From Challenges to Solutions: How NestorBird Helped Flexitude 
Physio with ERPNext Healthcare Implementation

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ERPNext Healthcare is the best ERP physiotherapy and hospital management system offered by NestorBird.

Flexitude Physio, Hyderabad's premier Ortho and Sports Physiotherapy chain, known for serving IPL players, state-level athletes, and sports luminaries, faced critical operational challenges while overseeing more than 20,000 appointments and providing diverse services. They struggled with limited access to patient data, inefficient workflows, and non-centralized records.

Collaboration with NestorBird to get ERPNext- customized ERP Healthcare software solutions proved to be the best decision, enabling them to conquer these challenges effectively. This solution introduced a comprehensive online healthcare management system, including online appointment scheduling, streamlined treatment processes, centralized medical data access, automated billing, and enhanced HR management.


The success of medical treatment sectors like Flexitude Physio largely relies on how well their hospital management system operates, like medical data, online appointments, help desk, community engagement, diagnoses, treatments, reports, and analytics to provide quality healthcare to the patients.

NestorBird's ERPNext healthcare software, creating a fast-paced road to effective physiotherapy and medical treatment, has successfully addressed all these operational needs. From appointment scheduling to patient record management, inventory control to billing, and HR management to workflow streamlining, Flexitude Center, with healthcare ERP implementation, is now aligned towards achieving its mission of providing top-tier physiotherapy services and enhanced patient experience.

Read this ERP healthcare software implementation case study to know how we help them overcome challenges and provide an all-in-one solution for their physiotherapy center:

The Challenges

Flexitude Physio specializes in offering various physiotherapy services and serves more than 100+ patients every day. Managing a huge database and keeping track of all operations manually brings up many challenges that slow down the pace to achieve their aim of serving the patients in the best possible way.

Challenge 1

Access Limitations

Flexitude Physio staff faced limited access to critical patient data, financial data, and healthcare records, hindering the efficiency of its operations, comprehensive management, and patient care.

Challenge 2

Non-centralized Data Repository

With data spread across various sources, accessing vital patient information and healthcare records came out to be a big challenge for them. The lack of a non-centralized data repository also affected the clinic operations based on regular data accessibility.

Challenge 3

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Inefficient supply and inventory management was a pressing issue for Flexitude Physio, forcing them to face overstocking and suboptimal resource allocation challenges.

Challenge 4

Manual Invoicing and Payment Tracking

Manual operations in Flexitude’s healthcare system resulted in administrative burdens and potential errors in financial transactions during invoicing and payment tracking processes.

Challenge 5

Workload Mismanagement

Lacking insights into staff availability, patient demand, and inventory levels also brought up mismanagement of staff workload and resource allocation.

Challenge 6

Non-efficient Appointment Scheduling Process

The Flexitude Physio workflow was inefficient due to improper appointment scheduling and follow-up procedures, which affected patient treatment and clinic operations as a whole.

Challenge 7

Lack of Effective Communication Between Patient and Medical Staff

The lack of a centralized system for effectively managing patient inquiries, scheduling appointments, and discussing treatment options led to potential miscommunications, making it more difficult to provide the best healthcare to them.

Challenge 8

No Customer Panel

For patients, students, and institutions interested in Flexitude Physio services, there was no customer panel or portal, which made it difficult for anyone looking for physiotherapy services, training courses, or health exams to have a simple and convenient experience. It created a great impact on customer engagement and their business growth graph.

Challenge 9

Offline Appointment

The lack of an online appointment system resulted in manual and potentially inefficient appointment scheduling and management.

Challenge 10

Alerts and Notifications

Patient engagement and communication were negatively impacted by the lack of automated alerts and notifications for appointment reminders and important updates.

Challenge 11

No Helpdesk

Without the ERPNext healthcare software Helpdesk, it was difficult to hear back from the patients who wanted to address their healthcare issues and treatment inquiries from time to time.

Challenge 12

Offline Medical Records

The Lack of an online medical records system created a challenge to maintain and access patient records securely and efficiently.

How Did NestorBird Help Flexitude Physio with ERPNext- A Centralized ERP Solution Implementation?

To address all these challenges and optimize their medical treatment and physiotherapy operations, Flexitude Physio sought a healthcare ERP solution that could move the manual operations towards automation and bring flexibility and transparency to the healthcare management system. NestorBird, one of the top ERPNext healthcare solution providers, offered them customized ERP healthcare software as per their requirements. Have a look at the solution categories:

Easier Access to Medical Records

The customized hospital ERP software offered to them provides a robust solution for enhanced medical records access. Through efficient data synchronization and system integration, this system ensures seamless access to crucial patient information, streamlining healthcare management.

Centralized Data Repository

With NestorBird's medical ERP solution implementation, they can easily simplify data management by centralizing medical records. This efficient data hub streamlines access, saving time and ensuring smooth patient care.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

NestorBird's ERP for healthcare industry helps them optimize supply and inventory management in their physiotherapy center. They are provided precise control to prevent issues like overstocking and efficiently allocate financial resources, enhancing clinic operations.

Automation of Billing and Invoicing Processes

With ERP in medical treatment, they can easily streamline financial processes with an automated billing and invoicing system. Now, the billing in hospital management system helps them to reduce administrative workload and eliminate errors.

Better Human Resource Management

The customized ERP system for hospitals helps them optimize staff workload management and resource allocation by offering insights into staff availability, patient demand, and inventory levels.

Streamlining Workflow and Improving Efficiency

Efficiency in appointment scheduling and follow-ups is enhanced by medical ERP systems, streamlining workflow, and automating routine tasks.

Online Appointment

NestorBird's ERP hospital management system empowers Flexitude Physio with an online Appointment/Booking Management feature. Patients can now effortlessly schedule appointments with a few clicks, enhancing their experience. Additionally, a robust alert and notification system ensures patients are promptly informed about scheduled appointments and any changes, minimizing appointment disruptions.

Flexitude Physio Website

Flexitude Physio website now features a dynamic "Contact Us" section, allowing visitors to submit inquiries and support requests with ease. What sets this apart is that these submissions seamlessly flow into a centralized CRM system, captured as support tickets in ERP systems for hospitals, ensuring that every inquiry or issue is efficiently addressed by the clinic's team.


Patient Panel

The ERP’s hospital management software system introduces dedicated Patient Panels, providing patients with a holistic view of their treatment history and detailed daily and total therapy billing.

Administration Panel

On the administrative side, an integrated Helpdesk and hospital database management system streamlines issue reporting. Staff can now raise tickets with clear subjects, detailed descriptions, and categorized issue types, leading to efficient resolution and enhanced operational transparency.

Sales and Marketing

NestorBird's solution is designed to amplify Flexitude Physio sales and marketing initiatives. With targeted marketing campaigns and enhanced lead tracking capabilities, their physiotherapy center can effectively engage with a wider audience and expand its client base, all within the ERPNext Healthcare management ecosystem.

Healthcare Management System

A core component of this solution is the integrated database management system for hospital, which includes:

  1. Efficient Patient Registration: ERP’s registration system helps them keep a record of patients every day.

  2. Seamless Patient Appointment Management: The system offers a seamless approach to scheduling and managing patient appointments, improving workflow efficiency.

  3. Custom Assessment Templates: Flexitude can now employ customizable assessment templates to ensure comprehensive patient evaluations.

  4. Robust Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Management: An all-encompassing tool to help manage rehabilitation and physiotherapy programs effectively.

  5. Comprehensive Diagnosis, History, & Reports: Accessing patient diagnosis, treatment, and history and generating detailed reports is now a breeze, ensuring well-informed and data-driven patient care.

How Can NestorBird Help Your Healthcare Business with ERP Implementation?

NestorBird, a Frappe Certified Partner to offer customized ERPNext Healthcare Solution, has served more than 50+ healthcare centers, including Physical therapy centers, Rehabilitation clinics, Sports and fitness centers, Athletic training facilities, Gyms and fitness centers, Post-acute care centers, Elderly care facilities, Old Age care facilities, Home healthcare and Nursing centers.

Our expertise in healthcare management ensures that your business benefits from optimized appointment scheduling, integrated patient record management, streamlined inventory and billing processes, and efficient HR management.

At NestorBird, we understand that the efficient hospital management management of a medical business is vital for success. With our open-source ERPNext Healthcare Software implementation services, we can help transform your medical practice into a well-organized, streamlined, and patient-centric operation.


The open-source ERPNext Healthcare software helped Flexitude Physio to automate appointment scheduling, track patient progress, and streamline patient management, reducing administrative workload. Using ERP hospital software, they can now track inventory levels, automate supply reordering, and optimize resource allocation. This robust ERP medical software solution streamlined operations, improved patient care, and enhanced overall clinic management to accelerate business growth.

This case study signifies the power of integrated systems in providing comprehensive solutions for the healthcare industry, paving the way for accelerated business growth, improved patient care, and streamlined clinic management for patients and healthcare providers.

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Clients and Results

Flexitude Physio is the top-rated physiotherapy and sports rehab chain in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, offering physiotherapy and medical treatment based on scientific techniques to address different physical health concerns. They are known for serving IPL players, state-level athletes, and sports luminaries, with approx. 20,000 appointments to their records.