry increases efficiency & accuracy by fetching universally required ERP hub data sets & channeling them to the linked software in the network.

Technical Support

ERPNext Healthcare is an open-source ERP Software built on the Frappe Framework. It is a full-stack web app framework coded with Javascript and Python. NestorBird's dedicated technical support has played a pivotal role in empowering RYK Hospital, enabling their medical and administration staff to have a robust platform for hospital management through ERPNext Healthcare.

ERPNext Healthcare Customization

Customization is the prime key of ERPNext: an ERP Hospital Management System. Customization of ERP in Hospital Management of RYK Hospital is done in such a way that patient identification, working electronic records, and other emergency services are being monitored & updated by healthcare administrators as per the stated procedures. This customized ERP healthcare solution includes: multiple medical code standards, design layout of patient's cards & lab test reports, customized financial management workflow, authenticated user access and data security.

Improved Patients Care

With all medical records of patients like illness, treatment, diet, and recovery in ERPNext System- a one-stop solution, it has become easy to track their health graphs on one platform.


Before ERPNext: an ERP for Healthcare Industry software, all records of patients and doctors in RYK Hospital were manually prepared. However, the effective implementation of ERPNext tends to fulfill real-time patient needs. Furthermore, it has also prolonged their medical history details: prescriptions, and test reports to ensure optimal outcomes.

Reduce Operational & Labor Costs

Like, with other types of businesses, ERPNext Implementation in RYK Hospital allows Medical Professionals & Hospitals to minimize operational & labor costs. The data tracking functionalities allow them to locate the utilization of resources, optimize staffing levels, and cut down unnecessary expenses.

Payroll Management

With the ERPNext Healthcare Solution, administrative departments in RYK Hospital can easily manage payrolls with automated calendars and reports.

Centralized Solution

Acknowledging their requirement, we help them with a centralized solution. Providing a centralized ERP Solution to RYK Hospital based on their specified requirements, we help them create a balance between specification and integration.

Financial Planning

ERPNext helps RYK Hospital maintain its financial data such as medical equipment costs, inventory schedules, bills, taxes, payrolls, and expenses. It takes into account tracking of financial accountability, profitability, and key performance indicators.

Decision-Making & Final Execution

Medical Professionals & Doctors in RYK Hospital have opted for the ERPNext functionality to plan and execute their data-based decisions based on the diagnosis of patients. Thus, it helps them in providing the best treatment to the patients.

Easy Appointments with Doctors & Medical Experts

With ERPNext implementation in RYK Hospital, it becomes easy to book an appointment with doctors and medical experts within the scheduled time. Moreover, it is also helping health professionals to share their availability throughout the week or month.

Pharmacy Management

Before ERPNext, it was hectic to keep accurate records of purchased and consumed medicines in the pharmacy. Also tracking expired dates or near-expiry medicines used consumes a lot of time. To provide ease, the ERPNext healthcare system in RYK Hospital has come up with a pharmacy management module that not only assists the pharmacists to maintain their purchase and sale records but also helps them to account for their profitability based on the sales graph.

Data Security

When it comes to keeping the medical or health condition records of patients, ERPNext: ERP Management Software for Healthcare Industry supported in RYK Hospital has ensured complete data security by maintaining a high level of built-in controls. Confidential data stored in a database is allowed to be accessed only by authorized users, which keeps the data safe and secure.

How Can NestorBird Help Your Healthcare Business with ERP Software Implementation?

NestorBird, a Frappe Certified Partner, specializes in providing customized ERP software solutions for your healthcare industry- hospital, clinic, dispensary, physiotherapy center, homeopathy center, rehabilitation center, and primary healthcare center. By customizing ERP modules and functionalities, NestorBird assists in automating processes, optimizing supply chain operations, ensuring quality control, enhancing logistics management, and streamlining human resources functions.

Our ERP healthcare solution will offer: online appointment and consultation services, strategic planning, best healthcare treatment, aiding supply chain management, business intelligence for growth, improved inventory costs, data security, and medical records.

The implementation of ERPNext Healthcare Software in Hospitals will be carried out under the supervision of our ERP Experts, who will provide a centralization platform based on the specifications or requirements.


By implementing ERPNext: ERP for Hospitals Management System, the healthcare industry can streamline its day-to-day processes and have a centralized database for all patient and employee information. It provides accountability and transparency standards that can be vital to healthcare management.

With a long-standing history of offering customized Hospital ERP Solutions following business needs, we have aligned the best way to manage, plan, control, and analyze all management workflows and functional operations.

If you are looking for the best healthcare ERPNext solution, contact NestorBird experts at or Call/SMS/Whatsapp at +91-9878990102 to book a free demo today!

Clients and Results

RYK Hospital is among Pakistan's top private healthcare Hospitals, committed to delivering exceptional healthcare services, including cardiology, ophthalmic care, and dental treatment. With a team of 106 dedicated doctors spanning 25 specialties, they've proudly served 25,000 happy patients over the past 7 years.

Client's Testimonial

On behalf of RYK Hospital, I am really pleased to recommend NestorBird for providing ERPNext Healthcare Solution with full customization and automation. The prompt services of this healthcare solution have helped us a lot to create a centralized platform to run different operations at one time.

Dr. Muhammad Wazir
RYK Hospital