From Waste to Wealth- How NestorBird Helped Saahas 
with ERPNext Solution to Achieve Operational Efficiency

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ERPNext Waste Management Software is the best ERP solution offered by NestorBird.

Saahas Zero Waste, a renowned name in Bengaluru’s waste management and recycling sector, partnered with NestorBird to address critical challenges in their operations. By implementing ERPNext- the best ERP waste management and recycling industry, NestorBird provided a centralized solution that streamlined waste management processes, enhanced accounting transparency, and automated all business functions.


Waste management industries like Saahas Zero Waste rely largely on operational and accounting data, system access, and inventory management for effective waste management and recycling processes.

NestorBird's customized ERP for waste management and recycling industry seamlessly addressed these critical operational needs. This tailored ERP waste management system has propelled Saahas Zero Waste Management toward its mission to achieve 90% resource recovery with operational excellence and environmental sustainability. They have been empowered to efficiently refurbish and manage second-hand products, ensuring optimal resource recovery and promoting responsible waste management practices effectively.

Read this ERP waste management software implementation case study to know how we help them overcome challenges and provide an all-in-one solution for their waste management industry:

The Challenges

Saahas Zero Waste specializes in refurbishing bulk second-hand products and preparing them for resale. Managing these projects efficiently requires specialized ERP solutions for waste management and recycling industry, one that should go beyond conventional accounting practices. Previously, Saahas Zero Waste relied on expensive accounting tools for its operations.

Challenge 1

Need for Zoho Integration to Sync All Records

Access Limitations: Data synchronization and system integration were major problems due to the lack of administration credentials at the client's end.

Accounting Visibility: The client required all ERP data to be seamlessly integrated with the Zoho platform in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the accounting processes occurring in his department.

Challenge 2

Non-Centralized Operations Management

Non-centralized System/Operational Fragmentation: Centralizing all activities to streamline and monitor diverse operations within the industry, like spanning testing, repairing, material removal, invoicing, sales data, accounting, stock management, and procurement, was a struggle.

Project Module Requirement: Due to the lack of project modules, it was a complex process to effectively manage and oversee all processes involved in the waste management operations.

Challenge 3

Bulk Purchasing and Sales of Second-Hand Computers

Inventory management: The major challenge was to manage the large-scale purchase of second-hand computers from various agencies and resellers effectively.

Repair, Refurbishment, and Quality Check Process: After acquiring these computers, the company needed to invest in repairs, refurbishment, and quality check processes like inspection, sorting, and suitability for reuse and disposal. Making this process cost-effective and practical came as a major challenge.

Challenge 4

Second-Hand Computer Contact List

Manual Contact Database: They used to keep on adding contact data manually, which consumes a lot of time and workforce effort. Keeping an extensive list of contacts for potential suppliers and buyers of used computers becomes a major problem for them.

Unorganized Data: Adding purchase and contact list data every day and managing the records at one end was a major challenge.

Marketing: The company needed to develop innovative and effective marketing strategies to promote refurbished electronic items.

How Did NestorBird Help Saahas Zero Waste Industry with ERPNext- A Centralized ERP Solution Implementation?

To address these challenges and optimize their waste management operations, Saahas Zero Waste industry was looking for a centralized ERP in waste management programs that could facilitate the effortless monitoring and control of all business operations simultaneously. NestorBird, one of the leading ERPNext Solution Providers, offered them customized ERP software for waste management industry. Have a look into the solution categories:

Zoho Integration

In response to the client's need for more accounting transparency, we linked an ERP waste management software with Zoho. This integration allows the client to access and monitor accounting activities within his department effortlessly.

Business Process Automation

With ERPNext’s accounting/finance modules, all business processes are now automated, such as cash management, billing, and vendor payment. To efficiently manage every serial number, a corresponding task is automatically generated upon submission. It helped them streamline the tracking and management of each item within the ERP system for waste management.

Purchase Data Records

When recording purchase data, each item requires updating a purchase receipt. After data entry, serial numbers are automatically generated and activated. Now, the custom ERP development for e-waste management system can easily generate an invoice upon submission and initiate a project in draft mode.

Centralized System to Streamline Operations

Getting a centralized waste management ERP software solution implementation, they can easily locate all business processes in one place.

Streamline Operations with Project Modules

With e-waste management ERP software, the project modules, their efficiency, and project management get improved to optimize timesheet recording, task assignment, and resource allocation.

Efficient Demand & Procurement Management

With ERPNext’s Buying & Stock module, Saahas Zero Waste automated warehouse management, inventory tracking, timely purchase order issuance, and other supply chain tasks.

Master Data Creation

We help them with a master data system, such as "Dell E5," for the specific item with multiple serial numbers, streamlining the item management process efficiently.

Item Categorization

To address the challenge of managing many similar items, we introduced categorization in ERP for waste collection. For example, with over 32 identical laptops, we categorized them under a single item with different serial numbers.

Stock and Warehouse Management

The implementation of ERPNext- cloud ERP for waste management companies provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, allowing efficient monitoring and management of refurbished electronics and components.

Warranty and Reliability Management

With ERPNext’s desk and support modules, Saahas Zero Waste management company can effectively track warranty, repair, or service issues, manage day-to-day inquiries, and handle service calls.

Procurement of Old Devices

The organization made use of ERP's pre-built integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to centralize their management.

Logistics Optimization

Route Optimization and real-time tracking features within the ERPNext- the best e-waste management ERP software were used to plan efficient transportation routes for materials and monitor shipment status in real-time.

Human Resources Management

The organization improved employee management by utilizing the HRMS & Payroll module, which automated various HR functions, including recruitment, leaves, performance activities, shifts, expenses, and payroll.

How Can NestorBird Help Your Waste Management and Recycling Industry with ERP Implementation?

NestorBird, a Frappe Certified Partner, specializes in providing customized ERP software solutions for waste management and recycling industries. By customizing ERP modules and functionalities, NestorBird assists in automating processes, optimizing supply chain operations, ensuring quality control, enhancing logistics management, and streamlining human resources functions.


The implementation of ERPNext has revolutionized Saahas Zero Waste industry’s waste management and electronics refurbishing operations. With the best waste management and recycling ERP software, their business has achieved enhanced efficiency, improved product quality, and operational excellence, aligning with its mission to reduce electronic waste and promote responsible industry practices.

This case study highlights the significant impact ERP solutions can have in the waste management and recycling sectors, offering the potential for further growth and environmental sustainability.

If you are looking for an open-source cloud ERP waste management system, please contact NestorBird at +91-9878990102 or drop us your query at today!

Clients and Results

Saahas is a non-profit organization working in the field of waste management. At Saahas, when waste is managed at source, it becomes a resource. Since 2001, they have been helping build communities across rural and urban India that manage their waste at source by reducing, reusing, and recycling their waste and achieving 90% resource recovery.

Client's Testimonial

I want to express my gratitude to NestorBird team for their exceptional work. The custom software they developed will undoubtedly enhance our operational efficiency and contribute to our overall success. I highly recommend their ERP services to others seeking custom software solutions.

Teja Babu S
Sr. Manager | E-waste

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